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Newer version of  Golden Horned Dakotian Ref(OUTDATED) by Redwolfless

Average Stats

Height: 5 ft 2 to 5 ft 9

Weight: 450 to 570 lb

Strength: 6 of 10

Speed: 4 of 10

Ki Power: 9 of 10

Intelligence: 4 of 10

Flying: 7 of 10

Stamina: 7 of 10

Defense: 5 of 10

Attack: 5 of 10

Health: 5 of 10

Info About Them

Golden horns mainly have a muscular build but sometimes they can be lean and skinny. They normally they have broad heads, that come with a very powerful bite force. Golden horns tend to have good stamina and can keep at something for hours on end. Think of them as the quarter horse of dakotians. Their stats are well rounded/ balanced. They shine when it comes to Ki power. They tend to be friendly and optimistic with their favorite entertainment and tradition being fighting. These fights normally don’t consist of ki attacks and are strictly melee. Golden horns get their name from their colorings and mainly their horns. Which as you can guess are always golden colored. Their fur is normally short and come in golds,tans,creams and rarely bronze or brown colors. Their horns and fur tend to be made of 27% gold with the rest being keratin. With gold in their horns and fur their armor is pretty tough. Before the end of the war they were commonly hunted for their gold properties, and some still hunt them. These guys tend to have medium sized wings and medium length tails, with the tail tip fur being black or various browns. Markings are limited to just stripes, socks or blazes on their body. Their wings come in warm and bright colors, such as red,yellow,orange and rarely ever pink colors. Some can even have feathered wings. Golden horns are the most common species known and are mostly the size of a horse. Coming in at 5 foot 2 to 5 foot 9, and tend to weigh 450 to 570 pounds. They live up to around 360 years and can reach flying speeds of 150 miles per hour and running speeds of 120 miles per hour.

For More Information Look here 

All about DakotiansSpecies Information - Everything you could possibly need to know for owning a Dakotian Character~ If you have questions just ask!
Vampire Dakotian
Strong, mute and secretive. The vampire dakotian is not well known about. Overpowered is what they are… or were. This species is extinct, killed off by a grudge holding king. Yes, Archen. Archen kill them off, his face bares the scar of vampire dakotian claw marks. Vampire dakotians, like their name feed off of others. Instead of blood they feed off of Ki energy. Which allows them to adopt some abilities of their victims, minor and not always permanent. Tall, big winged with a bladed tail tip, equipt with only 2 hollow fangs. If broken they grow back in a matter of minutes or hours. Without them they would starve. These dakotians come in greys,browns,whites and light blacks. Never pure black. Unlike most dakotians they have unusual markings. Most have stripes, spots, varied shapes and brindle markings. Their bladed tail tip can come in

For the linearts to make your own

Male -  Golden Horned Dakotian Male Lineart by Redwolfless
Female -  Golden Horned Dakotian Female Lineart by Redwolfless

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