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Phobia - Request from RvBPhoenix
It wasn't her fault she had a phobia of them. She just couldn't stand to be near or around them. Not without nearly having a panic attack. It was part of her job to use them so she had to suck it up and do her best, but it was too difficult. They brought back too many bad memories.
Arizona stood in the hanger, staring at the Pelican in front of her. She was scheduled for a mission in less than 15 minutes and it required going planet side... which meant using a Pelican to get there. 'Zona always had a... problem with vehicles. She didn't know if she could take another mission being in one of those things.
She contemplated for a while. She could fake and injury to avoid going. But that would risk her spot on the board. It was a very low spot but it was something, and that spot meant something to her. Plus, Carolina might see through the lie and force her to go anyway. A part of her actually wanted to go on this mission but the other part was telling her that she was crazy for even
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 2 3
Quick, Here Comes my Ex!
It was mildy warm outside for fall, but there was that chilly breeze that made you feel more comfortable in a sweater and scarf than in a long t-shirt. Wash just wanted to go to his favorite coffee shop near his apartment building, go for a walk in the park, and spend the rest of the day indoors. After having to deal with the drunken antics of his friends this weekend (York was always going to and planning parties that involved party games with alcohol) Wash needed a day to himself.
It was still pretty early in the morning so when he walked into the shop there were only a few people sitting down. A girl was sitting by the window with a steaming cup of coffee, reading some sort of magazine article. A man sat in the booth, typing away on his laptop. Wash often saw people writing with their computers or on paper. It made him curious as to what they could possibly be writing. And why do it in a coffee shop?
He walked up to the counter and ordered his usual large latte. He liked to have eno
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 3 5
New Additions
Minnie yawned as she lazily flipped through the channels on the TV. It was Saturday, so shouldn't there be good shows on Saturday? Well, apparently not. She grabbed her glass of ice water from the table beside her, lazily sucking the water through the purple straw in the glass. When she was bored she liked to drink through straws. She liked to do it when she wasn't bored too. Don't judge it was fun to do.
She quickly glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already 5:30. Wash had left about an hour ago, where was he? A loud rumble of thunder made her jump and she looked toward the window. It had been pouring rain all day and the longer Wash was gone for the more she worried.
'Don't worry about him, Minn. He's probably on his way home now.' She told herself, taking another sip of her water through her straw. She sucked the last of the water from the cup and set it down, picking up the remote and flipping through channels again.
"I should make myself a drink. Maybe a spritzer.....
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 2 8
I've Waited for Too Long
I always wondered where my old friend had gone to when he left that night.
He always visited me, and I always waited for him. I could always hear him screaming and yelling at himself and other things as his voice grew closer to where I was waiting. This castle was my home and the usual 'hangout' for us and our other friends who resided in the castle. I always loved the time that was spent with my friends and I reassured myself that I would see them again in no time.
So I began to wait, and I continued to wait for who knows how long. I watched all the windows and doors, I even watched the trapdoors in the basement that led towards the lake behind the castle. I spent my time cleaning the debris the many monsters had left lying around, sneezing and coughing my way through the dust. The entire time I waited I couldnt help but wonder if they were okay.
Almost a month had gone by and all the libraries in the castle were looking better than they had been in years. When I wasnt cleaning, I was
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 2 3
Happy Birthday... again by RedVsBlueRocks228
Mature content
Happy Birthday... again :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 3 7
Happy Birthday by RedVsBlueRocks228
Mature content
Happy Birthday :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 5 4
Mature content
68: Paper Thin Walls :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 5 9
~Sexeh Lingerie Collab  By Misa~ *my part* by RedVsBlueRocks228
Mature content
~Sexeh Lingerie Collab By Misa~ *my part* :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 7 24
Request for RvBPhoenix
The soft sound of raining hitting the windowsill was the only sound other than the soft creaking of my gamer friend's footsteps on the wooden floorboards. This castle was so old, anything wooden seemed to creak even if you simply blew on it.
My gamer friend shook a bit as he held up the lantern, me in his other hand. My golden skin shone in the dim light of the lantern and I kept an eye out for any enemies, or friends, that we might encounter. I held my golden sword tightly as the creaking began to give me a headache. Living in this castle for year after year, you get kinda use to the sounds. But the creakign was the only thing that still bothered me about my home.
"Careful, Pewds." I warned my friend and he nodded. "Alright, whatever you say Stephano."
Thats my name. Stephano the Statue. I didnt have a name before he, my best friend, came to visit once. His name is Pewdiepie, but I have once heard him being called Felix. He tells me that he is a very successful gamer and he has millio
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 6 27
GIANT Brocollab By Piggy The Pumpedpig by RedVsBlueRocks228 GIANT Brocollab By Piggy The Pumpedpig :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 5 0
'My Love' Collab with MisaMisaShinigami
He had no idea how it happened or when it had happened, but there was no denying his feelings for the woman.
She was stubborn and was reckless but those were the some of the things he loved about her. In fact, he couldnt even think of anything about her that he didnt dislike. She was just so perfect to him and the thought of her made him smile.
But he knew that she would never know how he felt about her.
She was in a relationship with him. North Dakota, ex-Freelancer along with her. He knew that they had been together for a while, and she had spent years thinking he was gone, but he almost always glared at them behind their backs. His heart was filled with love for her and jealousy from them.
Though he hid his feelings from this woman, he couldnt help but sigh everytime anyone said her name.
The name was so beautiful to his ears, it made his stomach twist up into painful little knots and made his heart soar with glee.
But with North in her life, it was like he wa
:iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 5 10
No Matter What We Re Still Besties Collab By MMS by RedVsBlueRocks228 No Matter What We Re Still Besties Collab By MMS :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 6 0 Dance With Me  My Darling  *my part* by RedVsBlueRocks228 Dance With Me My Darling *my part* :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 5 0 You feeling okay, Washy? by RedVsBlueRocks228
Mature content
You feeling okay, Washy? :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 4 23
Pika Girl by RedVsBlueRocks228 Pika Girl :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 7 8 Meow! *collab* by RedVsBlueRocks228 Meow! *collab* :iconredvsbluerocks228:RedVsBlueRocks228 3 26



Would you guys watch it?

I mean, I've thought about it for a while now but I'm starting to think about committing and actually doing it but I don't know if anyone would watch it.

If I did I would probably start off with Final Fantasy XV or Deus Ex, or something else if I was with a friend.

Let me know what you guys think. :)
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Hi! My name is Chloe. I'm an artist-in-training as well as a writer and I'm working on becoming better at both. I'm still in school but I'm getting closer to graduating. Come talk to me whenever you feel like it, I love to chat!

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