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Okay no filter this time, not really any fighting or language going on so yay? Without further a due enjoy the chapter~ Time is of the essence and all things must come to an end!

For chapter 14…

Chapter Thirteen: Change

    Grim and Noren’s funeral was held a day after the initial attack. Everyone was there. Even the kid. Yet no one knew he was. Daktoa kept himself out of sight, all the while listening and watching. Watching from above, in a tree. The shadows protected him. No one knew that he was the last one to leave the scene, to leave the cemetery. Dakota was there a whole day more than everyone else. Not once leaving to eat. He was perhaps the most affected by their deaths. Despair, total despair. It never left, not a drop of it left. It all fueled his anger. Only when nightfall scared the town to sleep did he come out. Red gleaming eyes lit up the darkness. Black fur kept him hidden. Tears dripped on Noren’s gravestone. Dakota stared at it for a minute before placing something right next to it. It was a shard of shadow stone. Stained in mild amounts of blood. Blood that was still somewhat fresh. “I did it Noren… I really did it…” The teen bows his head when those words escaped his mouth. “I… I’m sorry…” Dakota started sobbing as he collapsed to the ground. His head firmly pressed against Noren’s resting place. “I’m going to finish this tomorrow... This will all be over soon…” A deep breath was needed and it was taken. Dakota closed his eyes, trying to compose himself. “Say hi to Geldur for me okay… father…” He looked up to stare the engraved name of Noren. A small sad smile on his features. Tears ever flowing down his face. Soon after he stood up. Dakota would wipe the tears off his face.  “I won’t let you die in vain. Rest now Noren…” He gave a small bow, turning and running to his destination. “I will finish this!” He snarled out loud. A snarl curled up on his lips. “You’re reign ends tomorrow Slice!” Dakota hissed, picking up speed. Revenge on his mind, fueling his body to keep going. He would finish this, even if it killed him. Slice was never his father, he was never a king. If anyone deserved it, it was Noren, and he was dead. Killed by Slice’s soldiers. Almost as bad as being there to kill Noren himself.

    “Your majesty…” A dakota rushed in to the throne room kneeling down to show his respects. Slice cocked his head as he just sat up on his throne. The stained glass that once was broken by the shadow dakotian himself had long since been restored. Brought back to be better than ever before. King Slice bowed his head to the kneeling dakotian. Who took that as the okay to continue. “Your s-” They started to say but stopped themselves short when the infamous scowl was received. “The shadow dakotian approaching from the east at D-” He was cut off. “Devil’s ridge…” Slice growled, slamming a fist on the armrest of his throne. “Evacuate everyone to the castle’s rear. Leave him to me.” Slice said in a commanding tone. Waving for the kneeling dakotian to rise. “He is of age isn’t he?” The dakotian questioned. Slice snorted hot air out of his nose, sounding offended. “I will not loose.” Slice hissed, walking off his throne. “Prepare my armor.” The king uttered, shooting the dakotian a comforting look. “That monster will never win.” The dakotian nodded before dashing back out the way he came. “Daaaad whats going on?” Skylar said, barreling into the throne room. Jumping up on his dad’s back. Resting his head on his father’s. Skylar had grown quite a bit, but he was still small. Just average for someone his age. “Take your mother to our room, don’t leave no matter what.” Slice said, grabbing his newest child from off his back. Giving him a shove towards the door. Skylar looked up with sad puppy eyes. “Go now.” Slice spoke firmly, effectively washing away any of Skylar’s rebelliousness. The cub skitter off, sliding against the sleek floors. Slice just rolled his eyes, not even smiling or finding his son’s antics funny, cute even. When he could no longer hear his cub he made his way out towards the armory. A stoic expression on his face. Everyone was rushing around, preparing for what was to come. Word spreads fast here. It always does.

    He crossed the border some time ago. Running fast but now he was walking. Saving his energy for the upcoming battle. Dakota knew something was following him. Yet it left a while ago. He knew how the kingdom worked and he knew his so called father knows he is coming. Still in his shadow form. It was better this way. Harder to see him at night. No sane animal was still in the area or just hiding in the shadows. Waiting for him to leave. His red eyes glowing in the darkness. Eerie as ever. Cautious with every step he took. Almost expecting an ambush to strike him. That is something his father would most likely do. Dakota knew that his father left his prime, he was old. It was just something he felt. He himself was just beginning to reach his prime. He could feel it. As he kept walking a smirk adorned his face. He was old enough to challenge for the throne now. Even if the chances of success were slim for younglings. ‘I turned 39 last week…’ Dakota thought in his mind. That smirk soon turning into a frown. Anyone would be disappointed or upset if their birthday was over looked. Then again he never told anyone. Nor did anyone ask. Birthdays don’t matter when you're at war. ‘Your of age.’ Archen mumbled. His tone was obviously riddled with a smirk. ‘Of course I am, why do you think I’m heading home.’ The teen snarled back. His march was suddenly stopped when an invisible and unknown force whacked him in the head. Sending him to the dirt on his side. Clutching the side of his head, standing back up. ‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that.’ Archen roared. It felt like he was yelling right next to his ear. Maybe he was, who knows. Dakota resumed his march, not bothering to respond after what just happened. What he did have was a minor headache.

    It was still dark out. The rebel village was still asleep. Jade was in a room with multiple beds and occupants. They were all sleeping. That is until Jade’s eyes opened abruptly. Staring up at the bland ceiling. Breathing deep breaths. He knew something was wrong. Sitting up he noticed Dakota was nowhere to be found. Getting out of the bed he quickly changed into a simple and light leather armor getup. Quietly exiting the building he was in. His first guess was the cemetery. Rushing off to it. When he got there nothing seemed amiss. Still no Dakota. Walking over to Noren’s grave he noticed blood and a shard of black stone. Kneeling down he carefully picked it up. Blood smeared on his hands. Shadow stone, a shard of shadow stone. His eyes widened. “He really did it…” He murmured to himself. Looking up from the shard it dawned upon him. “No… no no no!” Standing up as he kept repeating himself. Putting the shard back where he found it he turned tail to the stables. Shoving the doors open, effectively scaring the animals inside. Quickly grabbing the nearest saddle and bridle before skidding to a stop at Nash’s stall. Kicking the door open, the dark stallion took a step away to avoid the door. Jade ran to Nash’s side, lifting the saddle up and on his back. Strabbing the buckle to the other side. Testing the saddle to see if it was snug and in place. Quickly moving to the stallion’s head who tentatively put his head down so Jade could reach. Nash took the bit like a champ and the bridle was quickly put on. Guiding him out of the stall and out of the stables before making his way to the storage building. The door wouldn’t budge so Jade just broke in through a window. Accidentally cutting his hand on the broken glass. He grunted but that wouldn’t stop him. He knew time was short so he grabbed the first sword he could find. Rushing back out the window, hoping on Nash’s back before taking off into the night. The town was still asleep and he couldn’t waste anymore time telling them. Dakota was much faster than a horse and if he was a betting boy Dakota was most likely traveling by foot. Nash was already in a full sprinting gallop but Jade kicked his sides gently. The stallion urged himself to the limit, pushing himself as per request. Time was short and the faster they got their the better.

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