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Had to add a story to this o3o and holy shet I made their ship cannon wtf is wrong with my sorry ass xD Also the background was barrowed from and is the first time I’ve used a picture not made by me for the background o3o wood is hard to make and well it looks so much better with the pic used! Don't question me, cause I don't know what the fuu I'm doing with my art xD

Bitter Romance

Domino’s P.O.V.

So here I was, walking down the hall of our head quarters, minding my own damn business. Today was a slow day, meaning I was walking at the speed of a turtle. An emotionless expression on my face, as usual. Best not to show emotions, it makes my job easier. My soft green eyes weren’t focused on where I was going. They rested their gaze upon the wood flooring... damn who ever cleaned it did a good job. Well some human is gonna get a raise, not that we pay them anyway….  I’m about to turn the corner back to our normal workplace when something came in a blur, crashing right into my chest. If I had vocal cords I’d of gasped or cried out in surprise, but all that came out of me was pure silence, just how I like it. Whatever it was, it’s size compared to me was small, hell I’m the tallest dakotian species to ever exist, even if we are extinct, well except for me. The only surviving vampire dakotian…. My back landed on the freshly cleaned floor with a loud thud. Now I notice that this it is a he, not only is it a he, it’s freaking Khar. What. The. Actual. Fuck! Oh gods, he was at it again. The only reason I continue to stay here is because with him at my side revenge would be all that much sweet and much more possible. In fact we almost succeeded at one point. One day we will prevail, it was only a matter of time. Only then would I leave this stupid lovey dovey diamond fang known as Khar. I swear, the dude has got a thing for me. An unhealthy obsession. Then again he is Khar the obsessed, I mean his freaking mark that relates to diamond fangs only literally means ‘the obsessed’ so here I am, again trying my best to ignore this test tube bastard… wait that's hypocritical… fuck….

“Heeyy Domino~” Khar murmured softly and in a sensual voice at that. He was grinning like a mad man again. Khar was still on top of me, gently holding me down as I peered up at him with a monotone expression. Why. Why is it always him. Damn diamond fang! My brain snarled internally. Yes Khar was much smaller than me but damn was he strong. Strong and muscular and- NO! What the fuck am I thinking! The look in his eyes told me everything, damn diamond fang looked like he was dealing with rut or whatever you call it. We’re not even supposed to get that shit for another decade! Stupid scientists making us age faster…. My eyes showed I looked very uninterested and very bored, being dropped as a frown graced my face. Khar’s fiery eyes were glazed over and lidded. His grin turned into a gentle smile with a blush on his cheeks. If he thought he could turn me on just by knocking me over and gazing at me with such sensual expressions, he was deathly wrong. Why is he so gay? Why can’t he just go fuck a tree?! “I missed you Dominoooo!” Khar utters with a needy and certainly whiny tone. Stupid diamond fang was waging his tail, curling it around my own. This situation was getting uncomfortable and annoying. I pushed him off me with ease, that alone was surprising. Khar just let it happen and flopped on his side, right next to me. Still staring with those lusty eyes. Lust, what a stupid emotion. Why can’t Khar just be independant like me. I turn over to face him properly, still on the ground. My tail propped up part of my snout. Not even looking at him, I turned my attention back from where I came, at least we didn’t knock anything over in the process. Soundlessly I sigh, bringing my eyes back to the horney diamond fang. No way in hell was I going to participate in such useless acts of intimacy. Quickly I get up, not even looking at Khar’s face, which was filled with dismay. Khar growls slightly, he was upset I just rejected him. Ha. Stupid asswhole. “Doommminno! I neeeeed you!” Khar pleads, looking on at me in dismay as I walk away. Hearing him so needy caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I shoot a sideways glare at him, he was still partially on the ground, sitting very lazily only holding himself up by his front legs while the rest of him remains sprawled out.

Khar's P.O.V.

Why does he always ignore my feelings. I'm certain he at least feels something for me! I mean come on I'm fabulous! I'm strong! I can provide! My heartbeat was rapid, signs of me worrying he'd leave me. The heat of my rut was unbearable and I only wanted to rid it with the only person I trust and feel for, but Domino was rejecting me.  “Doommminno! I neeeeed you!” I plead, still sitting somewhat down and in a lazy manner. When he stops I mentally praise myself for getting his attention. Now I got you! I sneer mentally, inwardly grinning at the small victory. Which was short lived when Domino brutally smacks me with his bladed tail tip then proceeds to walk off back the way he came. I don’t cry out when he hits me, I just hold my head in the position it snapped to while using a single paw to gently soothe the stinging pain. No blood was drawn but it still hurt, besides that was practically his murder weapon for everything. I should feel sad that he rejected me not once but twice all within a few minutes. No it only made me want him more. I just had to have him, and one day I would. Soon is what I hoped, I know he’d leave when we accomplished our revenge. Just as he rounds the corner towards his room my eyes flash with desperation, but I hold in what I wanted to say. Domino, I love you. Is what I almost said, mouthing it silently as the last of him vanished around the corner. I sit here for a few minutes, swallowed up by sorrow of being rejected by him again, and at the worst time at that.

I’ll get you one day Domino, when you least expect it! With that thought I smirk and retreat back to my duties. Trotting down the endless halls with renewed determination.

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