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First ever Shadow dakotian, she ruled the land as the most powerful Dakotian since back then other powers had never existed. She hates any and all good doers. She was possible the smartest Dakotian to ever live, she lacks strength but excels in Ki and Intellect. Her wings are both feathered and leathery. Tarue can speak unlike most Vampire Dakotians, (part wolf Dakotian) She has a lean body, she can reach flying speeds of 189 mph. Running speeds of 201.
Her favorite attack was the Shadow Taunt, which now all Shadow Dakotians use it. It creates two identical shadow formed that are ALWAYS Parallel to each other that allow them to switch between the two for an advantage. This attack is mostly in the air where the two shadow forms have the enemy in between them, the lower is normally spotted first and once the victim drops their guard the Shadow dakotian will launch themselves down to the enemy, while the fake shadow strikes and hold the victim down.
Tarue relates well to this song…
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Submitted on
May 14, 2016
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