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The Imitation Game Prologue (LokixReader)
It was a normal night in Asgard. The sky was dark as the guards made their rounds. The city was one of the most protected in all the nine realms. Usually, there was nothing much to worry about. It was usually just a boring night of walking around the boundaries, making sure no one was up to anything.
But this night quickly went from normal to anything but.
The guard that was guarding the southern boundaries heard the sound of a bird. He looked around, thinking that it was probably the kings ravens, but, instead, he saw a falcon. That was new. Falcons weren’t found in Asgard. They were in one of the other realms, mainly the one of the dark elves…
He heard the sound of marching then. That’s when he saw them. Hundreds of dark elves. His eyes widened and his hand reached for his sword to remove it from its sheath.
“We’re under attack!” The guard yelled. “Light the signals!” That’s when some dark elves blocked his path, stopping
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 23 8
I Don't Dance Part 1 (MultixReader)
A/N: Follow up to A Brief History in Time
Everyone gathered in the waiting room, except for Chris, who was with you. Ben had called Martin and Amanda and told them that baby Hiddleston had joined the world. He had also sent a text to Jensen and Jared. Even though he did not know them very, he knew they were your friends and you’d want them to see your little girl.
“So, I heard you had a bit of an adventure.” Jeremy laughed, looking over at Ben, who rolled his eyes.
“I’m not exactly a doctor.” Ben said. “And before you make a Doctor Strange joke, don’t.”
“Wow. Kitty has claws.” Mark laughed, making Scarlett roll her eyes. Even Joss was there, since he had watched your relationship with Tom bloom over the years. He was perched on a chair between Chris Hemsworth and Clark Gregg. Even Samuel L. Jackson stopped by. He was chatting with Sophie about the upcoming movie that she was directing. Ben just set there in his new shirt
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 11 10
A Brief History in Time Part 1 (TomxReader)
A/N: Follow Up to Til the End of the Line
“I need help!” Ben cried as he raced through the front doors of Lovelace Regional Hospital. Blood was dripping from your nose and you had passed out again. Ben was terrified he was going to lose you. “She’s pregnant!” He said as one of the orderlies brought a gurney over and he laid you down on it.
“What happened?” They asked. Ben was trying hard to keep his composure. “Sir!”
“I…uh…she just passed out.” Ben said. He couldn’t really tell them that you had gotten into a fight with a space witch and then fell off a rainbow bridge. “Please help her!”
“Is she your wife sir?” They asked. He shook his head.
“But I am a medical contact.” He said. They nodded and took you away, leaving Ben standing there. He ran his hands through his hair, a nervous habit he had had for years but he didn’t even realize he was doing it.
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 11 7
Mature content
From Russia With Love Chapter 1 (Tom x Reader) :iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 9 1
Death's Embrace by Quirkilicious Death's Embrace :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 3,177 53 Giant sword by HazPainting Giant sword :iconhazpainting:HazPainting 549 14 Soul Eater: Maka by NamelessArrogance Soul Eater: Maka :iconnamelessarrogance:NamelessArrogance 5 1
Loki x Reader |Dicio|
It was supposed to be a chill day at the Tower, for all parties included. Tony worked up in the lab with Bruce, both of whom you teased while they tried to fix an extremely difficult problem. Thor was supposedly doing something with Loki, an investigation of some sort. Clint had briefly returned home to help his wife with the newborn, and Natasha was taking a break from the constant training of the new Avengers.
In all honesty though, you were the only one enjoying yourself beyond understanding.
“Alright, you’re gonna need to lower this one in real carefully. There’s a maneuver to use if we’re going to get the fifth joint into the socket.” Tony muttered, concentration mode in full swing as he directed Bruce.
You grinned. “Better be careful, big guy. Don’t wanna screw this one up.”
“Thank you, (Name), for that advice. It’s very helpful.” Bruce glanced up at you before taking a breath. He started to bring the tiny piece of
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 284 43
Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked
:bulletgreen: Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked :bulletgreen: 

