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(NOTE: This is not the full chapter and is a random piece of the chapter was chosen randomly to be featured as a small treat for you all! So this is a sneak peak)

    Meanwhile Dakota was too engrossed in getting some kind of answer to his question, but with no success, he didn’t even notice the ever approaching Jade. ‘Dammit! Just spill the beans! WHO. IS. ARCHEN?!’ Dakota snarled at the voice, and yet again the answer he seeked was denied to him. The only response he got this time was ‘That name does not matter anymore.’ Claws clenched into the gravel, and now Dakota’s eyes were too, his body was shaking with anxiety, frustration and a bit of sadness. Dakota could feel part of the sunlight blocked from him as a shadow loomed over him. Yet he paid no mind, determined to get what he wants to know. ‘Please! Tell me who he is!’ The cub pleased to the voice as the shadow kept getting closer and closer. ‘No.’ Was all he got this time, the simplest response the cub received, instead of ‘oh it’s not important or you’re not ready.’ Immediately Dakota bit back, sounding saddened and furious all the same. ‘Why?’ And in return he got ‘Because It doesn’t matter, and because I say so. Stop being stubborn!’ The voice bellowed in what could only be described as someone yelling in your ear. Obviously the mysterious owner of the voice was pissed off at Dakota’s ever stubborn behavior. And by the sound of it losing his patience.

    Just when Dakota was about to press further he felt a pair of strong, yet warm and comforting arms wrap around his neck, holding him in a close, gentle embrace. A dead rested on his right shoulder as someone’s chest was against his own, hearts beating wildly in both chests, almost like they were having some kind of ‘heart to heart’ conversation. Even if they were beating wildly it was still in harmony as they beat together in unison. The dakotian’s eyes snapped open, gasping at the long starved feeling of love, compassion and affection. Something Dakota had rarely ever received and given to anyone, even his own family. It was something he needed if he wanted to be who he was meant to be. To not be seen as a monster that should be killed. Green eyes of his stared on at the steed who didn’t have Jade; it’s rider on it. Noticing that Jade was indeed the one hugging him, showing affection, caused all his frustration to vanish with no trace of it left. But the cub was still shaking, his breathing became rapid as well as unsteady. Tears became obvious as they welled up without shame, dripping off the cub’s cheeks and onto the head of Jade.

    And to Jade’s surprise the dakotian hugged back after a few moments of being shocked and frozen. Even more surprising when the legendary shadow dakotian broke down in a full blown sobbing session. All shame and pride thrown out the door upon Jade’s action. Wings and front legs wrapped around Jade tightly, whom hugged tighter in response. Jade’s own green eyes trailed back towards his students who stood there, puzzled beyond repair. “It’s okay…” Jade said un-confidently, unsure of how to treat a dakotian child, like how do they do it? Jade has seen cubs before, but they were practically uncontrollable, the adults even seemed frustrated and discouraged at the sight of them. Cubs were like females on their periods, only twenty four seven. A mess of emotions was what cubs were. Even if Dakota looked to be a young adult he was still in that semi teen semi child stage. It baffled him that Dakota had kept his overcharged emotions hidden, as well as his power for so long… unless that is he had no control over it.

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January 24, 2017
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