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Acid dragon not little anymore 

A great green beast, once such a tiny little wyrm now a huge hulking beast of a dragon. She had grown from such a tiny thing in such a short time. Her acidic breath now a huge danger to anything and everything that lived or once did live. The pearly whites of her teeth now stained in shades of yellow and green alike. Her wings spread across the landscape and her tail stretched for what looked like miles but it was just an illusion. Her tail was whip thin with a harpoon like tail blade at the end. The once little beast of a wyrm grew and grew. She kept growing until her body could crush shelters and buildings. Her massive head and finned spine, her long neck and skinny wings. Yet one thing remained about the same. Her armored scales were weak, they always were. Thin as the day she was born. A lean body to compliment it. She was magnificent, lovely to observer… at a distance of course. The dragoness was graceful yet skittish, like an acid dragon should be. Slinking from forest to forest under the cover of night, relaxing under the safety of trees during the day. Those bright eyes gleaming at you like a jaguar hiding in the brushery. Yet one thing about her wasn’t so friendly or magnificent at all; her breath. The acid she held power over smelled bad and so did the food she ate. She smelled of rotten flesh with a hint of pine wood to go along with it. The bacteria that was left in her mouth made her bite as septic as a komodo dragon. The hole in her wing she had sustained some time ago was much larger; a human could comfortably fit through it. The scars on her other side faded away to mere color misfigurations. People kept their distance with her, not willing to risk being melted alive by her dangerous breath. It was fine to her all the same, even if deep down she missed their willingness to be within mere inches of her. Alas she wasn’t a pint sized lizard anymore.

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Submitted on
January 21
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