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Took me about 5 and a half hours so yay? Also new record for layers reached xD used about 20 of them haha.

~~~~Short story~~~~

DAKOTA"S POV(Point Of View)

My son looked at me with a hint of fear and dread, I wasn't the cause of it thankfully. I spit blood out of my jaws, I was hurt badly. Kamber my son was looking at my mangled and bloody body, not words escaped his jaws, only whimpers as he helplessly watched myself get beaten into a pulp. If Kamber wasn't restrained by Domino,  he'd have come to my aid, despite him being a cub, and not having enough strength to defend me. No, defending was a father's job, I am fighting to save him. My enemy was Khar, an obsessed genetically made diamon fang. I was brought out of my thoughts when Khar dealt a harsh blow to my chest. The force of Khar sent my off my struggling feet, reeling back as I made impact with the ground, bouncing two times off the ground. A loud 'SNAP' was heard on the second impact, I landed on my neck and broke the bones. Kamber shrieked "DAAADD NOOO!!!! LEMME GO!!" the poor cub called out, struggling to come to my aid, causing Domino to smack him and make him kneel down and watch. I groan in pain, gods it was awful, I could feel my bones desperatly trying to fix themselves while I lay there unable to move. Khar let loose maniacal laughter from where he stood. Surprisingly Khar made no move to finish the job, the bloody monster was learning from our past battles, he knew I'd come to soon. "Get up Dakota!" he scoffed "We're far from finished my 'lord'." He called out sarcastically when he said 'lord' pacing back and forth tauntingly. My eyes were closed, I was taking deep breaths, just about to give up when I heard my son scream out to me. My red pupilless eyes snapped open, my son... I need to save him! Khar's laughter brought me back to reality. Slowly, ever so slowly and carefully I stood up, staggering to the side. My neck was still bent, parts of my spine were sticking out of my hide, it was obvious. It only fueled Khar to laugher more, he was mocking me! In a swift movement I snapped my head and neck back into it's right position. The way I did it and the noise it made, caused all of them, Khar,Domino, and Kamber to flinch. I coughed out blood from the gesture, my eyes drooped tiredly, their red glow was dimmed and glazed over. My legs shook uncontrolablly from the damage my body had substained so far. Khar was the only standing between my son and Domino who was keeping him captive. "Thats a good shadow dakotian!" Khar yelled out mockingly. This caused Domino to giggle, though no sound came out, him being a genetic vampire dakotian. "GET YOUR FILTHY CLAWS OF MY SON!!!" Dakota bellowed out suddenly towards Domino, who brought his bladed tail to Kamber's throat as a warning. I let out a defening roar of fury,  causing the ground to rumble and trees to rattle. I shook my head back and forth, waving my red horns angrily out of habbit. "Now now pops, your opponent is me or did you forget?" Khar sneered happily, jumping in my path, blocking me  again from my son. "I'm going to rip your throat out!" I snarl, getting into a defense stance, baring my fangs at him. My eyes glow brighter,  signs of hope and determination. Khar chuckled, lundging at me, his diamond shaped fangs seeking purchase to my chest. My weakend state allows him to sink his fangs where my heart would be. I shreik, biting back most of the pain. Rearing up on my powerful hind legs, I use my front legs to grab Khar's skull, my wings and tail spreading for balance. I knew what this bastard was after, my heart. Diamond fangs can only gain power by consuming the heart of their prey while they still breathed, it would only take seconds for normal prey that is. Khar forces his jaws throught the bones of my chest, making a 'CRUNCH' sound. Kamber shreiked in terror covering his eyes, only to be forced to look again. I grunted, focing my claws down into the sides of Khar's skull. The fangs of Khar, cut through my flesh like a knife through butter, I let out a conceled screech, closing my eyes from the pain. Then I felt it, Khar found where my heart was! He began to shake viciously, trying to rip it out. Luckily my heart was encased in a tough bone material, both the shadow and heaven dakotian have theses. I can survive without my heart for a short time, that being 120 seconds. Thread like veins were holding my encasd heart inside my chest, I could feel them beginning to snap off. I needed to end this now! Fighting back obvious fear and pain my wide jaws open, luckily I have a wide head, more bite force that way. Khar would be at my mercy when my jaws come around his skull. Quickly before Khar has the time to realize the enevitable, my jaws sink into his thick skull. He lets go of my