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Day Ex
Churning lamed expressions by saying nothing
A lung screwed at the ribcage, no outlook
A limited functioning body, the rain the hole
The wall, bricks and pricks, a black and white paper
Kicks or tricks, let´s have a sour medicine
Tastes, tastes and tests done by a culture
Offset scheme of formed individuals
Automatically sending everything outwards
Impossible to breathe and shivering extremities
Concentrate on that matter, no explanations
Possibilities unspoken some relays filtering them
Ears getting def, nothing happening in this space
Hands tired and bones wired
Electricity doing weird loves
Chemics and physics are about to
Keep breathing and busting the bad
Huntsmen of the stoneage
Make happenings understandable
The collector to insure the unsureness
No harm and no funny things to let go
Relay on relations and seek consequences
Forward looking positive orifices
How about you
A tough thing to handle
Working oneself into a meaning
Muses do not always find the right words
Even sch
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Wanna Be
Some arty sketch colored or not, need a ref.
Deviants in Graphite
Send a photo of yourself to my inbox, particular wishes about style, background, size...
Size 24 x 32 cm is around 5000 points. Ask for further info.
Breath in the desperation   
Complete graphite mooded
A tosquito in the brain
Red soup betraying the inwards
High tension made by the undertaker

A taker so rural, have to think of a pest
The big mummy smokin´ foggy like tanned
How can it even be taken as a men
The leather spanning the sponge and bone
makes that stoner look even more ugly than a dead

Hatchet ratched in vitriol all the time
He tried to jump into the pop business
The girly singing voice is unable to make believe
On a frozen foot only four toes
The deleater was in your chest for years

A perception outside this land
Just the big minor threat to capture a black bird
Is the reason to keep people as working slaves
Two and a calf, never scratch a open scalp
Indians without the bloodrush, are not there

A propaganda so decently broadcasted
Everybody feels save in the cellar
An only erdy urdy en, with flies and peas
Chicks from birds made of paradise
To keep threatening moon tidy

Barf relliom and a stallion to find ridiculous
But as well overwhelming and decaying
Black haircut to make it even worse
A transition secretly unfunctional and golden
Can we drill into a tamborine without sound

The irish nasty fun copper sleeve will just be natural
The black angels mirror beneath the survice
Dizzy in tha head inhaling something spicy
As the only therapy for a living on a black star
David grabbed a crab and ate it with a quiet crunch

The knife couldn´t get around it
Only sluts keept the warmth
A rosetta in the morning could be sports too
You will not  recognize any smell, it´s the cell
having been weak within a week

Eyelashes and football girl chorus pushing it forwards
Backwards is supposed to be badwards
A drowning catweasel in it´s treehouse
Making plans for nightmares
Sozial terms as for tools to torture those slaves

The unforgivable reason to put out the pressure
Because the might cannot be stabbed by me
Me and Bobby McGee, out on the sea
Whale there it gives a blow job
The innocent will do it forever, good for car ma us
Groups are simple, maybe too simple
they are lazy, doing any customer service
late at night they like to tell you, to just fuck off
those kooky kids tasting the power are only poison for any art

Some puffed up schoolars are trying to give the manager of some company?
Destroying any kind of free work, like being out in the big business already?
Aggressive, destructive behaviour 'we can afford, closing the door for dilettantes'?
Those little probably outward appearance also ugly like the big fat swine, are there
in those groups rioting about our lovely and kissed by the muse, art - works?

No more wasting time, posting anything into their shitty compound.
The world turns into a lump of misfortune, the next minute?
Save our powers for the piece of art only.
Those parttime punx are just annoying?
Gran said nice lil pic
Gran said there´s a whole lotta things to do
Gran said today it´s gonna be painted
Gran said all that, while cycling by

Gran thinks she is her husband, who´s dog
Gran thinks you gotta marry, if you wanna be there
Gran thinks we have to put preassure on everybody
Gran thinks not the deepest thoughts, one could think

Gran talks about cleaning and emptying all brains first
Gran talks about putting any head into the spin cycle is necessary
Gran talks about them and her kind
Gran talks about the bus conductor and his great composure

Gran is the fly on the computerscreen
Gran is the mother of Aphex Twin
Gran is the father of her daughter
Gran is the son of an incredible dumbness
Gran is the howly ghost of the poltergeisht

Wait.... is it gran?



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The Mod´n Human In Digital
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hey guys, how´s it!

I am on DA now for a few years, quite happy with my kind of hidden artist state here, though it´s free. Sure there are a lot of us 'deviants' in some darker or not so much frequently visited spaces, sites, you know the real stuff is hard to find. I really like to refere to those huge 'premium member' artists who get like thousand comments for a shiny, colorful and technically perfect artwork. This site, I mean the whole DA blog monster, is driving larger or less large tentacles and a very different audience is around. Like there are those crowd like followers of a hype thing or a massively creative and somehow renowned as artists kind of guys. Don´t wanna deaden anyone, but I really like to hint to that 'button game' this specific website is providing for all of us users. Which sure plays a massive role for everyone there, do I have to mention favs or pv?
What I am basically trying to make clear is, a lot of amazing art is just drowning in that DA - cosmos. There is of course that charm, to find some unique, odd, rare art somewhere here, maybe that is what keeps me so close to this pale green background with picture - stuff on it. The other thing is, one can really meet funny, smart and off - hook guys round here. The mass surly is a bit standoffish and plain vanilla, I don´t care too much for them. I always try to have a propper comment for every piece of art, even very minimalistic or somehow childishly looking, though I really hate manga stuff I? I myself took a chance in many rubriques of that big apprehension called 'ART', to which deviants around here inspired me a lot. I definitely enjoy the creativity of the thousands of artist there, and hope to spend as much time in the future, as I spend now and for over two years. Not only a different meaning of life I´ve experienced here, I am addicted to the stuff here, but it´s so much fun... hehe. The internet and the amazingly talented artists on blogs like this have already changed the whole art business and scenery, love that thought, those elite guys get lowered expectations in any way ...just think about.

Letter to douglasverden... also see here:…

Kind of regularly. I posted more than 2.5 k photos the last 4 years. But I´m on DA really every day, I´m surly addicted to this stuff here. I enjoy searching for art and commenting it. I think that one can get to know some artists is important... there are nice things possible, like colaborations or contests, just compilations.
Hehe had to think about my history here recently... Idk was into photoshop very much before I came here, and then, now I´m only doing photoshoots and drawings. I like the interaction between members and my art. It is surly difficult to get a appropriate amount of watchers or views, comments and stuff. It makes one think about what is pulling an audience ...sometimes to art in common. But you know the whole thing is really really interesting and dynamic I believe.
I am a schooled graphic designer and web publisher, started in 2003. I really liked the work with the adobe creative suite you know dreamweaver, photoshop, indesign all that. Somehow got sick of it later and only use photoshop and Canon Photo Professional for postprocessing for my shots. Somehow got into making pics really deep and don´t feel to have any time for digital work or manips, textworks... Lost the thread to it maybe, maybe sometimes I miss the comfy feeling when doing photoshop.
Hmmm the feel when I make analogue drawings is different, but I gives me more satisfaction in general. I feel more grounded, my life feels better if you know what I mean. Sure I got to make some exhibition sooner or later. Have to have time and thoughts about maybe co-workers... That´s all in the stars so far. Which doesn´t make me feel unsure. I´m kind of letting it happen. Don´t wanna force anything really.
So far... Thank you for being interested and I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon :) Maybe you want to talk about your life a bit ;)

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