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I had a poem about this for a month now and decided to make a picture for it. Of course the name is Forever Brothers hehe and well I made the poem o3o. 
EDIT: IF this is too much gore for you or anyone please let me know and I'll add a mature content filter for gore 

Song that may go with this…

You could say this is a redraw of…

Dakota/Shadow & normal form belong to me
Skylar/Heaven & normal form also belong to me 

So yeah here is the poem

When you see
There you'll be, walking free
When I say
You'll be okay
You just make them go away
But they'll be okay
Its just you're way

So when you see me
There I'll be
Just walkin free
They can't say
What you feel
They've got no right
To end this fight

Because it's not the way it seems
You bright blue eyes
Always seeking
When you see me
Close by I'll be
Never letting you be forever alone

When you see
How I'm this way
You won't find the truth
I always hide one thing
But every one does the same

So when I say
You'll be okay
You just cry and cry and cry
These feelings just make me stay
You can't get rid of me
I shall come back

Forever brothers
My only brother
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Submitted on
January 11, 2017
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