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Girlfriend by Redsterfish, visual art

A Fly Named Claudia

As my father and I were walking towards the townsquare, you flapped around there, blond bleached and high as a kite. Your gland was at hand, it worked properly. In case you might, not have said it that bold, through the night, that was on in the daytime, we would have thought your meat beat manifesto, was only about music and the future you´d make, just a ground in the cold. But... none of us knew, you´re on your way home from vacuuming. The vacuum still ran and any accoustic flake got sucked through it, and we weren´t able to understand the whole message, you were trying to give into the urban ether. Obviously you had to wor
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My Bio

End of March 2021

A look at myself as a photographer, portraitdrawer and rhymer. A try!

Doing at least one of these things every day for years now. Depends on the mood I am in. Some days each of it. It´s the permanent need to like visualize things. To present stuff later. Working around portraits mostly black and white in grapite I really love to do. I got a lot of unfinished works in my workspace, constantly updating and posting. It kind of got costum for me, to post different stages of the drawings, I post a lot. My skills have definitely grown over the years. Maybe it´s the view at them and the development, recognizable, that makes me feel like I have reached something I really like to do.

Every new day is drowning in mimesis. Some mornings are kind of hard to get started. Making plans in the evening before sometimes helps. I cannot, to be honest, do a single work for very long time. Like when I am drawing, I do it for no more than one hour. Have to make a break, think things over and do something different. Else, I got the feeling this approach works kind of nice. Nothing is forced to be finished, still developing that own way of working.

I sometimes get totally stressed out and manic, then there is this very important valve for me, it´s the writing. Writing this surreal, sometimes dystopic appearing, poetry at times every day. It really helps me to pull myself out of the most chewy emotional ambivalence. Really struggeling with my situation in common some days. I feel like writing down every thought that comes into my mind, is real freeing and sometimes even fun.

The photography - thing is a great passion for me. If nothing else works, I take my camera and drive out into the scapes and shoot. Photowalk is a wonderful way to get back into a nicer world. I do a lot of landscape shooting around here, just some 50 km radius. Walking through the ancient cities in the near and taking pictures is as well fun and there is always something new to explore. I got a collection of prime lenses and choose just one for desired occasions.

As a studied graphic artist, I am familiar with the popular software, like adobe´s creative suite, or canon´s digital photo pro. I developed my photoworks very much over the years, but do think there still is much more to explore and experiment.

My Gear

I really think, I found some great platform here at deviantart, to present my stuff. I love to talk to all kinds of artists here and comment the wonderful and creative artworks, posted. Have to admit, I am nearly everyday around for a few hours.

As a openminded individual, I am not shy to talk about everything and maybe help other guys out sometimes in a weird but humorous way. I guess it´s all part of the ongoing...

Word up and have a good time!

Sad Clown 2 Nosy

Stoned and thoughtful, very serious me as a hip ster

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The Big Lebowski, Bladerunner, Everything Is Illuminated, Tideland
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Breaking Bad
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What You Will
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Thomas Bernhard, Franz Kafka
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8 Ball Pool
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Wacom Tablet
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Water Colour Painting

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Latest spoken poem pamphlet with arts as video.

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:w00t: thank you very much for the :+fav: :juggle:

Heya and thanks a huge lot for the Watch+!

I hope you'll stick around for more art to come, including crazy monsters, loony abominations and wonky robots from my wacky world of Posterra as well as Lovecraftian gods and beings that I render sometimes for my Atlas of Cosmic Horror Project! :)

Thanks for the FAV