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My Bio

End of June 2023

Living in times of darkness and political madness for some more time. I want to just ovoid that surrounding and do my stuff, the kind of art genres I deal with. Still there is a lot of photography I am doing, mostly takes of the photowalks in towns around here (Upper Bavaria) and landscape captures. Bought a new camera recent, which got a movie and a time lapse feature. Finally this one, the canon 6 d mark II, has got a full frame sensor, I am very excited about, because all my prime lenses are now cropping and picture diagonal are completely different, makes everything new.

My graphite portraits are developing, into different directions, from schech to realistic and into abstract or surreal. I don´t force any style or genre, just let myself drift and get inspired by the references, which are photos of deviants from around here, and photographed models by myself.

More as a sudden and random thing, I do very small watercolor paintings. I got a postcard size booklet with me anywhere and paint city- or landscapes, lately I like producing abstract and surreal scenes a lot. There is nothing to care for, its like a relaxing or nearly therapeutic story. Some turn out pretty funny and weird, but mostly satisfying. It gets me back to analogue living a lil more and lastly is something like a report and remembering.

The acrylic painting ambition got slight in the background the recent time, maybe I get a chance in some other workshop, to let live it up.

Not doing too much photoshop as well for the moment, like compositions, or typographic things, text effects, and objects from scratch, just have to think about it and start a new project. Perhaps you guys are more into and want to go for a joint project. I am a schooled graphic designer and open for any digital oddity. Also I could help you with a digital layout for books, comics, picture books or any other media for print.

Finally like to mention, I went to a massive trouble phase at the beginning of the year for a few months. Was it the often mentioned art blockade or a more serious depression? I actually reduced work to a minimum of one hour of creative work per day. And did try to get enough rest periods, watched movies and listened to music or audio books mostly, had time to think about life in common. Luckily I got over it and doing it a lil different as far as possible. A few people helped me very much during that time, I am thankful for that. I hope times will slowly change into a better understanding and with each other.I got a great experience in psycho therapy, in view at substances ...if you like to come about, and communicate of course the more humorous way, I am there. Stick around and do your thing in the meanwhile!

In April 2022

Another year went by, living with deviantart pretty close. Some stages of public and private horrors managed, but still going on in a way. This surely influences my art quite a bit, especially the writing I do. It´s never written because I feel like I am in love with the world or some other being, it´s always about the most terrifying things of my daily life.

When politics and gruesome happenings or other threatening gases are in the air, my creative process is complete stopped, some say the muses are in a coma sth like that. Creative process in view at drawing is the most shocked kind of art, that I am doing. The drawings lie on the table or in the shelf, just paralyzed. I don´t wanna involve one or the other monster as well. Maybe this break is important, maybe I just want to keep things clean.

Driving out into nature still is the alternative that always functions. Sure a mind is possessed with the most mean things going on, on this planet. Everybody has to find a way to get over it, sometimes the wind will blow it away, just like there wasn´t anything that gruesome affecting.

I think the current happenings really have lain over everybody´s life. Some are still very confused, and act mentally violent. I already regret writing about this dark circumstances, I just wanna fade out.

A smothering mist will sure stay on the horizon, they say you have to live with, get used to. Development of mankind in any view, is put on ice? I feel like everybody should be aware of the shit, these powerful are currently staging, to not get sucked into too much. Every single one is treating it differently, maybe has to.

Many amazing artworks were done related to the matter though. And this really helped me to get through the time. I´ve met some great artists here in the meanwhile, had some wonderful communications and found a common ground. And lastly, I do have the feeling my drawings, paintings improve and are fun to make.

Haha the view- and like- counter doesn´t explode anyways, to just think about that again. The digital media and the presentation is playing a huge role, these times, and a kind of addiction is in play. Or is web - popularity only blocking doings or controlling the artists work in a, in any case, questionable way? I worked hard to make friends with some high class mentors around here, that should be the most satisfying thing. But yet, it´s the pieces speaking for themselves, done by whatever artist, no matter which genre or plans.

Please take your time and let yourself find the phantasies shown here by the greatest individuals, deserving your attention. Breathe it in! I like the improvement of the whole deviant - thing btw.

Regards Jay

End of March 2021

A look at myself as a photographer, portraitdrawer and rhymer. A try!

Doing at least one of these things every day for years now. Depends on the mood I am in. Some days each of it. It´s the permanent need to like visualize things. To present stuff later. Working around portraits mostly black and white in grapite I really love to do. I got a lot of unfinished works in my workspace, constantly updating and posting. It kind of got costum for me, to post different stages of the drawings, I post a lot. My skills have definitely grown over the years. Maybe it´s the view at them and the development, recognizable, that makes me feel like I have reached something I really like to do.

Every new day is drowning in mimesis. Some mornings are kind of hard to get started. Making plans in the evening before sometimes helps. I cannot, to be honest, do a single work for very long time. Like when I am drawing, I do it for no more than one hour. Have to make a break, think things over and do something different. Else, I got the feeling this approach works kind of nice. Nothing is forced to be finished, still developing that own way of working.

I sometimes get totally stressed out and manic, then there is this very important valve for me, it´s the writing. Writing this surreal, sometimes dystopic appearing, poetry at times every day. It really helps me to pull myself out of the most chewy emotional ambivalence. Really struggeling with my situation in common some days. I feel like writing down every thought that comes into my mind, is real freeing and sometimes even fun.

The photography - thing is a great passion for me. If nothing else works, I take my camera and drive out into the scapes and shoot. Photowalk is a wonderful way to get back into a nicer world. I do a lot of landscape shooting around here, just some 50 km radius. Walking through the ancient cities in the near and taking pictures is as well fun and there is always something new to explore. I got a collection of prime lenses and choose just one for desired occasions.

As a studied graphic artist, I am familiar with the popular software, like adobe´s creative suite, or canon´s digital photo pro. I developed my photoworks very much over the years, but do think there still is much more to explore and experiment.

My Gear

I really think, I found some great platform here at deviantart, to present my stuff. I love to talk to all kinds of artists here and comment the wonderful and creative artworks, posted. Have to admit, I am nearly everyday around for a few hours.

As a openminded individual, I am not shy to talk about everything and maybe help other guys out sometimes in a weird but humorous way. I guess it´s all part of the ongoing...

Word up and have a good time!

Voodoo Style

Voodoo stylin for the deviant nation, only part time!

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1 min read Wonderful record by the Happy Mondays All about feelings and states of minds. Substances and accidentally getting high. Guys from the island partying massively, just before the outrageous electronic beat wave came stumbling in. That marching bleep, bloop, nasty, feeling more and more happy. A batting, marching something, with vicious, very planful, picky, sticky, Missus Piggy up - hikers, without compassion. Hacking their way through a technical reality, that was nothing but chemical turnover and one huge, intrusive hangover. Pussies moaning and squealing all the time. The unstoppable love nightmare.
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My good friend Leo @leothefox made me post this journal about the cloister in Raitenhaslach near Burghausen in Southern Bavaria. There is lots of ancient buildings, restored more or less. A brewery and a fish farm. The walls overgrown and weathered look picturesque nearly enchanted. Water tower, looks like there are big shrooms growing up it, some part of the art - project there, different sculptures in bronze by various artists around the area. The prelates building, horse stable and fruit garden. More views of the ensemble, just no order ...nice to walk around and enjoy the silence. A place to come down and think outside reality, even hundreds of years ago. Some private park of the Abt, top left. The weat beer brewery, right. A sculpture, dynamic. Just not restored parts to explore and puzzle about. Was a nice morning, inspiring and relaxing.
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