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Some of you, working with the OctaneRender for Poser plug-in and our shaders, might have noticed, that after installing RC 3.08 of the OctaneRender plug-in,
RedSpec shaders start to act unnormally, as they did a while ago when the Normal map behavior of OctaneRender was changed.

The problem lies within the fact, that Octane treats a Normal map node with a grayscale valued "0" as flipped normals and thus renders the surface in a flipped state.

There will be a fix coming in soon for this - at this point it looks like it will be some time next week.

EDIT: The fix is released now and can be downloaded here:

Windows Regular OctaneRender for Poser…
Windows Subscription OctaneRender for Poser…
OSX Regular OctaneRender for Poser…
OSX Subscription OctaneRender for Poser…

Regards and Happy Rendering

Ho, Ho, Ho,

Christmas is already here for RedSpec SSS customers!!!
While I'm typing this, update-e-mails are being sent out to existing customers of our Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female shader products.
Included is a fresh download link to grab the totally free Winter 2017 update bringing brand new content to the MK3 shader suite.

Among the additions are:

- Nail polish in basic, metallic and iridescent colors for G3F and G8F (40+ colors total)
- Toenail polish in basic, metallic and iridescent colors for G3F and G8F (40+ colors total)
- Support for 3feetwolf's New Genitalia for V8 (support for G3F and G8F) also added several effects like anus coloring, labia minora and labia majora wetness.
- Color filter for counter-filtering too yellow diffuse maps
- Added 9 eyebrow colors for the Fiber Mesh eyebrows of Victoria 8 (these can be used with any G8F-based figure)
- Added 9 matching eyelash colors for the G8F eyelashes figure
- Added a medium glossy lip preset for G3F and G8F

Of course we also fixed some bugs reported to us by users.

We recommend deleting the following folders in your DAZ Studio content library to start of with a fresh install:

1.) DAZ Studio install directory\People\Genesis 3 Female\Materials\RedSpec SSS\RedSpec TGX tailored MK3 for G3F
2.) DAZ Studio install directory\People\Genesis 8 Female\Materials\RedSpec SSS\RedSpec TGX tailored MK3 for G8F

We would like to use this opportunity to say: "Thank you" to our great customers. Our work wouldn't be possible without you and your continued support and feedback.
There are great new things for RedSpec SSS coming in 2018 - although we can't say too much at this point ;)

We hope that you and your loved ones have a fantastic Christmas 2017 and get safe and well into 2018.

See you next year!

And as always: Happy Rendering

Noel & Herman
Back in the Genesis 2-days we began offering some of our shader-products on the DAZ3D marketplace.
Since then, our shaders have matured considerably and as of today cannot be compared to the fairly outdated versions you can purchase at the DAZ3D marketplace.

Because we would like to focus our development efforts on products of our very own storefront, we've thus decided to have our products removed from their site and have our storefront closed.

Thus, all products listed here:…

won't be available anymore after September 17th.

As mentioned above, the products available there do not reflect the state of development in which the most recent shaders for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 are. So purchasing them at this point is probably not making sense for most of our customer base anyways.

Please also notice that we will of course continue to sell our shader products through our very own storefront here:

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Happy Rendering

As many of you probably noticed, DAZ3D today released Genesis 8 and the respective Michael 8 figures.
Although we will offer support for G8M in the future, I'm still working on getting my GPU back to working conditions, after which we'll deliver one last incremental update to the G3F shaders first.

G8M will probably follow after that, with the Poser shader updates coming after that.
The new updates will include support for the New Genitalia figure for G8F / G3F by 3feetwolf.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Happy Rendering

We just started rolling out a mandatory update for all TGX tailored MK3 for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female customers.
This contains corrections to files, which contained wrong references and thus loaded wrong values into some node dials in OctaneRender.

We recommend a fresh install of the 2-click presets, you can do this by doing the following:
- Browse to the folder where you installed the folder named "extract_to_DS_content_directory" the last time
- Browse to People\Genesis 3 Female\Materials\RedSpec SSS\RedSped TGX tailored MK3 for Genesis 3 Females and delete it
- Browse to People\Genesis 8 Female\Materials\RedSpec SSS\RedSped TGX tailored MK3 for Genesis 8 Females and delete it
- Extract the updated .zip file to the above mentioned folder.

This should leave you with a fresh install of the 2-click presets.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Should you have questions regarding the shaders or the update, please post them in the comments section.

Thanks and Happy Rendering


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