(Full name) had always been on the mistrusting side; but who could blame her when so much of her life had gone down the tubes? She had been used, she had been broken, she had lost everything she held dear and had been forced to start again . . . and now she was being pushed aside by a Panty-Waste of a Norse God.
The teenager of some 15 odd years currently shrugged a leather jacket about her shoulders and let her (e/c) eyes regard the space she was inhabiting one last time. The Avengers Tower, owned by the one and only Tony Stark, was truly a wonder to behold. With every possible electronic appliance and device known to man (some made from Tony’s genius) and the best furniture and décor that could be bought- the Tower was like a dream. . . A very posh and disturbing one. Everything was so perfect, so unbreakable- upon first coming here (F/n) had felt completely out of place. This wa
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 343 41
The Truth Comes Out LokixReader One-shot
    Striding down the cold steel hallway with a syringe in hand and a mission in mind, it took everything within you to focus on the task at hand.  As your mind was attempting to drown you in a sea of wandering thoughts, you were utilizing all of your training in order to surface on top of it all.  Turning a corner, you stood outside of a metal entryway, which only had a small window through which to espy your target.  Like an unwavering stone, he remained, seated upon a lightly cushioned contraption that could hardly be called anything close to comfortable.  In a pouch on your belt, you placed the needle in its designated spot.  Hardening your gaze, straightening your back, and steeling your nerves, you pressed the small button on the panel accompanying the door, allowing you entrance.  As the metal hindrance slide aside, you were able to fully gaze upon the task at hand.  Confidently, you took a few steps inside the room, examining the gla
:iconlokilizer:Lokilizer 65 43
Playing Games (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Night had fallen over the mighty land of Asgard. It was more quiet than normal as you were walking through the halls of the grant palace. It had been several weeks since the dark elves had attacked Asgard and killed the queen, but the land was still in mourning. Thor had denied the thrown, so Odin was still king, though growing old and weak. Of the Asgardian warriors you were the one tasked with protecting the king, though he would not hear of it.
You knocked on the door of the king’s chambers before entering. The whole room still breathed the energy of the queen and you understood why the king spend most of his time here. You had always had a good bond with Frigga, as well as Thor and Loki, when he was younger. All had left you. Though the other Asgardian warriors were also your friends, you couldn’t help but feel the emptiness that was growing inside of you.
‘My king…’ you spoke firmly, while you kneeled down to one knee.
‘Lady [Name], please stand
:iconsavrom:savrom 393 75
My Lips are Sealed - Loki x Reader - Part 1
She was dropped off on the doorstep of Stark Tower in the rain during the early hours of the morning. Tony was made aware of her presence by Jarvis, informing him of a young girl in distress. What he witnessed upon opening the door sent shivers down his spine.
A small, frail figure with her head hung low sat on her knees before him. Her long hair was covered in dirt and blood, hiding its natural colour, and it hung in front of her face. Her wrists were bound together with rope, hands tinted purple due to the lack of circulation and her grey dress was torn at the knees. The girl had hardly any flesh left on her body and her bones were showing under her skin. Even though Tony had seen some shocking things in his lifetime, nothing could prepare him for what he was to see when she lifted her head.
The girl had a painful looking burn on her forehead, the flesh freshly injured and bubbling. A long, deep cut ran from just above her eyebrow down to her ear, causing thick red blood to trickle d
:iconjadeyxf:jadeyxf 150 32
Everything has changed (Loki x Reader) one-shot
You were sitting in the kitchen of Stark Tower. After the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony had agreed to let the Avengers use it as a new base. Over the last two years more of the Avengers had also come to live there.
You had joined the Avengers nearly a year ago after you had helped capture one of the most dangerous of men in the nine realms, Loki Laufeyson. A lot had changed since then. Loki had been in a prison for over six months when Fury thought he could be a valuable asset to the Avengers team. Everyone had objected, even though Loki seemed to have changed.
‘Loki does not change,’ Thor had said. ‘No matter how much I want to believe him. He has lied to me about everything. I do not know if I will ever be able to trust him.’
‘Don’t forget he tried to kill us all at least twice!’ Tony had added.
Fury had ignored every objection and had let Loki out of his cell. Over the last couple of months you had started to enjoy his company more and mo
:iconsavrom:savrom 629 124
Loki x Reader - So you won't be alone
"But Lokiiiiii!" (Name) wined, "I don't want you to go!" 
"You know why I have to." Loki sighed as he threw on his vest and slid on his bracers. 
"I know, these missions are your community service to make up for what you did but you just got home!" By now her bottom lip quivered and her eyes went into puppy mode as tears fell down her face," I-I'll miss you. I have missed you." He sighed again and grabbed his scepter before holding (Name) close to his chest and kissed her.
"This mission should take no more than a day. Now, stay here and think no more of this. I will be home soon (Name)." he kissed her again, "I love you."
"I love you too." His helmet appeared on his head but he slipped it off and placed it on (Name)'s much smaller head, a small smile on his face, "You will never be alone (Name). You know I will always find a way to get to you, no matter where I am. I will see you soon." With that, he left.
---------------------------------------------------1 month later------
:iconrubyelizabeth:rubyelizabeth 78 8
A Thousand Years (LokixReader)
You'll be needing this before you read:

Heart beats fast.

Colors and promises.
You gazed into the mirror, smoothing out the body-forming yet modest white dress. You were alone in the golden room, but that was what you had requested.
It was the big day.
Your big day.
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
For years you’d been waiting for this moment, and it was finally happening. You couldn’t be any happier at what was waiting for you outside.
Who was waiting for you.
There was a soft knock at the door and you turned to face it, “Come in.”
The door opened to reveal the Thunderer himself, Thor Odinson. You smiled and he came in quickly, closing the door behind him and pulling you into a
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 188 31
Glorious Romance - LokixReader
“The lady of violet and black. My Lady of Violet and Black.” She turned around at the sound of a voice behind her, (e/c) eyes coming to land on a predominantly green-clad figure as she continued the journey down one of the innumerable golden hallways.
“My Lord of Green and Gold.” She repeated the man’s gesture as he came up to walk beside her, shortening his strides so that they walked to the same unheard rhythm. His ever-changing eyes came to look upon her face, seeing the smooth skin free of any worried features.
“Merely “lord”?” he jested with his customary thin-lipped smile, gaze once more directed ahead to face the direction in which the two were headed.
“Merely “lady”?” she retorted rhetorically, glancing up at him out of the corner of her eye. He looked down to her shortly before his grin broadened considerably.
“Princess,” he said in a calm tone, making the woman’s lips twitch
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