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Okay first of all you might not be able to see the gold coins very well because I thought it looked better with a bit of opacity but I drew and placed EVERY SINGLE ONE and I hate how long it took but it came out well 

A little backstory of Nabal before she hatched from her egg :P 

A good song :D…

    Morning. Droplets of dew lay collected on blades of grass and leaves from the great trees. The sun still rising as the wildlife just being to awaken for the day. Some retiring after a long night of prowling and surviving. A large open cave lay on a barren hill, out in the open and in plain sight. It seems as if the occupant could care less. Inside the cave lay a massive scaled beast. Far larger than the norm. A big brown and red scaled dragon. Resting in a pile of gold. Beside this magnificent beast lay two dragonets. One of a smokey black color and the other a golden tan color. The black dragonet looked to be two years old while the other looked a little under a year. Both held characteristics of their mother. One egg lay within the slumbering mother’s scaly arms. Black and red in color, occasionally moving. It would still be a while before it actually hatched. The two already hatched babies were playing in the mountain of gold, their mother uncaring, just seeking a bit more sleep before she rose for the day. A loud worn out chortle sounded as wingbeats could be heard. The sound of something large landing at the mouth of the cave. The dragoness immediately rose her head, getting a glance of a silhouette of another dragon. As the other dragon walked in it was clear it was smaller than the resting female. It was a male. His scales were of a midnight black, occasionally laced with gold and red scales. The mother’s tail gently nudged the two hatchlings aside as she gently stood up as to not damage the egg. Not long after, the other dragon dropped a small pile of gold for the now sour looking female. The male gave a clicking sound followed by a cooing noise. The dragoness hissed a displeased response. “Where is the food.” It wasn’t a question. She was annoyed, but a bit pleased that her mate brought back a gift. “There is a fresh batch of livestock down south.” The male said, avoiding his mate’s obviously annoyed statement. It seemed to have sated the dragoness, who in turn poured the newly acquired gold into the massive pile. The two hatchlings were now wrestling with each other. Displacing the gold and jewels as they fought. Their mother briefly looked back and chortled a “Stay.” at her children. Pointing at the egg nestling at the center of the horde she hissed a “Do not touch.” Her tone promising punishment if that rule was broken. “Okay!” The black dragonet chirped before he got whacked in the face by the much smaller and younger female. Both adults briskly left their home. “Just like her mother.” The male whispered, earning a proud smirk from the larger female. “Yes and Yrson is just like you. Letting a female do him in.” The dragoness said with a malice smirk on her scaled face. The mated pair could hear the hatchlings up to no good. The dragoness stormed back in to see the black dragonet shaking the egg as if it were a baby rattler as the younger of the two laughed at the display. Yrson looked up at his very furious mother, a small smile on his face; his sister too oblivious to notice. “Put that DOWN!” The female bellowed, her hatchlings quickly stopping what they were doing, scurrying deeper into the cave.The mother stormed back out of the cave, mumbling a few curses in dragonic before walking past her mate. Both taking into the air promptly after. Leaving their treasure and children alone until they returned.

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November 11, 2017
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