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Finished it yay! Okie here is just a small part of the story where, after Dakota gives up being the demon king and revives the old one in the name a balance and asked his brother to banish him since it was always supposed to be that way, he again is a servant to him and finds out he no longer has love for his mate, nor does she love him.

"Some say that when you loose love for each other your earring will beak... lets find out if that is true." Dakota said as he looked out upon his homeland. He would reach down for his earring and reattaches it to his ear. A feint breeze blew past him as he stood up on the cliff. He kept his paw right up next to his ear, ready to catch it if something happened. To his surprise it began turning into black dust. Dakota would start yelling out "NO, oh no, no! Please don't let this be true!" It crumbled in his talons as he put his paw in front of him, there were no tears. They were not needed as he felt his heart snap. Dakota was sure the demon king knew nothing was holding back his dark power as he had thought it was the heaven dakotians essence. The wind blew away the dust. From where Sasha was, she was looking out from a castle window, tears ran down here eyes as Skylar entered the room, she would look at him, her talons clamped shut, holding the dust remains. Sasha would look away from her  youngest son and back out the window. Skylar moved closer, just has a loud boom erupted from where Dakota stood, sending a massive red wave along with an earthquake that shook even the sky. Dakota's eyes would turn redder as he began to grow in size, his snout was wrinkled as he growled out shaking the ground with his mighty roar. He was taking the form of when he was demon king, but how could that happen? His power was giving back to the old demon king and since his rebirth it made it even more impossible. This was some kind of paradox, but it didn't matter now, Dakota was laying waste to his kingdom with his dark power. The earth started to crumble at this paradox, two demon kings was bad, there would be no balance and no hope for the world. Skylar had given his power back to the heaven god, he would not stand a chance.. no one did. Dakota was four times the size of a vampire dakotian, leaner than muscular, but don't be fooled he can still pack a punch. Skylar charged in, his gaze would set upon Sasha, who was frozen in fear, he would roar out calling for help. Help did come.... Ari came soaring out of the clouds in a full dive bomb. His speed was reaching its max, and Dakota didn't even see it. Skylar roared to get Dakota's attention as he charged from the ground head on as Ari was closing in fast. Ari slammed himself into Dakota's nape, another weak spot for most Dakotian species, At the last minute Dakota swirled around, Ari was latched on to his back, and Skylar was making a move for his throat. Ari thrashed around like  an excited bass taunting Dakota. A snarled erupted from Dakota as his tail fur turned into a flexible blade and it was soaring towards Ari's head, and at the last minute Ari moved using his superior speed and the blade of Dakota's tail came stabbing into his own neck. Dakota gave an agonizing screech as he pulled out his tail tip just as Skylar locked on to his neck, and his fangs stabbed right into Dakota's neck, releasing toxic venom into his blood stream. Dakota reared up on his hind legs, grabbing Skylar's head with his massive claws. As Dakota started to crush his brother's skull in, Ari came back in, this time unleashing a gyro blast right into Dakota's eyes. Dakota pried open Skylar's jaw and threw him into a stone wall, and held his eyes tightly as he groaned. Ari had rushed to Skylar's aid, he was hurt bad, but this didn't stop him. "Dakota! Stop this now, you know the punishment for returning!" Skylar roared out, his eyes turning blue and his body turning a luminescence white. Dakota merely roared at Skylar saying "Brother, I am no longer being held back by petty feelings, I must rid myself of that memory too, and I guess I will have to start with you!" Just then something soared right past Dakota's face, blood shot up as the figure landed right underneath Dakota. It was Rioton, Dakota's oldest son, he did a spin, his tail cutting up Dakota's front leg joints. Dakota fell down, kneeling on his front legs, his eyes closed as blood ran down his snout. "Dad, Stop it now, you grew up here, as did I and I will not allow you to destroy the kingdom." Dakota stood up, his front legs wobbling as he said with a hiss "Your, right my son.. .you always were the smart one.... I don't want to destroy my home... I want to.... DESTROY YOU!!" Dakota lunged for his son, smoke crackling from his mouth... as he unleashed black and red flames. Rioton ran for Dakota, jumping up on his snout, his tail getting caught in the flame, he would falter a bit before slashing at his fathers forehead like a raptor. Dakota  still with his eyes shut would rear up, his massive wings lifting him off the ground as he spun his head around as his son struggled to hold on. Skylar would take flight after Dakota, followed by Ari who was flanking Dakota, Skylar would ready his tail as it became blue and stiff, he raced towards Dakota, his tail making a ringing noise as he spun around his tail facing sideways as it hit right on Dakota's chest. Dakota would reach for his brother, only to be distracted by Ari who was shooting multiple gyro blasts at his back... wait no his side as well. "Gah!! Stay where you are SO I CAN KILL YOU ALL!!" Dakota snapped as he flung his claws at Skylar, who tipped back into a dive as he spun under his brother...  
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June 21, 2016
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