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Ole Mother Mary
cried in the prarie, tears streaming down her cheeks
turning her head around like a spintop
singing like a rusty sheet metal sign in the wind
frighten people on the sideways, with her garish clobber
She thought she was blessed by the holy spacelord
Tough titty, he heard her cutting wrong notes
the shadow of despair jumped over on her shoulders
her car grabbed a thought
Nasty thought about sucking body-parts,
which was the prize she was willing to pay,
to only be inside the stronghold
her voice turned a bit croaking, because of swallowing all the proteines, juck
She felt the pain seriously,
now she is thinking about punishing any pedestrians
with her only being around, singing?
All the white stuff she swallowed, poisons her rag, lastly.
A body in the industrial world is supposed to be a machine.
Though there lately seem to be rules of somewhere,
we don´t exactly know where or why,
which are somehow justifying fleshbots....
Fleshbots gone depressed
fleshbots gone negative
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 2 0
Penetrant Powerful
Everything but the hands
they take away every talent
friends cars bands
the biggest milking cow, the tenant
Unmasking the rulers in the back
should be the trend
make the ones visible, making the land lack
counting bills and o´s in front of the comma scent
The black hole they´re feeding
is to be plugged
no matter what kind of threat they´re seeding
they´ll be in a hospital with a sore faggot
Maggots at their genitals
dollar bills not that genial
a bursting net of golden asses
laughing and mafficing masses
Take a bath in your own fester and blood
the status you´re in is a flood of mud
Mud and paper, let it grow
your wife has the social behaviour of a scare crow
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 4 0
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Wanna Be
Some arty sketch colored or not, need a ref.
Deviants in Graphite
Send a photo of yourself to my inbox, particular wishes about style, background, size...
Size 24 x 32 cm is around 5000 points. Ask for further info.
A unique and outstandingly amazing band showed up some years ago: Little Dragon
They had this nearly No. one hit, entitled: Ritual Union
Which was somehow dark, kafkaesk and something very special
Convince yourself:

They had to sign a major label, for some reason.
The producer said, they have to put in some rememberable samples of, hrumph hrumph 'hip' trap to make it even more
sellable music, sure. Twang, little nigga - dwarfs, who are only awkwardly begging for pussy all day and night, nerving to the bone. You know the stuff that is so fresh and whatever... it will vaporize as soon as possible... easy come easy go.

Little Dragon is pulled into this dirt already, and drowning. Yeah, some nigga cleared lotsa goblets last year, so the sample is just to push their music slight forward, forward to what? The singer said, sounding really sad and frustrated, about the latest development: Yeah, our music is now even more provided with electronically experiments, what she meant wasn´t to overhear, this producer was only destroying their muse and development. She´s really down and gutted at the moment.
How about hanging another producer anyways? The world won´t miss this freak, I suppose.

I won´t post anything of the new record out. It´s just a slight bit more accessibly... in other words it´s crap, bad crap and thoroughly pimped by the music industry. Sorry for those amazingly talented (have been) musicians!

Good feeling for this project?
Yes, pretty much.

Black witch in the car is psychotic, why?
She made me shocked for some seconds, as well,
though we don´t know what was screwing her up.

Thoughts of acting there, which ones do you have?
Getting showed around by the staff...
Trying to do my thing.

Just there is that talk before you start, what expectations do you have?
It can only go wrong, talking to a funny and proper robot,
that is right on his well deserved place.

They are constantly gnawing at your bones, why is that?
The point of time, the sharp teeth they got
probably I got too little flesh around my bones,
so they have to scratch off the odds.

It get´s worse every day, are you getting weaker?
Yes, have to look for a doctor, anyways.

Why did Conny say 'he was the most evil guy around'?
She was kinda feeling dusty today, and yeah it´s right,
we don´t know yet who she was talking about.

In the meanwhile I was thinking, it´s just a clean up pill
I had to swallow, for some unknown reason.

