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  Kamber learning to fly...

      Kamber looked up at his father, the kind being that always listened, always believed in him. The cub kept himself low to the ground, his claws gripping the hard rock that kept the large steep cliff, his body trembled with both excitement and and fear. His father’s green eyes looked back into his blue ones. Those eyes always filled with pride of his son. Dakota stood still and near to Kamber, his wing partly covering and comforting his youngest cub. “Come one Kamber, I know you can do it.” Dakota spoke softly, a smile forming on his face. Kamber gulped back his fear. His eyes scanning the far land below, they were so high up it made Kamber’s head spin, making him feel sick. He closed his blue eyes leaning back against Dakota’s wing, as he spoke. “B-but… dad I don’t think I ca-” Dakota interrupted Kamber with a sure tone in his voice. “Sure you can Kamber, You take after your grandfather, his blood runs through both our veins, you can do it.!” Dakota chuckled afterwards his smile growing wider. Kamber neared the edge of the cliff again, his paws lightly stepping forward. Kamber was tense all over, his muscles froze in place as he stared down, his gaze meeting his father’s once more before aiming to the sky. Deep nervous breaths escaped the cub’s lungs as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. Dakota frowned, thinking to himself ‘uh… he’ll never learn like this, dad was right to throw me off this cliff, fear will bring out the power to live. I know he’ll spread his wings and learn to fly.’ He inched closer, his wing opening up more to get a good hold on Kamber if needed, and just like that Dakota pushed his wing into Kamber’s rump. Rocks and dirt slid off the cliff as Kamber plunged down off the cliff. The cub’s wing half open as he fell from the large cliff, his wings desperately flapping out of rhythm. Dakota sat down, his wings open and body tense as can be, ready to dive after his son if something happened. ‘At least I’ll come after him if he needs it… unlike my father.’ Dakota sneered with a grin from that thought. Kamber fumbled  around on his clumsy wings. His pupils small and dilated as he spread his wings, but it wasn’t enough to stop his fall completely. ‘Okay… okay…. Remember, Kamber remember what dad taught you!’ His thought fiercely as he kept falling, by now he was halfway down the steep cliff, the ground starting to become easier to see. Dakota stood up, his claws holding him just inches away from falling down after his son, his eyes narrowed as he spread his wings as if ready to dive right then and there. Kamber started to flap his wings in a more controlled manner, flapping them in unison the best he could, his tail straightening out as he tucked his legs inward to his body. Kamber’s fall started to slow, his wings dragged behind the air, catching the invisible force and did not let go. At this point Dakota sat back down still tense and ready to save his offspring if something happened. Kamber flapped harder, his wings were large and broader than most his age, but his stamina needed some work, panting roughly he gave an expression of excitement, his wings bringing him upward. Kamber’s gaze fell on his father who was making his way down at blazing speeds, making his son envy his power of flight. Dakota’s speed allowed him to catch up to his son easily as he glided around in a circle. Kamber smiled widely, his full set of teeth showing their whiteness. The cub angled his body forward to propel himself to his dad. “That's it son, keep it up!” Dakota sneered as he danced swiftly around his son, taunting him. Kamber laughed at his father, finally able to fly to his hearts content with him, and this gave him new energy, his tired body filling itself with it. After a few minutes of chasing his father around in the air, Kamber was starting to get used to flying, his body already knowing what to do and how to do it, causing him to pick up speed. Dakota stopped his dancing in the sky stopping in front of his son. “Lets try something else!” Dakota yelled with excitement, his front body going up as he tucked his wings and twisted downward into a full dive. Kamber looked at his diving father, gulping down his fear as he too did the same, mimicking the way his father moved to get the most out of the dive. They both flew side by side, their gazes locking to one another every now and then. Both picking up speed, Kamber gave a gasp unsure how what would happen if he tried to stop or keep going. “Don’t worry Kamber.” Dakota whispered. Those three words gave Kamber confidence as a grin formed on his face. “This is amazing!” Kamber yelled, the sound of wing drowning out most of his voice. Dakota heard it, ‘of course he would, dad always is amazing… I want to be just like him.’ Kamber spoke in his mind…..
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October 5, 2016
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