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Part 2 Khar's Pov

   Why is Domino so secretive, I mean I know he can't talk but thats still no reason to hide stuff from me. I have to admit he is charming to an extensive degree. Maybe I have feelings for him? Is that why I keep him alive or is it just to help me with revenge? I don't know anymore. Walking away from Domino's courters after I heard the 5 knocks I sighed. I know he has feelings for me. No point in hiding it. I walk past the woman what had entered and left my partner's room so quickly. She was cleaning some furniture out in the halls, avoiding eye contact with me. Stopping to gander at her work I let loose a smile, the furniture looked 100 times better now. Chuclking at her reaction I continue slowly strutting down the halls. My destination was and still is unclear. After deciding which way to go I take a hasty turn down a wide doorway, and back into our main work room. Inspecting Domino's work carefully, I take notice that hes got skematics for the liquid in the vile he was working on. Grinning after reading about it I felt one step closer to my, I mean our revenge. It was a poison, that had ground shadow stone in it, yes it was perfect for powerful enemies. Setting that down I return to my station, several maps of Dakota's kindgom lay jumbled together, markers on them. I frown at the state of my workspace, Domino was much better at staying clean than I was, but then again hes an asassin, and likes to keep the situation quiet and clean. Out of jelousy I start to try and tidey up my station when I heard a robotic voice. "Better not have touched my shit Khar." it sounded so monotone,  so boring, so robotic. Snapping my head around to look for a robot I presumeed was there, only to see Domino. Cocking my head to the side I take notice to his new accesory, a collar? Was that what he was working on so secrecivly? The electric collar beeped a red color from a single light. "Domino?" I ask actually confused for once. "Whats the matter? At a loss of words for once?" Domino tauntilized, sneering and snarling in amusement. But the collar could not translate that and it said "Translation not available." Robotically and boreingly. Of course the voice would be so monotone, so boring, so... Domino. I was at a loss of words, he was right. Domino indeed was more observant than I had originally thought. Guesss I didn't know him as well as I thought. "That voice is too bland pal." I slyly say, sauntering over in a condifent yet seductive style. Which got a growl from him. The collar replacing the growl into "I hate you." Domino looked away with his green yet souless eyes, his tail lashing like an angry cat. "I know you mean love!" I taunt slyly again, leaning my side against his chest, nuzzling him. This is the farthest I've ever gone in these actions, which I kinda enjoyed.... Domino rolled his eyes, yet he did not move, odd. Even more odd he looked right into my red eerie eyes with his lime green/cyan ones. Taking a step further I bump my nose against his, which caused him to jerk his head up, glaring at me. "Oh come on Domino, Don't you love me? My fabulousness and my skill?" I sneered cheerfully, grinning like I always do. Even more surprising is that Domino left his monotone/annoyed attitude he always had. His expression turned into one that I've never had the pleasure to see before, and now I have. It's wonderful, longing or maybe lust? Possibly both! He smirks, turning to his side stepping away from me. His head craning to keep his eyes on me. That ever so scary bladed tail snapped up and bumbed my snout gently, wow. Thats a first, he'd never did it gently, always so aggressivly, always causing my hide to bleed or break. As he did this my eyes widen out of slight instictual fear, always a fast tough one he was.
Domino took a step closer to me, merely inches away from myself, still he was grinning slyly. I reeled my head back when he bumbed noses with me. Okay, odder, but not unwelcome, right? Pressing my chest against his he grins even more, maybe this could work, I do hope so. But just like that he left, very quickly, perphas the fastest hes ever done. Rude! Taunting me like that then leaving. And I thought I was the only that was rude or sly. In my state of this feeling I always felt towards him, had spiked emensely during that small confrontation of our feelings. It did so even more when he left, taunting me very much. The good thing is he can talk now, so no more being left in the dark. His mind was still a grave mystery to me, now I had a chance to learn more about him, more than I'd ever thought possible. Without thinking I  ran out of the room, looking for him, darn, fast bugger he was. Likely ran to his room and locked it. So why not go to my own, if he thinks I'll make it easy on him he is dead wrong. Trotting with a slight frown on my face I hastily pass a few human servents who veered out of my way as I came by. Making into my room at an impressive speed, but of course Domino was WAY faster. I locked it before jumping on my bed, letting out a loud huff of  annoyance, being denied what I felt and wanted sucked, especially if I needed to rid myself of it, that I was not all to sure of what it was. I'm only 17 in human years, being my kind I should still be a cub, and Domino should as well. The fact that we were made annoyed me, but those scientists made it so we grew quickly and learned just as quickly. I lay there for about 10 minutes, just staring off at one of my brightly colored red walls, my room was messier and had a lot more stuff than Domino's. But most of it was to keep myself from getting too bored. Getting up and stretching I do a flip off my bed, skipping over to a desk. It had a few drawers, a bunch of paper and a few tools to write with. There was no way I could use my paws to write, but dakotians had something to help with that, besides a tail of course. Ki, was enegry that we all possesed, but each was different. Red and dark red appeared in the form of flames, they didn't burn, it was my energy. I started to concen trait on making it move, picking up a pencil. This was how I practiced to control my Ki, since me still being so young. I growled in annoyance as I kept fumbling and dropping the tool. Finally after 5 minutes of trying to pick it up, my ki managed to keep it within its aura. Taking a peice of paper I began to drag the tip of the pencil along the paper. I wasn't writing, no I was drawing, as to what I wasn't sure. More time passed by and I realized I was drawing the collar  I saw on Domino, so I got an idea, lets try and find a way to change that awful voice. Coming up with some nice plans and blueprints. Enjoying my work once I was finished I let my tail way unconciously, like it had a mind of its own, but no I wa just happy. Maybe I should go check on Domino, and try to get him to change that robotic voice. Letting the pencil drop down I grabbed my artwork, rushing out of my room.
I quickly skimmed across the halls, which got emptier and emptier as I reached Domino's courters. I knock once before  excidedly trying to open the door. To my surprise I found it was unlocked, well darn, he fooled me! As I came in I noticed that Domino was hanging out at his work station in his room. Robotic laughter sounded off, it was a weird tune. "Finally, took you long enough," He sneered, turning to face me, his face turning into a more emotionless expression as he noticed the paper  I had. "I was thinking we could change that annoying robotic voice!" I sneer, taking notice to a few more details on the collar. Domino only rolled his eyes and said "Sure, whatever." Then took it off and handed it to me, well more like threw it. Didn't he care about the collar enough to not want it to break? I purposely fumble with it to scare him, his eyes become nervous seeing as I faked having trouble. Now he couldn't say shit, but his expression said everything. Haha poor Domino! "I think I'll bring it back to my courters, so I can concentrait!" I taunt, I knew he'd object, but I was already making my way hastily to my courters. He didn't follow oh well, looks like he saw through my bluff of trying to annoy him even more. Now that I had what I wanted to work on I was sure to make his voice more.. appealing to me, and everyone else.
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October 25, 2016
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