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Catholic Punks Are Wise Even If They re Only Three
In the nether space of a Saturday afternoon
sitting at the stairs of an old abandonned hotel
having a few tins´a beer, smoking cigarettes
wearing a leather jacket, talking about their club
what is the special thing they got to keep so secret
Sure some teacher pushed them into acting
Not acting school, just acting like bats for bashes
Sawing on their horns, their horns of redemption
There is some sawdust for the sawdust injection burner left
Horn´s sawdust is best for it
For what, finding something
Finding me a Fotze he said
He said that in front of the whole menkind
Finding me a Fotze
What does that mean
What is it about
Where does it go to
Is there anyone we can ask, exept your dog
The dog is a german sheep sheppard
It says a Fotze is just a cunt
That´s what I thought said the man with the mohawk haircut
I will tickle her, she is the most holy thing we got around here
Mother, woman and Fotze, holy Fotze he said
Nobody can do her any harm, I will fight for her
A true lov
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Wanna Be
Some arty sketch colored or not, need a ref.
Deviants in Graphite
Send a photo of yourself to my inbox, particular wishes about style, background, size...
Size 24 x 32 cm is around 5000 points. Ask for further info.
Barefoot on the wooden floor
A warm summer breeze, through the window
Light another cigarette
Can´t barely keep my eyes open
Techno sound in the living room
Who´s dejaying
Got a thread for art now
Some slut tried to enter that bus today
And another one, ripped open a bundle
that was already sent away
Away away we´re sad to say
People get awkward, when opening a door the wrong way
A couple left a track of pink slime
Nearly stepped into a wrong past tense
Words are learned facts, facts for life
The cigarrette tastes funny,
I cannot smell anything
The beat stopped for a second
now going on
How would you describe your opinion
Dancing easy, the way it should be
And not uptight like you feel at the situation
Working for freedom
Beware of the radio
Radio paranoid is at 666
Coffee in the mornig at 6 o´clock
Tension and a maturant´s head
in your hands, feeling love
A love so strong, made of
Winner Team
Fear of Loss
Body contact
No funny conversation
because your body chemics are on the right place
not spaced out, not poisoned, not overdosed
you feel like beating up the next single men
that is to be abliging
That men has the body chemics on a funny place
A different place, different people
The couple boarder-line syndrome drives bad sprouts
A voice, slow and quiet, saying a mad but hurting poem
Said it so many times
The ear, open for that, isn´t open
She takes the drilling machine
Blood is spurting out of his ear
The sparkles on her face make her feel sick
She throws the drill away, behind her
Like he was behind her last night
Drilling into some other hole, she didn´t want
The women´s league was beating her up for that today in the shop
She vomits, vomits her dinner, and vomits some sounds without material
Which way, she asks
This way, he points at the toilet with a nasty finger
That nasty stinking finger, he uses for fingering
No finger ring on that finger, sure
The ring of the disgusting town
Why think about global nexuses
nobody will ever tackle the riddle
Think about the girl next door named Susie
Melt together with her and built that love-middle

Love and do it the non - physical way
the bubble to live in and find shelter
let the things on the disc happen every day
it will the be most hillarious helter-skelter

Skelletons dancing in the dark
We´ll be breathing the summer - night in
all day long, at the mad man the dog will bark
They will try moove their angst towards us, only to make frighten

Frighten us and the ours
They unconsiously step on our heads
Standing in our room for minute men and hours
Glue on the cealing fall into our beds

Kill the president for letting that happen
make him suffer and cry
Hire the contract killer, make him step in
The forceful personality will slowly die

No forgiveness for the mighty
no indulge for ther dirdy doings
no matter if they keep a dog in sighty
they´re all ill and alzheimer´s desease will be no excuse

Righty right Shakka Kahn blows the sheet of paper
down from the table
she will never protect us from the dark mighter
put suger and lsd on any pricing label

Susie again got just extinguished by the big stick striker
and for the sake of the pain that is supposed to bring relief
a relief unwanted and pain unseen by the biker
let it all run trough your embody no fingers stiff!!!
I am an antman, I need the antmen
Thunder rolling outside
Flashes in the background
What a wond awful world

Would you have thought that,
people build a picture of you
people shape other people
in order to make them fit into their view of life?

