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Rapido Dakotian
Height: 3ft 3 to 3ft 8

Weight: 250 to 290 lb

Strength: 3 of 10

Speed: 10 of 10

Ki Power: 3 of 10

Intelligence: 8 of 10

Flying: 0 of 10 (Cannot Fly)

Stamina: 3 of 10

Defense: 2 of 10

Attack: 4 of 10

Health: 2 of 10

Their name says it all. These guys are extremely fast and agile. Normally living in open plains with very few trees. Upfront fighting is not their strong suit, Stealth and speed is how they do things. These guys have adapted to live in hot savannah climates, growing smaller wings that are not capable of flight, but help to deal with the intense heat and balance when running. A stronger thicker tail allows them to use as a rudder when running and for balancing. Normally Rapido dakotians have fiery personalities and interesting methods of killing and fighting. They tend to live alone and aren’t very social. Their teeth are sharp and big to help take down prey. Assassination is what they are good for, small bodies and stealthy skills allow for an easy kill. They mostly strike at night and are somewhat nocturnal, sleeping most of the day away under the shade of trees. They cannot fly but can glide short distances.While they lack flight they are very intelligent and fast. Ranking as the fastest dakotian species in existence. While they have speed they lack stamina and defense. A few direct hits can effectively take them out. Rapido dakotians come in various lion or cheetah colors. From tans to golds and rarely light shades of sand that are almost a white color. Spots are more common on the whole body than stripes. These stripes only appear on their wings and tails. However sometimes these stripes will appear in various other places such as neck,head and legs. They are the smallest of all dakotian species known. Coming in at 3 foot 3 inches to 3 foot 8 inches, and weigh around 250 to 290 pounds. These dakotians can live up to 200 years. They can reach speeds of up to 240 miles per hour.

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May 11, 2017
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