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Dakota lost control again, his rage scorched the land with flames of black and red. Skylar charged in front of Dakota, his voice firm and soft at the same time. "Dakota, whats wrong? Has the seal broken, Let me help!" Dakota clawed at his own head in agony, as he glared at Skylar as they clashed.... Claws against fangs, Horns bashed each other, Wings cut each other off in their tracks. Both fought hard. Blue, white, black and red clashed as each strike and bite hit. Skylar spun himself around, his wing knocking Dakota on his back, before Dakota could respond Skylar threw himself on top of his brother. Dakota's eyes flashing from red pupil-less eye to green soft eyes. Skylar lifted one of his paws back, his Claws turned from blue to white as pure essence  formed in his palm as he shot his claws into Dakota's heart. The cloud of smog went ballistic, flailing around in a zigzag pattern as it branched off into stems then dissipated. Dakota turned from black and red to his normal golden self... Skylar got off him and did the same. Skylar bent his paw to Dakota and said "Better?" Dakota smiled and grabbed him brother's paw and said "Yeah thanks... I'm beginning to think your heaven essence alone won't be enough soon, but I'm just glad our power counteracts each others." as he pulled himself up. Skylar laughed saying "It may be the fact that we're both gods now, well I'm a god.. you're some demon king now, and a better one then the last!" They both hugged each other with their wings and went to help clean up the mess they had made.

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May 19, 2016
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