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The Trio Inferno - Digimon Coded Ep 3 Screenshot by RedViolentLove The Trio Inferno - Digimon Coded Ep 3 Screenshot :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 8 3
Episode 3 - Saved By A Stranger
"I'm starving", a small, purple child-like creature said, followed by a loud sound coming from his stomach. "Where is that woman?"
"I don't know, I can't see her anywhere", the voice of his correspondent came from somewhere up above.
"Well she better hurry up. You know how much I hate waiting when I'm hungry!"
"I don't think she gives a damn about what you hate. Don't be such a little sissy, Impmon!" a small, flying creature with bat wings, came down from a treetop, where he was obviously observing, looking for the third member of their little group, the one who was supposed to bring them food.
"Shut the hell up, Demi!", the one called Impmon took a little rock from the ground and threw it at the bat. The bat, or "Demi", as Impmon called him, just flew higher. "You missed again, sissy!", he sticked his tongue at Impmon. "You remember how I told you that you should improve your aimin- WHOAAAAH!!!", his sentence was interrupted when a fast, jumping creature just appeared from the shadows
:iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 4 5
Digimon Coded Website Banner by RedViolentLove Digimon Coded Website Banner :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 9 26 Babies of Digimon Coded playing in the snow by RedViolentLove Babies of Digimon Coded playing in the snow :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 24 33 Just a bunch of adorable babies by RedViolentLove Just a bunch of adorable babies :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 7 7 Digidestined of Digimon Coded - Wallpaper - Part 3 by RedViolentLove Digidestined of Digimon Coded - Wallpaper - Part 3 :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 8 3 My dragon won't listen to me by RedViolentLove My dragon won't listen to me :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 1 1 Chibis of Digimon Heart by RedViolentLove Chibis of Digimon Heart :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 20 15
Episode 2 - Morning Glory (Part II)
“Another day, another loud ruckus….”
Yui sighed as he shelved yet another stack of books in their place. It was the second week on the job after his applying to the local library for a part time came through. It wasn't a bad job if you dismissed the usual riff raff causing a ruckus and the ever so expected mess. Placing the books back how ever was not a hard task, after all he spent the greater part of his life almost living in libraries…
“Yui, your shifts over already. Go home will yah.”
An older librarian spoke with a stern voice. It was already 10pm and a good 2 hour’s past his shift. Yui how ever just sighed as he placed the stack of books onto a cart and walking towards the older man. The man sighed with a slight look of irritation in his face. Yui knew it well given that he was only hired here so quickly because he had been coming here since about 2 or so semesters ago. The mans name was Joshua, a bit of an odd ball gi
:iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 3 13
Episode 1 - Morning Glory (Part I)
"What a disaster!", Aicha exclamated, as she pushed the big back door of the school auditorium, followed by a shorter, and a little bit plumpy girl, who was trying to keep up with her.
"Come on Val, it wasn't that bad..."
"It wasn't?" Aicha suddenly stopped. "It wasn't?! Come on, Ena! More than 500 people were supposed to come... There was barely 100!"
"But those 100 loved you, didn't they?"
"If you count a half-minute faint applause as "loving", then yes..."
Ena's face fell a little bit. She didn't know how to cheer her friend up. Unlike her, Aicha didn't look really sad. She was furious and upset. She stormed out of the school, through the schoolyard, and towards the big park up the street.
"I don't understand...", she said a little bit more calmly when Ena caught up with her. "This was supposed to be our big day. How are we supposed to play in clubs, on some festivals, in front of thousands of people, when we can't even fill one stupid school hall?!"
"Don't be s
:iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 7 24
Yana and Lindamon by RedViolentLove Yana and Lindamon :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 7 7 Lindamon by RedViolentLove Lindamon :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 6 2 Yana Antonovich by RedViolentLove Yana Antonovich :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 5 0 Okeemon wishes you happy Valentine's Day! by RedViolentLove Okeemon wishes you happy Valentine's Day! :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 2 2 Kittomon wishes you happy Valentine's Day! by RedViolentLove Kittomon wishes you happy Valentine's Day! :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 2 5 Happy Valentine's Day by RedViolentLove Happy Valentine's Day :iconredviolentlove:RedViolentLove 2 7


Sleeping Galaxy by xuza Sleeping Galaxy :iconxuza:xuza 139 29 Tsunami and Blacky by SheeKNS Tsunami and Blacky :iconsheekns:SheeKNS 10 7 Knightusagimon by kaizer33226 Knightusagimon :iconkaizer33226:kaizer33226 86 26 A small snack by kaizer33226 A small snack :iconkaizer33226:kaizer33226 37 24 Digimon - Renamon custom plush by KitamonPlush Digimon - Renamon custom plush :iconkitamonplush:KitamonPlush 167 35 Digimon Coded Digimon OC Scetch by Megaloceros-Urhirsch Digimon Coded Digimon OC Scetch :iconmegaloceros-urhirsch:Megaloceros-Urhirsch 28 58 Remulumon by SheeKNS Remulumon :iconsheekns:SheeKNS 12 23 1 by CrystalLavenderRoses 1 :iconcrystallavenderroses:CrystalLavenderRoses 2 0 Gatomon X3 by starchart Gatomon X3 :iconstarchart:starchart 184 21 Pray for MH370 by autumnbrat Pray for MH370 :iconautumnbrat:autumnbrat 26 2 The Disappearance Of MH370 by HummerH3 The Disappearance Of MH370 :iconhummerh3:HummerH3 46 19 Digimon Reboot by MsSoara Digimon Reboot :iconmssoara:MsSoara 31 12 Digimon Coded - Digivice Designs (Voting) by leopup13 Digimon Coded - Digivice Designs (Voting) :iconleopup13:leopup13 13 13 Digimon Persona Redesign - Colored by leopup13 Digimon Persona Redesign - Colored :iconleopup13:leopup13 14 2




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
~ Born to be wild, live to be free.

~ 20 years old, deep inside my heart still stuck at 15. No prejudices. I write poems. I play the piano. I draw anime. I fall in love. I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in equality and world peace. I also believe that we all carry that child inside us from the very moment we start to 'grow up', till the end of our lives. You just have to be careful not to let him/her fall asleep...

~ For every heart you break you pay the price.

~ She never took the train alone
She hated being on her own
She always took me by the hands
And say she needs me...

She never wanted love to fail
She always hoped that it was real
She'd look me in the eyes
and said:"Believe me..." ♥

~ You were a happy dream in a life that's been nothing but a hellish nightmare.
Those days that I spent with you, they were the only good days I have ever known. I cherish them.
All this time, I've lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am. I fought armies just to have this chance.
But now... There's nothing I can say that's good enough.

~ Don't look for reasons, just let it happen.



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