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My first ever line art picture xD Got a bit bored waiting for the new dlc to download of Ark Survival Evolved so I decided I would try line art O: wow wee that was fun. So I do not own this line art as it has the creators name on it xD
So this horse is NOT Elidora, this is Caviar Elidora great grandmother, the first Sun Dancer or Golden mare in the story I am working on. She was a lot like Elidora maybe even less senseless than her. Now Caviar comes from Elidora's mother's side. I love how the mane and tail came out, I have been dying to use a bruch that I made in paint tool sai, that is very much like actual hair. Its just a normal pencil with the bristle effect at 50% :)

More info about Caviar: Like Elidora she too got captured, but had a much worse experience, by which she got unlucky with her captors. Caviar ended up escaping and living the last of her years back in a herd giving birth to Nila's mother who is still unknown. Caviar was quite curious and very wary, and would tend to over work herself.
Redwolfless Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If there was 1 thing I learned from this, it was how to color better :)
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September 4, 2016
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