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Excellent Job! Looks really realistic. You really love Twelfth Doctor. Too bad he Regenerated to Thirteenth Doctor played by Jodie Whit...

I love the style. Reminds me of my OC Kuro's Demon form. She looks like Jaspa from Steven Universe fused with Four Arms from Ben 10. (T...

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If I need to earn points. I going to open... A COMMISSION!!!!!! 

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4th Doctor Jelly Babies
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United States
I'm A user who watches Power Rangers and Doctor Who. I don't take Requests but sometimes I take Requests if I feel like it. "Keep looking into my eyes. Keep looking into my eyes. You don't need to breathe. Do not breathe. Do not breathe. You feel no pain. No pain. You feel nothing. You understand? Nothing. You feel nothing."

My birthday badge


VARSH: Decider Draith is dead? 
TYLOS: Well, leader? 
VARSH: All right, all right, maybe I was wrong. You'd better not be lying, Adric. 
ADRIC: The Doctor believed me. 
TYLOS: He is lying. 
ADRIC: No, I'm not. Look. They gave me that. 
(Tylos takes it and sneers.) 
ADRIC: It's a homing device for locating the Tardis. 
(It beeps. Keara runs in.) 
KEARA: They've sealed the Starliner. 
TYLOS: The mist is getting thicker. 
VARSH: The Tardis. 
KEARA: We can't stay here. 
VARSH: Why not the Tardis, Adric? 
ADRIC: It's too small. 
TYLOS: That's not what you told us. 
KEARA: You said it was huge 
ADRIC: Well, I can't remember where it is. 
(Tylos holds up the beeping homer.)

(The three teenagers run in as the siren echoes.) 
KEARA: We saw it, Varsh. 
VARSH: Anything could make that water bubble. It could be anything! 
KEARA: It could be Mistfall. 
VARSH: Mistfall's a myth! 
TYLOS: The others don't think so. I saw them heading back to the Starliner. 
VARSH: Deserters! 
KEARA: It's just us now. 
VARSH: And Adric. Don't let the Deciders fool you. They've taken these things and twisted them to their own advantage. 
TYLOS: Well, you'd better be right, or else we're dead.

VARSH: That was close. 
TYLOS: Easy, Varsh. You said it would be easy. 
VARSH: All right, Tylos 
TYLOS: It's not all right. 
KEARA: Look. Down there. 
(Two older men are walking through the fruit gathers.) 
TYLOS: Decider Draith. And Dexeter. What are they doing here?

(Tylos is sharpening his knife on a stone. The teenagers have a visitor, another young lad. Everyone say Hi to Matthew Waterhouse.) 
VARSH: So, you want to be an Outler. 
ADRIC: I'm serious. 
TYLOS: Nobody joins unless we all agree. 
VARSH: You belong in the Starliner, Adric. 
KEARA: Ask him the Embarkation Question. 
TYLOS: Yes, go on. 
VARSH: When the Starliner leaves Alzarius, were will you be? 
ADRIC: Not here. 
TYLOS: You see? 
KEARA: He'll be in the Starliner. 
TYLOS: If it ever does take off. 
ADRIC: It will! 
TYLOS: He believes all that stuff 
ADRIC: It will take off. But I won't be on it. 
KEARA: And you won't be on Alzarius either? 
ADRIC: I don't know. I'll be somewhere else. 
TYLOS: Daydreamer. 
ADRIC: I'm sorry, I just can't explain. 
KEARA: He belongs in the Great Hall of Books with all the other dreamers. 
TYLOS: Anyway, we said no Elites. Unless you want to make special rules for your brother? 
VARSH: We've broken all family ties. 
ADRIC: But I don't expect special treatment. 
KEARA: Don't you? Isn't that what the star's for? 
(The blue star on Adric's jacket pocket.) 
ADRIC: That is for mathematical excellence. 
KEARA: So the boy can count. Give it to me. 
(Adric grabs Keara's arm and twists it behind her back.) ADRIC: Keep your hands off it! 
KEARA: Let go! 
ADRIC: And don't tell me what to do. I've had enough orders in the Starliner. Can't you keep these two under better control? 
KEARA: He talks like a Decider already. 
TYLOS: He's no better than we are. 
ADRIC: Of course I'm better than you. I'm an Elite. 
VARSH: That won't help you outside the Starliner when you're struggling to stay alive. 
ADRIC: It's you people who talk like Deciders. 
KEARA: What? 
ADRIC: I mean, you can't even steal a few river fruits. 
TYLOS: I'd like to see you try. 
ADRIC: All right. 
VARSH: Go back to the Starliner, Adric. 
TYLOS: No. If your little brother really wants to prove himself 
VARSH: They'll be guarding the fruits now. It's too dangerous for us. 
TYLOS: We don't have badges for mathematical excellence. You know what this is? 
(Tylos holds up a piece of plaited twine, with decorations laced into it.) 
TYLOS: It's our badge. It has to be earned. 
ADRIC: Right.
Old Cowboy Adric
So a few weeks ago, I did old cowboy Varsh. So now I been thinking Adric in his old age as a cowboy so I did. Unlike Varsh, Who still wears a same clothing and gets massively damaged, Adric wears a different clothing and is still fine.

