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Just wanted to share this with you all since It's one of the cutests videos I've seen so far XD
Ayla: I've been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now, No response.

Kasha: Wow. They sound stupid.

Ayla: But they're not. They're really smart actually. Just dense

Kasha: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don't know..."Hey! I love you!"'

Ayla: I guess you're right. Hey Kasha, I love you.

Kasha: See! Just say that!

Ayla: Holy fucking shit.

Kasha: If that flies over their head then, sorry Ayla, they're to dumb for you.

Ayla: Kasha.


Nachi: There's something weird going on with your face.

Ayla: What?

Nachi: You're smiling I didn't know you could do that.


Granaria: Ayla, can I talk to you for a minute?

Ayla: Ooooh, someone's in trOUble.

Ayla: It's me.

Ayla: I don't know why I did that.


Arnrix: When you were a kid, what were your biggest fantasy?

Granaria: Too have parents.


Tritan: How did you find me?

Ayla: Oh it was easy, really. I just followed the sound of complete and utter betrayal and followed that.


Dave: That was so lit!

Ayla: Did something burn?

Dave: No, the party was LIT!

Ayla: There was a fire??


Arnrix: How have you been? 

Ayla: Fine. Exept for this headache. Comes and goes.

Rejick: *appears*

Ayla: Oh, there it is.


Cora: Dang.

Altzeerus: Hey, Watch the fucking language.


Ayla: *sees Arnrix running while holding something* Let me see what you have!

Arnrix: A kNIfe!

Ayla: NO!


Ayla: *Points to Rejick* Fuck you.

Ayla: *Points to Deathglare: Fuck you.

Ayla: *Points to Spear* Fuck you.

Ayla: *Points to Lindaria* You cool!

Ayla: *Points to Carnifex* and fuck you, I'm out.


Ayla: I'm gonna fight Rejick!

Arnrix: But you're not armed!

Ayla: I am!

Arnrix: With what?

Ayla: Overconfidence.


Cora: I made this friendship bracelet for you.

Regina: You know, I'm not much of a jewelry person.

Cora: Oh. You don't have to wear it.

Regina: No, I'm gonna wear it forever. Fuck off.


Ayla: Why are we laying in the middle of the street?

Granaria: You got punched unconscious, so I laid down next to you so everyone would Think we were chilling.

YUP! got most of these from tumblr! and Disney.
Hope you're having a great and fun time!!! :D :heart:
Warning if you haven't seen season 2

Ayla: *enjoys her wonderfull time with her friends, lovers ect*

Just letting you guys know. Though been really tired lately and spend the last two weekends with family.
Ok so hey everyone! I've had this idea for a while and decided to share it with you :aww:

as you can tell by the title this has to do with creatures and beings from either folklore or mythology (duh)
But the twist in this is...

You're suposed to draw yourself as one!"

And another thing is that this being or creature sona must be one who's origin or at least is part of it comes from either the area, country or continent you currently live in. I myself is still thinking of what to draw myself as and even post some facts about this being or creature. I just thought this could be a fun idea to see some of my buds on here as mysterious beings ;)
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This is why I love Zoey so freaking much :rofl:


In case the video doesn't take you to the right time jump to around 36:10 and wait...
Ever since I first saw the teaser trailer of The Jungle Book I've been trying to find this theme for so loooooong and now I finally have! 

join me as I draw yet another drawing of a Moonshire creature...which one? oh come and see!
Watch this video, it always helps me when I feel depressed.
Ethan: Which country has the most birds?

Ethan: Portugeese

Ethan: Wait...

Felecity: That's a language.

CJ: Portogull.

Nick: Nice recovery.

Keired: Don't you mean redovery?

Andreas: Turkey, how the fuck did we miss Turkey?


Ronald: Angela I'm ho- Why does it smell like smoke?

Angela: That's just my undying love for you.

Ronald: You burned dinner, didn't you?


Hannah: -in a crowd and can't find Zaheer-

Hannah:*sighs* Only one thing to do...

Hannah: *cups her hands around her mouth* HANNAH BARNETTE IS DUMB AND LAME!!!

Zaheer: -from across the room- WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT?!?!?!?!?

Hannah. There he is...


Marie-in a fight with Therese- Are you on top or botom?

Therese: Why don't you find out?

Marie: *internal screaming*


Angela: -balancing on a steep cliff-

Ronald: What an idiot...

Ronald: Wait...THAT'S MY IDIOT!!!


This is it for now...
So I'm gonna share some clips witht he actors I thik would fit some of my oc's

Ayla, Brook and Young Arn are here at 2:03 Jennifer Morrinson as Ayla, Jamie Dornan as brook and Jared Gilmore as Young Arn

Meghan Ory as Irinia

Josh Dallas as Adult Arn

Colm Feore as Spear

Rikard Wolff as Rejick (Scar in this clip)

And this is it for now, gonna make another list with some more clips
And so far I'm digging it x3