You feel a lil dizzy most o tha time
though you don´t do any stuff
you got a clear view at your enviroment
but people don´t take you just as you are

The manipulative, depressive reason
terms, facts and occasions influence anything
especially the view at other people
not to forget about this global feeling, makes them judge different

A shoe box to stay in
side by side with your twin brother or sister
they build walls out of shoe boxes
for some other reason

Bloody eastern for some other reason
for some other reason another reason
will this reason or that reason make peace
Is peace even willingly made

The all-knowing eight ball will have to show
if you make it
if you fit in
if you can do it

Urchins is always there as your guard
it spins and turns like the invisible black hole
sucks off the last drop of your energy
your talent and uniqueness will be gone

When the needle does the damage
I´ve seen it too many times
maggotted bodies for maggotted minds
assholes maggotted and festering

Infected bodies with blood in their eyes
catapulting legs in the air
pumping off the fester
pumping it into your tail

For reproduction
reproduction of the void
into the void of anybody´s phlilosophy
a philosophy that is poorly thought

Of thoughts foaled out of grey sludge
grey sludge out of the poor little souls mouths
no white light, no mouths, mothman
No mothman augury

The augury get´s stuck
stuck in the middle of the wool fibre
wool fibre would be good for your warmth
your warmth makes them hate you

Hating you isn´t loving you
loving you would be that easy
nothing is easy btw
btw have you got any bad sex experiences?

Bad sex experiences will make you plain for this world
this world is constructed by a black monk
a black monk will again suck anything outta you
outta you your soul will be

Your soul will be outside in the rain
the rain will make you dreadful
a dreadfulness that is oh so useful
usefulness to make a world go round

Go round with or without you
without you, to have a few hungry mouths to feed
to feed the hungry angel
the hungry angel will still have to be fed

Feeder of the world, there is none
none of them will feed you for a nothing
a nothing is the name for a state
a state of mind that is uncomfy

Uncomfyness for those about to do it wrong
wrong turn makes a horrific scenery
a scenery that is even more horrific than you could ever imagine
don´t ever imagine that



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A Starfish For Art ;)
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hey guys, how´s it!

I am on DA now for a few years, quite happy with my kind of hidden artist state here, though it´s free. Sure there are a lot of us 'deviants' in some darker or not so much frequently visited spaces, sites, you know the real stuff is hard to find. I really like to refere to those huge 'premium member' artists who get like thousand comments for a shiny, colorful and technically perfect artwork. This site, I mean the whole DA blog monster, is driving larger or less large tentacles and a very different audience is around. Like there are those crowd like followers of a hype thing or a massively creative and somehow renowned as artists kind of guys. Don´t wanna deaden anyone, but I really like to hint to that 'button game' this specific website is providing for all of us users. Which sure plays a massive role for everyone there, do I have to mention favs or pv?
What I am basically trying to make clear is, a lot of amazing art is just drowning in that DA - cosmos. There is of course that charm, to find some unique, odd, rare art somewhere here, maybe that is what keeps me so close to this pale green background with picture - stuff on it. The other thing is, one can really meet funny, smart and off - hook guys round here. The mass surly is a bit standoffish and plain vanilla, I don´t care too much for them. I always try to have a propper comment for every piece of art, even very minimalistic or somehow childishly looking, though I really hate manga stuff I? I myself took a chance in many rubriques of that big apprehension called 'ART', to which deviants around here inspired me a lot. I definitely enjoy the creativity of the thousands of artist there, and hope to spend as much time in the future, as I spend now and for over two years. Not only a different meaning of life I´ve experienced here, I am addicted to the stuff here, but it´s so much fun... hehe. The internet and the amazingly talented artists on blogs like this have already changed the whole art business and scenery, love that thought, those elite guys get lowered expectations in any way ...just think about.

Letter to douglasverden... also see here:…

Kind of regularly. I posted more than 2.5 k photos the last 4 years. But I´m on DA really every day, I´m surly addicted to this stuff here. I enjoy searching for art and commenting it. I think that one can get to know some artists is important... there are nice things possible, like colaborations or contests, just compilations.
Hehe had to think about my history here recently... Idk was into photoshop very much before I came here, and then, now I´m only doing photoshoots and drawings. I like the interaction between members and my art. It is surly difficult to get a appropriate amount of watchers or views, comments and stuff. It makes one think about what is pulling an audience ...sometimes to art in common. But you know the whole thing is really really interesting and dynamic I believe.
I am a schooled graphic designer and web publisher, started in 2003. I really liked the work with the adobe creative suite you know dreamweaver, photoshop, indesign all that. Somehow got sick of it later and only use photoshop and Canon Photo Professional for postprocessing for my shots. Somehow got into making pics really deep and don´t feel to have any time for digital work or manips, textworks... Lost the thread to it maybe, maybe sometimes I miss the comfy feeling when doing photoshop.
Hmmm the feel when I make analogue drawings is different, but I gives me more satisfaction in general. I feel more grounded, my life feels better if you know what I mean. Sure I got to make some exhibition sooner or later. Have to have time and thoughts about maybe co-workers... That´s all in the stars so far. Which doesn´t make me feel unsure. I´m kind of letting it happen. Don´t wanna force anything really.
So far... Thank you for being interested and I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon :) Maybe you want to talk about your life a bit ;)

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