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Don't worry dracovision aka tony I am still working on yours but I had an idea of how I could tie in a cool twist in the past so the future would seem more scary for Dakota

anyway heres the quick story

Darkness surrounds even those who sleep. Nightmares caused by the darkness, even the evil.Even the creatures of the night fear the nightmares of darkness, they are plagued by dark futures and your greatest fears come to life in your slumber...

Dakota opened his eyes, everything was black, nothing seemed to be going on, he gazed around with his green normal eyes. "Hello? No nightmarish creatures come back to haunt me?" He said oddly surprised. Dakota walked around the pitch black darkness.His ears flicked around as if waiting for a blood curdling laugh that haunts him. What seemed like hours passed, which was only seconds. Dakota was getting nervous, dreaming of nothing but darkness made him uneasy. Dakota took in a deep breath, and held it for a few then released. Dakota started to sniff around, he knew in dreams you can do things that may not be available in the real work, like his sense of smell. "hmm.. that's odd." Dakota mumbled to himself, nothing was picking up, only... his own scent. He wrinkled his snout, as if he were trying to fix it. Then he heard something...wing beats sounded, Dakota listened carefully and realized it was flying in circles around him, but why couldn't he see or smell it? "Show yourself, now." He said in a irritated tone with a hint of calm as he was trying to keep his cool. Child laughter could be heard, Dakota listened even harder, trying to track its location. He let out a low rumbling growl as he looked around hoping to spot whoever or whatever it was. Dakota whirled around, something caught his eye, something red, and from the blackness around him it was black too.

"What do you want, please show yourself so we can meet face to face." Dakota said in a tone that you would use to speak to a child or pet. To Dakota's surprise it responded. "Why do you need to meet someone you already know?" it responded in a childish sarcastic voice. Dakota froze, his eyes widened as he heard himself from when he was younger. He turned around when he heard his younger self say "Peek-a-boo I am you!" it giggled then jumped back, it was barely a 3rd the size of Dakota. Dakota hissed, smoke coming from his nose and mouth, with a few red and black sparks falling to the floor. It jumped back, with a less sarcastic expression. “Is that any way to treat yourself.” Dakota’s younger self said and laughed afterward then disappeared.  Dakota stopped a moment, he seemed to be falling for this nightmare… he shook his head violently, trying to keep himself to focus. Once he collected himself, he squinted his eyes trying to spot the black figure. “Something terrible is coming, it's going to hurt… Your brother will turn on you, as do you turn on everyone…” his younger self spoke out from behind him again. Dakota spun around, finding nothing at all. “Your family is going to die too can’t you feel it?” it spoke in a happy tone. Dakota roared, smashing his claws into the black floor. Dakota’s green eyes frantically looking around, trying to find his tormentor. He stopped, as he felt liquid suddenly all over his paws and and snout, he looked down quickly, his eyes in terror as blood was seeping out of his golden fur which was slowly turning black, his family’s bloodied corpses appearing under him, there eyes all fixed on his every movement as they lay mangled. Dakota reared up, his eyes desperately looking at his front paws as he stepped backward his hind legs holding him up. Dakota kept stepping back, a few paces or so, when before he knew it he was falling, like the ground under him was never real. He opened his massive wings, trying to catch the air, but as all nightmares go, you  can’t always seem to escape or do anything. It ended quickly and short lived as he landed back first, a loud crack sounded off and echoed through the void. He lifted his head up, tears coming out from his closed eyes as his spin felt broken. “It's just a dream…. Just a dream nothing more.” he yelled to himself, as he struggled to stand, his wings and front legs limp from impact. Dakota turned his head to see his younger counterpart sitting there, inspecting his claws which also had blood on them as well. “Oh come now, this is no dream, nor is it a nightmare,besides I think you would like it, your family dead… nothing holding you… no us back hmm?” it chortled. Dakota dropped back to the ground, now on his belly as he wheezed with every exhaling breath he took. “Shut up..” he growled weakly, his eyes turning a fierce red color, no longer green and his fur completely black. Young Dakota stood up and pranced very enthusiastically towards his older version, his claws tapping each time they hit the floor, leaving small dots of blood as well. Dakota cringed and closed his eyes, his dreams and nightmares were his worst enemy, he was powerless against the darker forces that invaded his sleep. A painful sounding grunt came from Young Dakota as he arched his back, covering his eyes, with his paws, which now had no blood on them. Out of curiosity Dakota opened his eyes watching himself still powerless to run away or fight back. Its claws moved, leaving part of its eyes visible, they were white, and Dakota held his breath at the site of his long lost pure white eyes… the power his brother gave him to keep his dark power in check, causing the red eyes to turn white, like they were masked. “It hurts…” His younger form squealed in pain. Dakota breathed very slowly, only letting little amounts of air out, as he saw the pure whiteness turn into pure darkness, a black hole with no pupil. The squeals of pain soon turned into nightmarish screams and roars of pain as his younger self dug his claws into his eyes, as if trying to pull out the darkness that destroyed the light. Blood ran down its cheeks and snout, not like normal blood… it was faster more thickening and redder… permanent like it was supposed to be there, once the blood had found its resting place… not falling from its cheeks just resting like it was alive, young Dakota removed his claws from his eyes revealing a new form of Dakota’s eyes, black on the outside and the wide pupil was so  red it looked like it was made of nothing but blood. Dakota struggled more, he wanted nothing more than to wake up, but at this point it seemed real. Red glowing veins also came from his eyes and his paws all  the way up most of his legs. Dakota was not as uneasy as that than the new eye form, he had managed that weird glow show… when he was being controlled, but the veins only appeared when his eyes were shattered with black lines in his red eyes. How is he doing that? Those eyes don’t match the form, when I did that… my eyes were so dangerous… I… had to keep my eyes closed or those who look into them die or go into a coma… Dakota thought to himself, amazed and terrified. His younger self, lowered his head, widened his stance with his wings spread out and spoke “How does it feel? This power, achieved after what HE did to you?” it growled as it’s voice echoed. Dakota blanked out for a second or two, his young self gone. Dakota looked behind him, and as his head spun back… a mirror it his younger self’s place made Dakota stagger back.. He was younger… he was whatever that creature that was imposing his childhood self.. His form scared him as he fell back once again falling back first, falling so fast time itself seemed to stop. His eyes opened as he sprang up, claws ready as if someone intruded his room and he was about to kill that someone. Dakota breathed heavily, looking around and only seeing his room in his bed with his mate who was sound asleep. Dakota sighed as he laid back down, his green eyes locked on Sasha after seeing her and the rest of his family dead, rattled him badly. Normally he would just go back to sleep but this had to be his worst nightmare, and oddly enough it was about his family’s death and some new Shadow dakotian form… it couldn’t be real could it?
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