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Originally I planned on doing this tomorrow, however I get a bit bored (wow thats a first right?) so I did it today.

This song goes well with this short story…


Dakota's P.O.V
   I have to admit, sometimes I can be too forgiving. I know this because I allow my enemies to live. I do not keep them prisoners, I let them roam free. I am so naive at times. Knowing full well they could strike at anytime,maybe even join forces to rid the world of me. I am too kind. Too mellow and soft to keep them from these crimes they so often commit. Letting my kind nature get in the way of logic and reason. I now find myself in a bad situation. I picked a battle I simply did not have the heart of will to end my enemies, to hurt them. To drive them into the ground and make them taste the ultimate defeat.
Now I am tasting the ground, the unwelcome taste of defeat. My own blood against my taste buds. Wounds so deep they shouldn't exist, I shouldn't exist with them. Yet in spite of that, I still find the strength to get back on my feet. To glare at my enemies, to defy their combined power. Why do I keep playing with this dangerous flame of evil. Why can I not rid of them, sink my fangs into their throat's as I slowly drain the life out of them. How come with all the power of the demon king; me a shadow dakotian, simply cannot use my power to rip them to shreds. If I was anything like my past lives, the world would be kneeling at my bloodied feet, a malice smirk on my face. The face of an insane entity, a grin so wide my teeth beg to be used, gritting against each other with pure hatred. My fur so coated in blood, my coarse black fur was barely visible, stained and tainted in the blood of the innocent and the evil. Red pupils so small they are non existent behind the black hollowness that are my irises. Red glowing veins almost invisible because of the dry blood my body is coated in. I find the power to take my enemies lives without an remorse.
Even now with my enemies vanquished I still cannot find satisfaction, still cannot find peace. I've lost the trust of my friends, my family, my kingdom, the love they had for me was doused with pure fear and anger. It was then when I took the life of one of them, that satisfying last scream that escaped their mouth as they were drained of sanity and blood. Still I was not sedated with this satisfaction, I wanted more. Oh, so much more! The walls of my castle were stained crimson, their monotone grey scale shading ruined with the taint of blood. I killed as many as I could chase down, like a cheetah chasing it's prey. That need for food to keep going. That feeling if you lost your meal, and you're life was on the brink of death, to not exist anymore. That need for food for me was none other than blood lust, the need to feel blood between my claws. I killed my mate, my children, my mother, father, and now my brother was next. The true enemy of mine, or so what I thought at the time. My past lives influencing me to end his miserable existence. Do I follow their words? Do I destroy my brother? How far could I go. How far could I sink into this darkness? The cold feeling of no hope of escaping. This thought should of scared me, no. I was amused by it. Nothing could stop me! Not even my brother, how dare he think he could stand against me! Let alone win! Ha! Its too funny to even think about it. His determination gave me true satisfaction, his will to never bow down, gave me hope of enjoying this new feeling. The knew me was here, and I intended for it to stay!
At last, my stupid brother was near his end, on his knees bowing to me, panting and breathing heavily. I know he knew he couldn't save me now. The edges of my sanity were gone, burned out by this lust for death and blood. My sense of mercy was caving into something more sadistic. All the times I've killed, I offered a quick painless death. No, now I wanted to give my enemies, those who opposed me the worst pain possible as they met their final moments screaming and pleading for it all to stop. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to end my suffering brother, I must still have feelings for him, feelings that the new me screamed to get rid of. My old self trapped deep inside my own soul, my consciousness, begging for freedom. Clawing at the walls in futile attempt to return. I gaze down into my brother's bright blue eyes, I could see myself, a reflection showing my trapped self inside the evil new me. It made part of me that was struggling to remain good, want to fight more. It's strength increased tenfold, finding the will to continue fighting. Even as my brother faced his demise, he remained calm, collected, ready to meet the end of this life, ready to be reborn, only to be subjected to this hellish cycle that will never stop. My bloodied claws raised, ready to strike down upon my brother's neck, to end it and wait for the next heaven dakotian to be born, only to kill that one too. His blue eyes kept locked onto my own, he let loose a small smile, but I could tell the true expression behind it was long dead.
So there he lay, me directly on top of him, ready to release the final blow. I felt trapped inside his glazed over eyes, all my thoughts and plans ceased as did his. We remained in this standstill for what seemed like an eternity, neither of us willing to break or yield first. Finally one of us broke, gave in to the other, and it wasn't my brother. It was me, I had come to my senses for now, the new me now becoming the one trapped deep inside myself. Red eyes widening at what I had done, and what I was about to do with the one I related to the most. A gasped escaped, my fearless expression, turning into fear, guilt and agony as I backed off of my injured brother. Tears running down my face, what I had done deserved the ultimate punishment, and that was death. Execution, something I had escaped before, but now I knew I had met my match, an enemy that I could never beat. It was death, something that I had always pushed away and avoided the thought of it, I always acted brave in the face of it. That bravery was stripped away at last and I was now afraid of death. For the first time in my life I was scared of it. Shaking my head as tears covered my cheeks, cleansing small spots of blood. I couldn't face my ultimate enemy, I simply couldn't face punishment for once in my life. I couldn't kill my brother, he was all I had left, and yet I could not stay with him.
And at this I fled, soaring high over the blood stained land, the collapsed buildings, the corpses. I flew as far as I could, not looking back. No one, not even myself could forgive me, the crimes I had done. Crimes so much worse to that of my deceased enemies. Still punishment did not peruse me, my brother never tried to get justice, or revenge. My sanity was gone. My kind nature and innocence was tainted by all the lives I had taken, all the blood I had drawn. Instead of trying to cleanse myself of the blood that stained my body, I kept it, all of it. A reminder to myself that nothing I could do could return me to the good side, I was a monster. No, I still am a monster. I'm no hero, no angel that protects everyone. I am a dark beast, created to cause death and chaos. I am no king, no mortal being with a heart. I am a demon, a shadow dakotian, a monster. Do I regret anything? Do I feel like I deserve forgiveness? No, I deserve nothing, I regret nothing, I am merely being myself. Doing what I was created to do, my fate. After all there is no escaping it. So here I remain, the angel that had fallen into darkness. Something so vile that nothing could keep me at bay forever. I returned to my creator, tail between my legs as I finally accepted his offer, my true destiny. I am the darkness, you should fear me. Hate me. Don't ever look into my eyes with hope or sympathy, you can't change my mind. You can't change me. Do not show me mercy, because I certainly won't show you any. Do not look into my eyes begging for me to return, because I won't. Do no  beg for me to stop, I'll kill you without a second thought, or any remorse for what I would and will do.
So if you see eyes as red as blood, fur as black as death. Clouds of darkness, hide. Run as far as you can, because I'll give you a head start, before I come after you. If I catch you, pray that I offer you a quick death, do not struggle to escape your fate, it will always catch up with you, weather you like it or not. My name is Dakota and I accepted my fate, will you?
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November 13, 2016
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