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Ref for Skylar YAY

Well here are his fighting tactics and how you can beat him


Fighting Style: Skylar uses offensive tactics. He rarely will be on the defensive. His attacks will be varied between ranged and up close. Ki attacks are his best ability. He can adapt pretty well to ranged or melee attacks with ease. Skylar uses fast and weak attacks and mainly fights in the air. In his heaven dakotian form he will become stronger and slightly slower. Tips: Ground him, fighting on the ground will be your advantage. Avoid staying away from him, he exells in long range attacks. Face him head on and do not telegraph your attacks, his eyes are very keen and observant.

Hearing- Skylar's hearing is average, he cannot pick up sounds like his brother and lacks the ability to see through vibrations. Tips: Don't be afraid to make some noise, this could be used to distract him, heavy and loud attacks are easier to use on him.
Sight-His sight is a deadly thing, he has eyes like an eagle, stay out of his line of sight, they aren't as movement based as his brother though. Tips:Attack from above and behind, stay out of his line of sight if possible.
Smell-Skylar has pretty good smell, but it's nothing to gloat about, its just above average. Tips: Stay downwind, approach from behind.
Touch-Skylar is sensitive to touch, attacking him with great power will weaken him easily, but he is hard to catch. Stealth will not be your friend if you accidently touch him. Tips: Heavy attacks are great,use fast attacks to keep him from dodging too much.

Stamina- Skylar has a good but average amount of stamina, and is not afraid to use too much, he prefers to take out the enemy before they fight back. Tips: Use evasive tactics until he tires
Strength- Just below average strength for a heave dakotian, he prefers speed more than strength. Tips: Be faster and smarter than him.
Flying- Flying is his best asset and he will use this to fight and travel. Tips: Ground him and avoid arieal fighting.
KI Power-He uses his Ki to attack mainly with ranged attacks, however he will use melee infused Ki attacks just not as often. Tips: Ranged attacks won't do any good, stay close and be agile.
Intelligence-Skylar may not be as smart as most but his tactical planning and battle formations are exellent. He makes it is buisness to know the lastest fighting tactics. Tips: Out wit him with trickery.
Heaven Dakotian Form-This form makes him stronger and slower, but his Ki and strength will rise. He becomes slightly less offensive in this form, and more defensive attacks and counter attacks. Tips: Refrain from up close attacks, use distance, stay out of the air.

Preferred Melee Attacks:

Tooth and Claw-He will use fast claw attacks, his speed will make them easy. He doesn't like to use his bite as much, his neck would be open for attack if he did. Tips:Steer clear of his front legs, try to get him to use his jaws, an opening will be available when he does.

Horn Attacks-He will use his horns often and only at close range, ramming is something he is more skilled at but it's not as strong as his brother's

Preffered Ki Attacks:

True Assault- This attack is an arieal move. Ki is formed around the body, creating extreme speeds which will cause a deadly blow if hit by it. This attack does not take up much ki for Skylar but it will  leave him defenseless for a few moments. Tips: Stay on the ground and use agility to dodge, stay clear of the wings, when they open they will make the impact range wider and more powerful.

Veno Shock- Something of Skylar's own design, although Ari uses it too. Ki is formed to make electric waves that bounce off the body. This attack takes great concentraition and will make  the user tire easily during this. Tips: Don't get hit by this, attack imediatly aftet this attack is finished, try to prevent this attack from happening. Distract Skylar.


Neck- Skylar's neck is not as thick as Dakota's which is why he won't bite too often. Tips:Irritate him to get him unfocused.

Tail-The tip of the tail is a weakness to all dakotians, Skylar will take percaution on keeping his tail away from you. Tips: Find a way to flush the tail out.

Wings-Skylar's wings are very important to him, the tips of his bones are sensitive. Tips: Find a way to ground him.
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