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In 4 days I will be turning 17 O: Yay? Well this year not going to really have a party and I felt like drawing something as an  early celebration. Even came up with my own birthday song regarding  some of my characters xD so enjoy. Also that snake on Red's head is a lesser platinum ball python (which is what i will most likely be getting!)

Oh happy birthday to you, Dakota lives in a zoo. Ari has gone mad...
And Skylar too. Oh happy birthday to you, Slice lives in a zoo... Sasha has strangled him...
Happy birthday to you, Domino has ordered piiiizzzzaaaa.... and Khar stole them too....
Oh happy birthday to you, Elidora is twooooo. Jet has taken off...first horse on the moon!
Oh happy birthday dear Redwolflesssss.... your late on page 4! Oh happy birthday to you....
Red thinks of you, Rioton wasn't invited, and Kamber pied you! Happy birthday to you,
Meska went to the party aaaannnnddd killed you. Happy birthday to you Cruiser strangled you,
Now sasha calls 911.... and its all poo! Oh happy birthday dear Redwolflessss, Zander used a lasso,
now Elidora is getting strangled too!

meh might change the song a bit xD
Redwolfless Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not gonna lie but it looks like Dakota is about to eat Cruiser xD *smacks dakota* BAD D:
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September 28, 2016
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