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So this is image is going to be used every time I have new content or stuff. Ideas and concepts are welcome. But for now I will be releasing some information on the book progress and stuff :) I need to stop daydreaming x.x bad things happen when i use my imagination already behind on doing the books. why didn't I start the books when i made up the species D:

Book One: Unraveling The Past: chapter 1-100% chapter 2-40% (from the beginning of Dakota)

Book Two: Restoring Hope:  (1 year after book one)

Book Three: Along Came Ari(5 years after events of book two)

Book Four: Archen's Return (10 months after book three)

Book Five: Khar's Might (5 years after book four)

Book Six: Tarue Awakens (6 months after book five)

Book Seven: White Shadows (2 years after book six)

Book Eight: Vengeance and Revenge (4 years after book seven)

Book Nine: Darkest Beings (2 years after book eight)

Book Ten: The New Demon King (4 months after book nine)

Book Eleven: A Twist In Fate (6 years after book ten)

Book Twelve: Defeating Dakota (1 month after book eleven)

Book Thirteen: (Undecided/Not finished story line)

Book Fourteen: (Undecided/Not finished story line)
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Submitted on
October 15, 2016
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