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Dakota weaved around enemy Dakotians eying for his brother and fellow Lord... it was an ongoing hunt as he dodged blow after blow. He had heard his brother cry out for help, not in vocal but in their bond and trust in one another. They knew when each other were in trouble, the essence in Dakota's heart put there by his brother made that so... as well as keeping him from turning. Dakotians fought relentlessly, most don't fight each other unless they need or wanted something back... in this case prey from the Dense wooded mountains of the Windseeker Dakotians. Windseekers were pacifists, something was wrong and why they attacked really didn't add up to their peaceful nature. Dakota took a blow to the face as he was deep in thought of why they attacked, his wings fell limb as he spiraled downward, closely followed by two windseekers. He flipped around, his eyes now gleaming at them with red eyes, he wanted to kill them, his scrambled thoughts trying to pull himself back to the objective... Find his brother before it would be too late. Dakota let out a growl of pity for his pursuers and launched a shadow clone to deal with them. He fled at high speeds, his fur flying about. "THERE!" he thought as a white glimpse faced off with an oddly familiar Dakotian, but too far to tell yet. Dakota surge forwards, looking back as his clone had injured one of the Windseekers which was now plummeting to the ground... he would survive, Dakotian bones were almost impossible to break. Dakota roared as he skimmed through  the sky dodging falling bodies and attackers. A closer look at Skylar's attacker made Dakota Furious it was Khar, a monster, heart snatcher.... A Diamond Fang Dakotian. A rare form indeed. Khar was a creature of habit. he wanted power, The Power of the shadow Dakotian and Heaven Dakotian. His abilities would allow it, eating the heart of his victim while it still breathed and spoke. Khar landed a blow to Skylar's wing, snapping it as the bone shown itself and feathers fell slowly as he fell. Khar knew Skylar would survive that fall, but from this height it would immobilize him. Dakota launched himself after his brother, zipping right past Khar who smirked at him. Skylar reached out his good wing as Dakota readied his claws to latch onto his brother's good wind. Right as they made contact Khar drove himself fast, tucking his wings in as he surged for his prizes. Dakota had turned his head as Khar sent his claws flying past Dakota and straight into Skylar's Chest, the power of the hit made Dakota loose himself in the air currents as they plummeted together. Khar withdrew a bloody smile on his face. Dakota spread his massive wings out trying to lessen the pain of the fall, Skylar clunge to Dakota's claws, his good wing spread out under Dakota's tail trying to help.
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May 20, 2016
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