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Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger
Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger
Loki x Reader |Dicio|
It was supposed to be a chill day at the Tower, for all parties included. Tony worked up in the lab with Bruce, both of whom you teased while they tried to fix an extremely difficult problem. Thor was supposedly doing something with Loki, an investigation of some sort. Clint had briefly returned home to help his wife with the newborn, and Natasha was taking a break from the constant training of the new Avengers. In all honesty though, you were the only one enjoying yourself beyond understanding. “Alright, you’re gonna need to lower this one in real carefully. There’s a maneuver to use if we’re going to get the fifth
Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked
:bulletgreen: Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked :bulletgreen: (Full name) had always been on the mistrusting side; but who could blame her when so much of her life had gone down the tubes? She had been used, she had been broken, she had lost everything she held dear and had been forced to start again . . . and now she was being pushed aside by a Panty-Waste of a Norse God.   The teenager of some 15 odd years currently shrugged a leather jacket about her shoulders and let her (e/c) eyes regard the space she was inhabiting one last time. The Avengers Tower, owned by the one and only Tony Stark, was truly a wonder to behold. With every possible electr
The Truth Comes Out LokixReader One-shot
    Striding down the cold steel hallway with a syringe in hand and a mission in mind, it took everything within you to focus on the task at hand.  As your mind was attempting to drown you in a sea of wandering thoughts, you were utilizing all of your training in order to surface on top of it all.  Turning a corner, you stood outside of a metal entryway, which only had a small window through which to espy your target.  Like an unwavering stone, he remained, seated upon a lightly cushioned contraption that could hardly be called anything close to comfortable.  In a pouch on your belt, you placed the needle in its designated spot.  Hardening yo
Playing Games (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Night had fallen over the mighty land of Asgard. It was more quiet than normal as you were walking through the halls of the grant palace. It had been several weeks since the dark elves had attacked Asgard and killed the queen, but the land was still in mourning. Thor had denied the thrown, so Odin was still king, though growing old and weak. Of the Asgardian warriors you were the one tasked with protecting the king, though he would not hear of it. You knocked on the door of the king’s chambers before entering. The whole room still breathed the energy of the queen and you understood why the king spend most of his time here. You had alwa
Everything has changed (Loki x Reader) one-shot
You were sitting in the kitchen of Stark Tower. After the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony had agreed to let the Avengers use it as a new base. Over the last two years more of the Avengers had also come to live there. You had joined the Avengers nearly a year ago after you had helped capture one of the most dangerous of men in the nine realms, Loki Laufeyson. A lot had changed since then. Loki had been in a prison for over six months when Fury thought he could be a valuable asset to the Avengers team. Everyone had objected, even though Loki seemed to have changed. ‘Loki does not change,’ Thor had said. ‘No matter how much
Loki x Reader - So you won't be alone
"But Lokiiiiii!" (Name) wined, "I don't want you to go!" "You know why I have to." Loki sighed as he threw on his vest and slid on his bracers. "I know, these missions are your community service to make up for what you did but you just got home!" By now her bottom lip quivered and her eyes went into puppy mode as tears fell down her face," I-I'll miss you. I have missed you." He sighed again and grabbed his scepter before holding (Name) close to his chest and kissed her. "This mission should take no more than a day. Now, stay here and think no more of this. I will be home soon (Name)." he kissed her again, "I love you." "I love you too."
A Thousand Years (LokixReader)
You'll be needing this before you read: xXx Heart beats fast. Colors and promises. You gazed into the mirror, smoothing out the body-forming yet modest white dress. You were alone in the golden room, but that was what you had requested. It was the big day. Your big day. How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? For years you’d been waiting for this moment, and it was finally happening. You couldn’t be any happier at what was waiting for you outside. Who was waiting for you. There was a soft knock at the door and
Glorious Romance - LokixReader
“The lady of violet and black. My Lady of Violet and Black.” She turned around at the sound of a voice behind her, (e/c) eyes coming to land on a predominantly green-clad figure as she continued the journey down one of the innumerable golden hallways. “My Lord of Green and Gold.” She repeated the man’s gesture as he came up to walk beside her, shortening his strides so that they walked to the same unheard rhythm. His ever-changing eyes came to look upon her face, seeing the smooth skin free of any worried features. “Merely “lord”?” he jested with his customary thin-lipped smile, gaze once
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