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Parents that thrice defied... by redwattlebird Parents that thrice defied... by redwattlebird
As I've mentioned many, many times before... I don't like drawing human faces at all >.> So this is practise to make it all less painful.

Lily Potter, fleeing Voldemort while (why not?) riding James "Prongs" Potter. I really wanted to see why it would be important that James could turn into a stag... it's not like James in that stag form has been used much at all in the series, and this is what I thought could make it useful.

Lily must be injured in the legs or something... and in an un-apparatable area... and in a place where it wouldn't leak out that her husband is an illegal animagus... but not injured enough to stop her twisting around in the saddle and aiming hexes at the pursuer... nyeah.

AUWGH! I just thought of something! I wanna sketch Prongs kneeling down to give 15-month-old Harry a piggy-back ride (unless babies of that age are too young for piggy backs... in which case, this be Prongs in an alternate universe where Voldemort chooses to kill Neville instead and Harry grows up with his parents) :o That would be so sweet... I wanna have a Dad like that! ME!

(er, just for the record - Dad, if you're reading this, which I know you might, I want you to know that I love you even if you couldn't magically turn into a deer.)

James and Lily Potter are (c) JK Rowling obviously
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JillieRose Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007
Very cool. I like it a lot.

I think...that you should definitely do the one with Prongs and Harry. If you're worried about your imaginary infant's safety, you could have Lily holding him. More people practice! Argh!

Animals? So much easier.

Love the drawing.
redwattlebird Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree that animals are so much easier... if you stuff up on them, at least you're not offending anyone, but it's pretty nerve-racking to not mess up on a portrait of someone :D

And I did do one of prongs and Harry later - right here: [link]
imogenweasley Featured By Owner May 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, such a cool sketch!
Black-Pteri Featured By Owner May 2, 2007
Ah, humans are so hard to draw.
Anyway, this is a great idea ^^
You should definitely sketch the one with prongs and Harry.
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May 1, 2007
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