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I will me making short stories like this, featuring my characters! So I decided to draw and write about theses two, maybe letting more information come to light on them. They deserve to be given more attention so here we are!

Just so you know this is set on Domino's point of view or POV

   Khar is funny most of the time, mostly. There are times where he is a total jerk, I should know. Uh, What I'd give to tell him just how 'cool' I thought he was. I have to admit, it is funny to watch him struggle to talk to me. But one sided conversations are kinda dull, so sometimes I smack him mockingly. Deep in my thoughts I didn't take notice that Khar was now walking towards me, no longer planning his revenge on Dakota and Skylar. I turn my head and notice hes no where in sight, stupid diamond fang. I avert my gaze from where he was back to my project. My lime green eyes snapping up towards Khar, who was now in front of me, dirty paws on my work. I hate him. Sending him a glare that says 'Get your paws off my stuff.'  His grin becomes wider. Always that grin! I hate it! Such an annoying partner. He starts to examine my shit, poking and prodding at my viles and paperwork all the while his gaze almost never leaving me completely. "What you working on?" He asks innocently. Innocent my ass! I shrug tauntingly, I love how it makes him frown even while grinning like a mad man. Turning around to walk away, I feel one of his blasted paws on my wing and shoulder. Instantly I smack him away with my wing, turning my head to let loose a scowl. "Don't you dare resist me!" He snaps bitterly. I look at him, my expression saying 'Seriously?'  Lashing my bladed tail around in an obvious annoyed attitude. "I'm in charge here Domino." He snarls under his breath, trying to hold back some anger. If I wasn't so valuable to him, he'd have eaten my heart and stolen my life and power. That an that we both hate Dakota and his friends. Not to mention the humans who made us. Khar spoke again, bringing me out of my ever so clouded thoughts, stupid brain never empty. "If I want you to leave I'd of said so, I need to check on your work 'partner'. Uhhhh, I wish I could speak, I'd back talk him till he died. Khar makes a move closer to me, my face monotone as always now. He gives me a loathing/lustful grin, his ears perked and his pose confident. This I hate, he does it because he knows I hate it. I still have no clue if he likes me or not, whether he is gay or not. Or if I want to be gay or not. I take his mood swings seriously, reacting with pure annoyance. Sending my tail tip right up to his neck, slowly ever so slowly so he doesn't notice. His lust or need distracts him. Ha, got you khar. The blade of my tail broke his tough hide, blood seeping all over my bladed tip, such a nice color, but whites and blacks or greys are better. His shit eating grin turns into a grin mixed with embarrassment, and maybe pain as he felt my tail cut him like butter. I'm an assassin, what'd you expect Khar... "Alright, you got me, I'm not in charge of everything." He says, moping a bit, trying to make me feel bad. Fat chance heart snatcher.  I apply more pressure to tell him that won't work, how else do you expect me to tell him in this situation, and I can't exactly write. Not that I'm saying I don't know how to write, thats just silly, who doesn't?. I let the pressure on my 'partner's' neck ease down, leaving the room quickly as I always do. I've got places to be and shit to do so why let that idiot Khar stop me. I hear an obvious sigh from him, disappointment? Anger?Dread? Sadness? Oh Khar, maybe he does have a thing for me, a very odd and unnatural one if I do say so. But then again neither of us are natural, made in test tubes, maybe this could work someday. Why do I keep thinking about him like that, so annoying, I can't get him out of my thoughts! I stole down the halls of our base quicker than normal. Putting him distance between me and khar till this feeling passes. I don't know how to explain it other than warm,fuzzy,happy, maybe pleasing to some degree. I have work to do, plans to make, getting revenge is important for both of us.The base we have is mostly red, Khar likes it, but my quarters are monotone and grey scaled, easier on my eyes. My room was wide, and 'empty' as Khar would call it. I call it organized and sterile. Finessed, quality over quantity! Walking over to my desk, well more of a work station. I've been working on a secret project, one that even Khar doesn't know about. An enslaved human, from the organization that made us walked in. It was a she, timid and quiet. A cleaner she was, walking in my room quietly to clean it. Snapping my head around a snarl comes on my face, if I had vocal cords I'd be growling loudly. She yelps when she sees me and quickly bows, before awkwardly leaving my quarters. I go back to what I was doing, opening a hidden drawer, it's contents were jumbled. not put together. Pulling out all the pieces, it appeared to be a collar, looked like a shock collar, no it was supposed to help me speak my thoughts. I do hope it works. Slowly I started to open another drawer, pulling out matts and blueprints I'd made myself. I was told that I'm much smarter than a real vampire dakotian. Being made instead of born is different. I don't have the telepathy that vampire dakotian's are thought to have.
Three hours must of passed while I assembled the collar, because Khar was knocking on my door, he likes to check up on the 'plans' that I do. Never lets me be alone for any more than three hours, unless he's busy. A creature of habbit he is, obsessed with revenge, not that I'm not obsessed either. I make some noise with tools from my work space, to let him know I'm in here. Of coure he would come in if I wasn't here, snooping around, thats why I keep my special projects hidden. "Domino, just checking up on you." Khar spoke seductively. Gahh, he still wasn't out of this weird feeling, its making me feel like it again! Thats why I left in such a hurry. I could smell it on him too, making me even more 'aroused.' Thats a better word than, warm,fuzzy,or happy feeling, all those words into one. Makes my brain think less. Quickly I shuffled the now assembled collar and blueprints into the hidden drawer, closing it just as hastily. Khar perked his head up, coming behind me. Pressing his broad body against my back. I'm taller but leaner than him, well not much taller I guess. I hate it when he does that. we're allied partners, not lovers!  "What'd you got there bud?" He spoke curiously, I could still hear the seductive tone in his annoying voice. Slowly I turn my head around, giving him my ever so monotone expression, seemingly emotionless, trying to shove down my feeling so that he didn't see it. To my surprise he lets out a sly smile, his eyes turning soft, and 'droopy' as I'd put it. It took me a few moments to realize that my monotone face, wasn't so monotone... CRAP!  My face was similar to his, just less droopy... Quickly turning my head away, which only caused him to lean closer, resting his thick stubborn head on my shoulders. Taking notice that he's being cautious, keeping his paws on my tail to avoid getting hurt again. I roll my eyes at him, from my half  forward gaze. So annoying! He rolled his eyes back at me, tauntingly and in a sarcastic manner. Taking one of my un-busy paws, bringing it around, smacking him right on his nose. That got him, I turn around letting an amused soundless chuckle escape my toothless jaws. I see him reeling back, covering his nose gently. luckily his nose is a weakness only I know, and I love to exploit it. Serves him right. I walk up to him, one of his eyes glaring at me, I'm not putting up with his act right now. Grabbing him by his neck scruff with my mouth, keeping my hallow fangs from puncturing him. I drag his ass all the way out of my room and down the hall a bit. Quickly trotting back into my quarters, this time I close the door, locking it. I knock about 5 times, that was a "I;m going to sleep." signal, that he learned the hard way, 5 times mean't I was tired of him or just tired in general. Jumping in my circular small yet fluffy bed, keeping my eyes on the door for a few minutes tillI deemed he'd given up before sleeping.
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Which do you like better? Khar the diamond fang dakotian or Domino the vampire Dakotian? I'd love to know :)
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