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Pronghorn Dakotian

Height: 4 ft 8 to 5ft 6

Weight: 440 to 550 lb

Strength 7 of 10

Speed: 4 of 10

Ki Power: 5 of 10

Intelligence: 6 of 10

Flying: 9 of 10

Stamina: 4 of 10

Defense: 7 of 10

Attack: 8 of 10

Health: 5  of 10

Pronghorns became the strongest fliers since the extinction of Vampire dakotians. They are much like Bullhorn dakotians except they have deer racks similar to Windseekers. Their wings are much larger, almost rivaling the extinct Vampire dakotian. Their necks and chests are broad due to where they live; mountain tops where it is hard to breath. Their lungs have adapted to their environment and can hold their breath for up to 6 hours unlike most dakotians who can only last an hour at most. Their hides and fur are dense and medium length to help keep them warm in these cold climates. The tail of a pronghorn is medium sized but very thick and flexible, capable of holding themselves up by just the tip of their tail which act as an extra arm. These tails are very important along with their wings for balance on these high mountain tops. They are omnivores and will eat anything they can find that is edible. Their paws are flat and broad to help keep them steady when traveling by foot. They have small and weak eyes, which they don’t use and instead use their excellent sense of smell and hearing. Their ears can move a full 360 and can detect even the slightest of sound, this saves them from being killed by predators, but mostly rockslides and other natural disasters. Pronghorns range from natural light colors such as creams,tans,greys, golds and sometimes even appear to look white. The wings of a pronghorn are dull or light warm colors. Their horns are light colors much like the wolf dakotian or bullhorn. Markings vary from barely visible spots and stripes along their whole body.  Pronghorns are very family oriented and tend to live in small groups that consist of only family. They are pretty uncommon and hard to find. They can live up to 600 years old. They stand around 4 foot 8 to 5 foot 6 and weigh in around 440 to 550 pounds.

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November 14, 2016
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