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A white box popped up in the lower left hand corner of my computer distracting me from the proposal I was writing for work.

“Leave your office at 12:30pm and come to your place for lunch,” it said. Not at all a strange request from my beau, Kevin, on his day off.  

“Sure…”  Before I could finish typing my entire thought more text appeared.

“Put earplugs on and undress fully. Once you are naked kneel in the center of your bedroom. Put your face on the ground and stick your ass in the air- do NOT be lazy and rest on your heels. Extend your arms overhead and leave them on the floor.”

A wicked grin came over me when I realized what was on the menu. “I’ll meet you for lunch,” I replied.

“Good, and…,” I grew excitedly anxious as a few more minor details followed. Time could not go any slower as I waited impatiently for my break.

I could hear the cursing of other drivers around me as I sped around them at 12:30pm. I saw my roommate’s car in the driveway, but I did not see her as I ran up to my room. I hurried and undressed, placed the earplugs in my ears, turned on some music (which he instructed me to do) and lay as he asked. My breath was accelerating as I held myself still and perfect as possible.  I could hear each inhale and exhale- it was as loud as waves crashing on the shore in a storm. My nipples were puckering from the anticipation and suddenly my skin broke out with chills from the thought of my roommate possibly investigating why my stereo was turned on during the day. I did not dare leave it off, so I lay there in my sudden fear of being discovered naked, with a stereo playing that I could not hear. I lacked any auditory sensation because the earplugs and music masked all sound. In my stillness I tried to figure out what was coming.

“Did he bring a new toy to play with? His camera? Someone to see the spectacle at lunchtime that I had agreed to?”  My mind reeled with these thoughts.  My imagination provided the necessary foreplay and my hips rocked slightly up and down in anticipation as I imagined how easily he would glide …All of a sudden I felt hands gripping my hips, lifting them higher. A sharp inhale filled my lungs from the surprise of his touch. Kevin must have entered my room and slipped his pants down while I lay like a human hill on the floor, arousing myself with possibilities.

Kevin started to touch my pussy with his warm fingers.  I was incredibly wet and beyond ready for him to enter me. His fingers easily parted my slit and glossed over me back and forth.   I couldn’t hear anything.  This amplified what I felt and I began to smell things. Kevin’s cologne wafted and intertwined with my pussy. I could smell the up-close muskiness of the rug and the shampoo clean of my hair as it waved around the side of my face.  With my eyes closed I felt him rub against my thighs.  I could feel the heat emanating from his body. I felt the shirt tail and the belt buckle lightly tickle rub against my legs. Feeling the cold metal and tickling fabric made my pussy; everything served to tease my senses.   The individual fibers of the rug began to embed themselves in to my knees and elbows.

I returned to sensing my surroundings, not just my reaction to Kevin’s arrival.  His hands skimmed over my back, he touched my hanging breasts and circled my thighs once more. I ached for him to touch me more. I wanted to participate and move with him. I wanted to turn around and feel his body and look at his eyes then but I promised to stay here as he wanted. His hands merely fanned me and then I felt him push his cock inside me.

My body arched in response. I wiggled as I tried to find a rhythm to ride him as best I could, given my immobile state. Kevin kept pushing my face down whenever I arched my back. My nose crumpled and my mouth involuntarily gaped open as he held my head in place. I wanted to brace myself properly so I could slam into him, so I could get a better angle.  I knew this was not going to happen. I ceased my efforts.

Once he recognized I would keep my head there he tightly grabbed my hips, scratching and clinging on ferociously, moving me where I needed to be, gruff but with grace.  I was pliable.  He kept pulling in and out, going at his own speed not really interested about my pleasure, taking all for himself. This thought turned me on even more and made it easier for him to move. He’d pump quick and shallow- I whimpered and whinnied so that he’d fill me. At this Kevin removed himself from me and stepped back. I could no longer feel him touching me.  Panic struck me.  “Was this all?  Should I get up now?” I began to turn my head around to the left when I felt his left hand guide my head back down and his right hand pull my hips up again.

He plunged in deep, quickly.  I yelped. He was sharp, moving frenzied. After a few minutes of satisfying himself he pulled out and came on my back. The liquid shocked the skin on my back and I arched once more.  I quickly lowered my face and made sure my hips remained high in the air for him to see. “Was he smiling, smug and satisfied? Did he admire the way I carried his come on my back? Was he still behind me?”

I could feel my pussy open and glistening. He smoothed over my thighs and ass with one of his hands, sometimes sliding a finger into my pussy.  His fingers teased me and I greedily accepted them. I bucked back against his hand but it wasn’t enough to fill my need.  I was still breathing quickly.  I felt my face, chest and pussy expanding and contracting in unison because my pulse was racing. I wanted to come so bad. He wasn’t doing anything about that. Kevin would swat my hands away if I reached to pleasure myself. He blew a stream of cool breath between my legs as if that were an adequate substitute for his cock.  “What an ass,” I thought.

“Thud,” my palms stung as they struck the floor. With some force he placed my hands down on the ground, as I was attempting to touch myself once more and I understood his cue to leave them there.  I felt him rise and I deduced that the rustling clothes I felt around me meant he was getting dressed.  Still behind me he pulled my earplugs out. The music was clear now.  In a condescending tone I heard his husky voice say “Get ready o to back to work when you hear the door close.”

I heard Kevin take six footsteps towards the door and stop.  I heard the door knob turn and the door open.  He paused-it felt like an eternity but he must have stood there for a mere second. He stepped through the doorway and pulled the door closed behind him then I heard a soft click and his footsteps faded as he walked down the hall.
lunch time snack, enough to whet my appetite.
arealitystudios Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003   Photographer
yummy :)
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September 22, 2003
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