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Rattleback Dakotian

Height: 5ft 8 to ft 1o

Weight: 580 to 700 lb

Strength: 8 of 10

Speed: 3 of 10

Ki Power: 7 of 10

Flying: 6 of 10

Stamina: 5 of 10

Defense: 10 of 10

Attack: 6 of 10

Health: 9 of 10

Most of the known history of this species comes from the two remaining of their kind, which both are quite docile and wise. The last two of this species are both male. They are believed to be the missing link between dakotians and dragons. Rattlebacks have fur still forming over their scale/leathery hide. This hide is very strong and can protect them from fatal injuries. They are quite smart and strong. Their tail like most dakotians is a weak spot… if you can get through all that tough armor protecting it from harm. They have a pretty good sense of smell and good eye sight. Rattlebacks are one of the only dakotians to have 3 toes and claws on each paw, not counting the dew claws. They like cold weather and live in dense forested mountains. They eat meat and don’t need to eat all that often. Normally they come in browns, reds and yellowish tans, rarely ever greens which tend to be dull greens. Their wings can be anything from browns,yellows,golds,oranges, and grey colors. Their horns can be anything from gold to silvery colors, never bronze. Rattlebacks live the longest of any dakotian species, which is around 1000 years. They stand at 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 and can weigh anywhere from 580 to 700 pounds. With a strong attack, ki power and defense these are possibly the strongest dakotian species ever known.

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July 16, 2016
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