heart, crying loudly in pain. I remove him off my chest, holding him down to the ground, jaws still trapping his head. "One wrong move and I'll end it!" I mumble under my breath and his skull. At this point Khar needed help and Domino was going to give him that. Letting go of Kamber, flinging the cub hashly to the ground he charged me from the air. I didn't need to see him to know he was coming ,my ears picked that up. Letting go of Khar I launch backwards, just narrowly dodging Domino's bladed tailtip. Domino was an experience assasin, that tail was dangerous, so were his claws. Stumbling to the ground I  snarl, locking my eyes on him, who was standing in front of his partner Khar, shooting me an emotionless expression. I see Khar struggled up, his sharp bloodshot eyes riddled with fury. I was terrified, though I never tend to show it. Fear was toxic and entrapping, you can never let it take over. I push my obvious pain and fear to the back of my mind, they screamed in protest. Pushing myself up I stagger again nearly falling over. Kamber was free for now that is, seeing him try and run to me. I look at him shaking my head, deadly calm as I mentaly thought in my mind 'no'. My son  froze up, he was trembling with fear and worry. My attention was brought back to my enemies, as a sharp blow was delt to my skull. Kamber shreiked, tears slipping down his cheeks as he lowered down to the ground covering his obvious sobbing. The tip of Domino's blade stuck itself into my left eye. Rearing back I reach to pull his bladed tail out, too slow, he was already coming back in another assualt. Slicing up my face, despite me trying to cover and protect it. Then I felt a strong impact on my neck, I felt those deadly diamond fangs mangle my throat, sending me on my back with a grunt. "DAD!!! Get up.. please!" Kamber cried out, trembling on the ground. I was being tag teamed now! I close my eyes, blood seeping out of my new wounds. I breath deeply only to cause myself into a coughing fit of blood. I get blood on Khar's face, who snarled at me. Smirking I launch an attack. My whole body turning red, not mostly black like it normally was. A bright glowing red, one that caused both Khar and Domino emesne pain. They retreated, but I wasn't done yet, this attack would last a maximum of 30 seconds and I intended to finish this in under 30 seconds! Still glowing a bright red color I became stronger, faster, but for a price. I launch my assault, speeding in and out dealing heavy brutal attack to both of them. Lashing,Cutting,Biting anything I could get out.  seconds in  and they've had enough, they can't damage me like this, and they could barely stand now. "Let's get out of here!" Khar snarled, and Domino complied, putting a wing around Khar to help him limp off in a rush. 27 seconds had passed, it only felt like 5 to me. The red glow of my attack faded, leaving red crackling electric currents to beat up my body. I fall to my knees imobalized by pain,fear, and the side effects of that attack. Yes Blood Rage had aweful after effects, more than Iron Rage. Breathing heavily I close my eyes, my fur turning from black to gold. Now no longer in my shadow dakotian form I feel the pain  rise threefold my body was ruined and tired. So I let the sun soak in as I lay there. Kamber is on my in seconds, checking every wound, still shaking as his small paws lifted up one of my wings. I wince and bare my teeth for him to stop, my head pulling up to look at him with only one usable eye. "Dad, I- I'm sorry!" He sobbed uncontrollably. I let a fake smile form "It's okay Kamber." I say calmy, or well as calmly as I can, it sounded hoarse and shaky. "H- how do you do it dad?" He askes, staring deeply into my one green eye. "Do what?" Dakota questions weakly. "Fight back I was scared, How can you do it?  How can you not be scared?" Kamber said shakily, he was starting to calm down. Now he was curled under my wing, and I let him hide under there, despite the torn and taddered wing's protest. "Kamber... I was scared. I was scared for you, myself and the kingdom. Theres no way you can't be scared, you just can't think about it." I say in a soothing voice trying to calm my son's nerves. "Can you teach me?" He askes gently, snuggling close under my wing. I let out a genuine smile this time, pulling him closer to my chest, holding my offspring gently with my front legs, and wrapping him under my wings. Wiping away his tears I respond. "Of course." I let a few tears loose, I could of lost my youngest son, I was scared of dying, but my son matters more than my worthless life. We both lay there in the sun, letting its light soak into our gold hides, healing our wounds both severe and minor.
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October 22, 2016
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