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A Change Of Heart by Redwolfless A Change Of Heart by Redwolfless
Finally finished it! 

Caution short story is short! 

The situation was dire. Dakota was out of juice and Jade was worse for ware. Still his highness stood proud, well as proud as a staggering tired beast could. With hooded eyes he thought about just laying down and giving up. Rest sounded so appealing right now, but part of Dakota knew he couldn’t do that. Lest both their lives meet the end.

‘Let me out.’ The voice of his co-pilot per say spoke out.

‘And why would I do that.’ Retorted the shaking Dakota, skeptical of the voice’s motives.

‘Either you let me out or we all suffer.’ Dakota’s brows furrowed. ‘Only in it for yourself?’ He asked curiously.

There was a pause. ‘...Yes’ It was a quick simple answer. Dakota weighed his options, there wasn’t much time and their chances of survival were slim currently. A deep breath was taken. ‘Alright.’ Dakota replied wearily. It sounded like he had given up.

Jade unknowing of the conversation that was taking place couldn’t help but flinch as a red flash of light resonated from his best friend. The fiery  light faded and there stood an unfamiliar dakotian.

A scarred face held a mild snarl. His golden eyes filled with mild loathing. He looked middle aged, getting into the older years of a dakotian’s lifespan but healthy all the same. Jade couldn’t help but rush to Dakota’s side as his best friend collapsed. Too concerned with his friend the blonde paid no heed to the mysterious beast.

Slow confident steps were taken by the newest arrival.

“If you want them you’ll have to go through me.” His voice was mildly deep and coarser, far more so than Dakota had imagined to be like in person. Firm, confident, calm.

There was a brief moment when the newest arrival looked back and the tired eyes of Dakota perked up at the first real in person meeting of them. In the real world, Archen looked so much livelier, his coat was filled with color as were his wings. He could almost see the faintest smile on his grandfather’s lips.

“Don’t worry kiddo.” With that Archen turned back towards their attackers. Spreading his great wings in a colorful display.

A growl echoing his throat as he spoke.

“Come and meet your end!”

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Really cool
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