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    Chapter Two : New Heights (SNEAK PEAK) Got over excited on chapter two so here is a sneak peak... more is on the way :D

A groan escaped Dakota’s mouth, his eyes shut tightly as he stirred. Chains rattled with his every move, he took no notice to this, his paws coming up to clutch his head. He hated what ever sedative they used, gave him a horrible hangover feeling. Dakota noticed his paws were stopped short, his gaze looking down to see himself covered in chains and shackles. ‘Damn humans…” he thought, a harsh growl coming up, he made no attempt to suppress it. To his surprise no fellow Dakotian snarled, yelled, banged their cages at him, at this point Dakota realised he was in a room alone, in a very large cage with plenty of chains. The cub could care less if they ‘upgraded’ his status or living conditions, he was more focused on the room and its contents. Weapons,extra cages,chains, and all those lovely devices humans use on his kind. His green eyes looked somewhat dull, his body ached but he ignored the pain, stood up and struggled against the chains. ‘Come on, now would be a good time to have my power break this crap!’ Dakota thought, before his jaws came around one of the chains. Teething much like a cub his age would, his teeth still from his youth… sharp and small, Dakota wished he was full grown, he was sure he could make quick work of any bond, even if it was shadow stone. His stopped his struggled when he heard footsteps approaching. Dakota wasn’t surprised he heard them, with no annoying dakotians to distract him made it all too easy. The cub smirked as the huge metal door creaked open, and before who or whatever it was stepped in, he slowly and quietly sat in a prideful position, acting like royalty despite him being a captive, and royalty he was, whether he was imprisoned or not. Dakota half expected Jade or Grim to walk in… no it was the small boy, shaking with food in his hands yet again. The human child slithered in quickly, his eyes determined, his fear was less than last time, but why was that? Dakota cocked his head to the side with confusion and curiosity as the boy came over, showing as little fear as possible. “Not a-afraid of you!” The kid choked out, his hand coming near the bars, stopping a safe distance. This made Dakota chuckle. His eyes closing slightly looking away from the boy in a taunting manner. “Go on, put it down where I can reach it… I won’t hurt you yet anyways…” Dakota whispered, his ears perking, waiting for the boy to do so. A few minutes passed and Dakota got annoyed, his head turning around with open eyes to see the boy sitting down… Against the cage, amusing and surprising! “Why come so close, don’t you remember what happened to the first man that dared to come close?” The boy didn’t look at Dakota as he spoke, but the child’s heart was racing fast, fear or was he excited to be this close to something so dangerous. “I….. do, but my friends made a b-bet...with m-me.” The kid studded not as often as last time but it still showed fear. Dakota let a small smile burn past his fierce gaze. “A bet? What kind?” Dakota said softly, shifting to lay down, the chains rattled and the boy spooked, turning around and sat a good foot away from the cage, he was tense but that soon disappeared as he realized the creature was not going to least not now. “To….” The boy stopped his sentence, avoiding eye contact with the murderous creature. Dakota perked his head with even more curiosity than before, his green eyes softening as they brightened, this kid interested him, and Dakota kinda liked his company. ‘NO what the hell am I thinking! HUMANS ARE A DISGRACE!’ His conscience screamed at him to bite into this child’s neck which could be very do-able at this distance. Dakota let out a long sigh before speaking again “Speak boy…Do not be afraid of a caged animal that cannot hurt you from this distance, listen to what the man said be-” Dakota stopped, his gaze down at his paws. The kid looked at Dakota for a moment, thus causing Dakota to look up and speak with no shame whatsoever. “Before I ended his existence, fear can make you stronger but you have no right to be afraid of me.” Dakota frowned, his eyes turning harsh as the boy stared in awe. “You… you taught me m-more than any… of these hunters ever have.” The boy looked down at Dakota’s food still in his hand. Dakota sneered then gave a skeptical look towards the boy “That's not disturbing.” The cub joked, which made the boy giggle. To Dakota’s surprise what the boy did next, caught him off guard, small hands fearlessly entering the cage, coming mere inches away from Dakota’s jaws. “I know you’re not supposed  to be fed for a while but…I thought… I thought if I gave you food you could… do a favor f-for me?” The boy finished slowly, taking in words he was speaking, also fearing the beast might not like that and take his arm off out of spite. Dakota tried not to think about food dangled dangerously in front of his jaws, and a very biteable hand at that! The creature strained his eyes, willing his every fiber not to kill the boy, after all he was amusing and interesting. “Does this favor have to do with the bet, and child believe me, I am far from starving… BUT I’ll play your game, what is it you want?” Dakota spoke sternly, his voice turning into a gleeful happy tone towards the end...
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