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A drew this on paper a while back, and figured HEY LETS DO IT ON DIGITAL AND DO SEH COLORS! So here it is. The brown bullhorn dakotian is just a random draw HOWEVER the darker almost brown black is Tarmine, and yes the aura from her eyes is what Dakota normally gets when in his shadow form. Tarmine is a hybrid between a Demon dakotian(not a releashed species yet) and a bullhorn Dakotian. When dakota had stolen the power from the demon king the cycle of shadow dakotian's was broken, thus he picked one who was familiar with datk power to continue on the legacy of the shadow dakotian if he passed. Dakota has given Tarmine a fraction of his power, and has trained her well.

Since Tarmine is a bullhorn she can't really fly well and normally sticks to the ground. Her speed is awful however she is excellent at strength, by the means she doesn't need speed much anymore, one hit is all that would be needed to end her opponent.
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Submitted on
September 19, 2016
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