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  Bull Horn Dakotian 2018 by Redwolfless

Bullhorn Dakotian

Height: 4 ft 3 to 4 ft 6

Weight: 645 yo 680

Strength: 10 of 10

Speed: 3 of 10

Ki Power: 5 of 10

Intelligence: 2 of 10

Flying: 2 of 10

Stamina: 3 of 10

Defense: 4 of 10

Attack: 10 of 10

Health: 4 of 10

Always appearing wide and muscular they are one of the shorter dakotian species. Bullhorns get their name from their bull like horns on their heads. They aren’t very good at Ki and rely mainly on brute strength alone. They tend to be quite slow and have terrible flying skills so they mostly stay on the ground. They are quite dense and not very intelligent also hot headed or ill tempered. They tend to charge head first at anything dangerous or insulting. Stubborn and normally always grumpy about anything or everything they hear about, with a rare few being actually patient or kind. They range from browns, to black and whites. Mainly natural colors. Their wings are always batlike and small, coming in warm and bright colors. Their horns are extremely strong and dangerous, coming in tans and greys. Their tails are short and thick and very powerful as are their wings. Weighing in around 645 to 680 pounds and standing at 4 foot 3 to 4 foot 6, despite their size they are pretty dangerous. They can live up to 390 years at most.

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July 15, 2016
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