You have now a different opinion about that?
When I first saw her, she was shiny
sitting there at the table with a friend in a cafe
our eyes must have got each other, she turned even red
as I had to walk by, I thought I´d never seen someone feathery like that.

Very slim hands, with long painted fingernails.
Through our glasses, the sights met again.
Her soft and smooth skin looks just perfect.
Just some awsome sculpture, with a voice so clear and sonor.

I didn´t dare to say a word apart from 'hello'.
Feeling like a new life had kissed me, like a freshly hatched bird in spring.
That is a wonder, I was thinking, I feel even better and breathing.
Body chemics reanimated, dust falling off my shoulders.

Air, colors and bright light
and the asphalt of the parking area seemed freshly made,
so softly under my shoes.
A permanent feeling of being put back into ...reality?



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Want To Get Soaked Of You
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hey guys, how´s it!

I am on DA now for a few years, quite happy with my kind of hidden artist state here, though it´s free. Sure there are a lot of us 'deviants' in some darker or not so much frequently visited spaces, sites, you know the real stuff is hard to find. I really like to refere to those huge 'premium member' artists who get like thousand comments for a shiny, colorful and technically perfect artwork. This site, I mean the whole DA blog monster, is driving larger or less large tentacles and a very different audience is around. Like there are those crowd like followers of a hype thing or a massively creative and somehow renowned as artists kind of guys. Don´t wanna deaden anyone, but I really like to hint to that 'button game' this specific website is providing for all of us users. Which sure plays a massive role for everyone there, do I have to mention favs or pv?
What I am basically trying to make clear is, a lot of amazing art is just drowning in that DA - cosmos. There is of course that charm, to find some unique, odd, rare art somewhere here, maybe that is what keeps me so close to this pale green background with picture - stuff on it. The other thing is, one can really meet funny, smart and off - hook guys round here. The mass surly is a bit standoffish and plain vanilla, I don´t care too much for them. I always try to have a propper comment for every piece of art, even very minimalistic or somehow childishly looking, though I really hate manga stuff I? I myself took a chance in many rubriques of that big apprehension called 'ART', to which deviants around here inspired me a lot. I definitely enjoy the creativity of the thousands of artist there, and hope to spend as much time in the future, as I spend now and for over two years. Not only a different meaning of life I´ve experienced here, I am addicted to the stuff here, but it´s so much fun... hehe. The internet and the amazingly talented artists on blogs like this have already changed the whole art business and scenery, love that thought, those elite guys get lowered expectations in any way ...just think about.

Letter to douglasverden... also see here:…

Kind of regularly. I posted more than 2.5 k photos the last 4 years. But I´m on DA really every day, I´m surly addicted to this stuff here. I enjoy searching for art and commenting it. I think that one can get to know some artists is important... there are nice things possible, like colaborations or contests, just compilations.
Hehe had to think about my history here recently... Idk was into photoshop very much before I came here, and then, now I´m only doing photoshoots and drawings. I like the interaction between members and my art. It is surly difficult to get a appropriate amount of watchers or views, comments and stuff. It makes one think about what is pulling an audience ...sometimes to art in common. But you know the whole thing is really really interesting and dynamic I believe.
I am a schooled graphic designer and web publisher, started in 2003. I really liked the work with the adobe creative suite you know dreamweaver, photoshop, indesign all that. Somehow got sick of it later and only use photoshop and Canon Photo Professional for postprocessing for my shots. Somehow got into making pics really deep and don´t feel to have any time for digital work or manips, textworks... Lost the thread to it maybe, maybe sometimes I miss the comfy feeling when doing photoshop.
Hmmm the feel when I make analogue drawings is different, but I gives me more satisfaction in general. I feel more grounded, my life feels better if you know what I mean. Sure I got to make some exhibition sooner or later. Have to have time and thoughts about maybe co-workers... That´s all in the stars so far. Which doesn´t make me feel unsure. I´m kind of letting it happen. Don´t wanna force anything really.
So far... Thank you for being interested and I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon :) Maybe you want to talk about your life a bit ;)


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