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Edit: Well apparently one more class day didn't finish this so lol. Anyway happy saint Patrick's day and happy weekend o3o

This is hardly finished and still has another days worth of art class left in it. Doing it for a grade in my favorite class of all time.... Art.... For those of you who don't know, I am highly addicted to art... so yeah x3 (me who favorites so much artwork that deviantart literately shits itself and won't let me fav anymore till a certain amount of time x3)

This is a Quetzalcoatlus the largest flying animal that ever existed.

Some funfacts~
Height: 5m (16.4ft) Did you know this flying reptile (Yes it's not an actual dinosaur) could get up to 5 meters tall. That is 16.4 feet!
Their wingspan was up to 40 feet! Jesus that thing was huge!
Weight up to 551 pounds!
And could go 105.6 miles per hour!

For more information go to…
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Submitted on
March 16, 2017
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