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it's very bizarre, some of the photos i've taken have been moved to 'scrap' which is weird because i try not to put things that i consider 'scrap' on here... how do i edit them back to "un-scrap"?

this is annoying- i see things like snapshots and other artwork of low caliber (i would not even say artwork) and it's not in the scrap section... i dont think my photos should be there.

go subjective policing...
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drats, my account has run out... and i forgot that there are no more thumbnails when previewing. how did i live without this before dan gifted me? gah!

i am drinking champagne right now, a toast to you!

artist input

Wed Jul 5, 2006, 11:40 PM

how do you make still life look like there is feeling or emotion to it? i mean, things not portraits of people... does this question make sense? if you can respond with experience or other artistic examples i'd be grateful.


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more photos

Wed May 24, 2006, 7:05 AM
scanned images!

hello, i took a photography class this spring and i am posting most of the prints i made here:…

please check them out! i think soem are excellent.

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great artist

Fri May 12, 2006, 5:06 PM
bloop! it's friday.

hi- i want to promote my roomate's artwork:

she's become a good, close friend and i love her. she's quickly becoming my muse.

uhm, how do i start a 'wishlist' on this thing?


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Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:54 PM

i am taking a photography class. i hope i unlearn some of my stubborness.

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Devious Journal Entry

Sat Jan 21, 2006, 7:31 AM

i am up at this ungodly hour because i am going to to *try* to get into a B&W photography class. on saturdays, yes.

woowee! i hope i can get it. at the time of enrollment it was already closed, so here's hoping that today's beautiful morning showers deter people from coming.

keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Nov 13, 2005, 8:27 PM

i've lost my 1 gig memory card and now i feel like poo. well, all day i've felt like poo.

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a new account

Mon Nov 7, 2005, 10:33 AM
a subscription account

wow, heruparkraat has bought me an account - thanks so much!

i need to post more photos, yes? yes!

this is a great gift that has made my day especially since it's been uberstressed around here lately.

  • Listening to: crime & the city solution
i'm listening to catpower right now, 'names'.  the melody is melencholy, slow- just how i feel today. i rode my bicycle in the rain and was drenched after riding the 2.5 miles in heavy mist/ light rain.  

i havent been home in over a week, save to change clothes and check mail. i was out of town (camping in yosemite was divine) and staying with my boyfriend.  i feel like i lack a balance between work, my personal life (love, health, hobbies), and my creative life.

this unbalancedness is nothing new to me- i always have great enthusiasm for things new or exciting and i end up being spread thin everywhere. i dont know where to place myself, or be.

things i thought were in place have been jostled and now, i feel like i need to just back off and set a good boundry by admitting to myself that i cant do the one thing that will askew my progress in things. sad, i want to though.

online journaling is bizarre. i am admitting my own icky feelings to this ginormous, annonymous forum when in real life, it's difficult to say to people i confide in.

let's hope i am not a drag for when crampthatbites visits tonight.
so, i keep ~trying~ to figure out my camera because i would like a newer one, but only as a reward to figuring out buttons and do hickeys.

are there any books or manuals anyone recommends to improve technique?
mucho thanks to crampthatbites for posing for me.

she is a really sweet girl and i felt quite special having been her 'first.' woo hoo!
thanks for checking my gallery out, everyone. =)
interested in a print?

i am thinking $17 (my favorite number)
for an 8x10 or 11x14, including shipping.

let me know if you are interested:
mdmmailaccount @ yahoo. com

i am asking all my friends for theme ideas. finally getting back in the photography saddle and i want to try working in series- for the practice of it. it could be an idea, color, phrase, ect.

also: LIGHTS! i am not ready to buy real lights yet, so i am wondering what cheap and neat lighting solutions you have come up with.
any feedback would be spectacular. constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
I was experimenting with the timer last night and it was beyond frustrating, but I think i got some fun stuff.
Tamara the camera is going to become my best friend...eventually.
need more time for everything...