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Omg i feel like i just lost alot of anger after getting this done xD I have messed it up so many times and had to restart soooo many time in a period of 2 days (7 hours total) its done yay. ok here is the story~

Dakota looked around, it was dark, cold. Dark clouds swarmed around him, blocking out the screams and pleas of those around him to only mumbles and disfigured faces and shapes. Dark eyes of blood red gleamed in as a shape took place right in front of him. A deep echoed voice chuckled as the shape came into a clear view. “Who? WHO are you!?!” Dakota snarled smoke slowly hissing and crackling out of his mouth. The shape was stiff and statue like, as if it weren't real. In a deep clam voice it responded after a minute of silence as if it were inspecting Dakota. “Me? Hmmph, I am Archen, the strongest Shadow dakotian to have ever existed, And you are my grandson.” Dakota took a step back his eyes began to narrow. The clouds of black reacted like a python constricting inward and moving faster in a circle around Dakota and Archen, It was pushing Dakota back towards Archen. Dakota Growled loudly his throat rattling from the growl. Archen did not flinch, he seemed like a shadow that was not real, a darker side of Dakota almost. “Come now Dakota, you’re just like me, and I am just like you, Are we not the same? We share the same body that is passed down and reborn creating a new Shadow dakotian.” Archen whispered as he rested his broad blood red wing over Dakota’s head and neck, pulling him closer. Archen’s eye turned harsh his eyes were glowing, his pupils vanished leaving a soulless glare to Dakota, as his voice roared in echos. “Now, Will it be me or THEM, who is your real friend!” He then pointed to the disfigured shapes on the outside of the shield of black clouds. Dakota wore a fearful expressions as he looked back to the shapes...

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April 18, 2016
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