Drawing Adric in old age is easy because I looked up photos of Matthew Waterhouse. 
Ashtaro is my first Doctor Who OC.

Ashtaro was a new temporary leader of the Outlers. Years After Varsh died, Ashtaro wants to make sure that the Outlers should exist generation to Generation. As a new leader, Ashtaro forced 7 Alzarians to become The Outlers. Things were going good till Ashtaro sees Varsh who is alive (They don't know that Varsh was revived by Kuro because of Kuro's existence). Varsh tjanks Ashtaro for filling in for him and Ashtaro resigns from his Leadership. Varsh lets Ashtaro to be still an Outler.

Ashtaro got his wooden prosthetic arm when Kuro cuts his arm off, by accident because Ashtaro scared her. Kuro fixes up by using her symbol power to give Ashtaro his very own wooden Prosthetic Arm.
I finally did Rattlescale. You first saw him 3 Deviantions ago but only his hand appeared. Now, You can finally see him. Full profile.

Rattlescale is one of Adric's deputies.
Old Cowboy Varsh
I did this shortly before I did the last post. I did Varsh as a cowboy at old age. How did I drawn him in old age you say? I looked up Richard Sheridan Willison Google images! Richard Sheridan Willis played Varsh in Doctor Who for 4 episodes (1 story). 

This deviantion is mature contented because it has alot of blood, and skull exposure. 

In my fanfiction, Varsh been aged by a monster who can age alot of people, his arm and leg cut off, head ripped open and skull exposed, skull mouth exposed, scars, and lost an eye. Unfortunately, What Varsh has been went through is a seven sins of death. Alzarians can never healed after they been through that.
Oh No... It's-s-s-s him!
Once I again, I did Varsh as a cowboy. Off paper is Rattlescale who is holding a wanted poster of Varsh and says "Oh No... It's-s-s-s him!". I tried my best to color Varsh in a wanted poster in sepia. I tried. I'm sorry!
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are scared of Starninger
My past has come back to haunt me so I created this. 11th Doctor and his Companions are scared of Starninger. Yeah I hate him now for months. I should've thought this sooner.
Evil Sheriff UraGortho
Uragortho was a forgotten outlaw on Maught. There's a rumor that Uragortho died when fell off the cliff. The rumor was debunked when it has been revealed that he was alive and well.

Uragortho has a strong hatred for Adric because he thinks Adric doesn't have a guts to kill him. 

Uragortho is 50% Immortal and is a most powerful Gunslinger in a galaxy.

Uragortho met his death when he proved wrong that Adric doesn't have guts to kill him and Adric shot him in a head, heart, and stomach.
Diablo is a former Outlaw from Maught. Diablo has 2 guns fir hands and he can still balance. When Adric became Sheriff of Maught, Diablo was deputized along with Rattlescale (who keeps an eye on him).
Yep. His actual name hasn't been Indentifyed.

But I know who he is.

Tylos was revived in Alzarius. He doesn't know why he was back in Alzarius, because He died in the starliner. Tylos doesn't have his own grave. He think that's some Alzarian left him so the birds would eat him. He found his thoughts disgusting.

Tylos then spots a ship called Starliner II. He went on it, kicks the pilots out of the ship and hijacks the ship. Tylos was soon leave his homeplanet. What He didn't know was that he's soon gonna leave E-Space. This happened when he suffered a  major headache when he's going into N-Space.

Tylos later tries to look for a planet that is Perfect for him to stay. He later found Earth. When He gets there, he didn't know that Earth has far more technology than Alzarius. Cars, Phones, Watches... It's like he's in Future for him.

Hours later, He spots a house. He was welcomed by a person who looks older than him named Mentor Ji. Talks think that he like the house and wants to stay there. He was then desperate when Ji told him that it's for Samurai Rangers only. Tylos  heard about them before. Voices echoed while He was dead. The only thing that he would do is to damage the dummy.

Ji found that Tylos' skills are amazing. Ji told Tylos to wait. Which it took 5 hours. Tylos was given a Samuraizer which confuses him. When tries that out. He morphed. He given name of his ranger form Samurai King Ranger.

However He can only fight once a year because He was depressed because He missed his friends in Alzarius.
Cowboy Tylos
No this isn't 4th Doctor. It's Tylos. From Doctor Who. If I draw 4th Doctor, I would've draw curls from the bottom of the head.

I did Tylos as a cowboy because I was waiting Cinema Sins' video Everything wrong with The Lone Ranger. This has been going in my head last week. So... I done this a few days ago.



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