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When Dakota was younger, after the events of bonding with Jade and taking back his kingdom from his father slice, Dakota found himself in a bad situation with a human organization, anyway Dakota jumped in front of Jade to protect him from a massive machine, it snags his wing. To get away Dakota, tore part of his own wing off leaving a bad tear, he could not fly after this and was expecting to never heal. Jade made him a custom wing blade out of a meteorite(space metal) that went on top of his wing tear (it was clamped down) Dakota spent a long time trying to fly with the heavy brace, and ended up cutting open his other wing to compensate for balance. Dakota's brace was very sharp on the side to help with aerodynamics and the brace is now considered armor or a weapon and is used in battle by dakotians
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Submitted on
June 21, 2016
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