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ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY is a damned fine movie.

Having seen it twice now, I can honestly say bravo to Disney and Lucasfilm for taking such a big chance with this film, and also congrats to Gareth Edwards and crew for creating what has to be a STAR WARS film that ranks very close to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

I'm not going to go into the details or spoilers here; others have done that already.  All I will say is that I enjoyed the "easter eggs" very much, but I could not get choked up during the second viewing at the appearance of a beloved character.
No, the film is not perfect, but the last third of the film makes up for any flaws present in the first 2/3rds of the movie.  And sadly, there is the idiotic whining of those who complain (yet again) about the film's diverse cast or that--gasp!!--a woman is the main character and the leader!  Horrors!  Do these idiots realize that we're living in the 21st Century?  Or are they pissed off that, yes, a film is showing a diverse, multicultural multiracial band of rebels standing up to and fighting back against an oppressive government run by mostly white males? 

Maybe that's it--and if that's the case, good.  Let them get pissed off and show the world just what a bunch of f**king Neanderthals they really are (actually, the real Neanderthals were better people than these idiots).

Ironically, like the 2011 prequel to THE THING, ROGUE ONE works because it ends very close to the point where the original film begins.  That should make for an interesting home viewing experience.

What are your thoughts on ROGUE ONE? 


2016 is the year of the suck. 

Many of the icons and heroes of my youth shuffled off this mortal coil this year.  Some--like David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Lemmy, George Michael, and Bill Nunn--left before their time.  Others like John Glenn, Richard Adams, Robert Vaughn, Fritz Weaver, and Debbie Reynolds--had lived long and full lives.  But their deaths still had an impact.

Add to all of this a Presidential campaign where misogyny, racism, ignorance, and selfishness were on full display, and where the one, honest candidate was tarred and feathered--all because she was a woman, and an accomplished one at that.  There was an attitude of nihilism from those who sneered that it would be better to "blow up the system, man!" because, well, they thought that it would not affect them--it would affect others and they could throw minorities, women, and the disadvantaged under the bus.  And now we have a President-elect who is clearly unqualified for even the county dog-catcher as well as another country actively interfering with our election and one political party finally throwing off the mask and showing just how bat-shit crazy they really were.

That's pretty much why I stayed off DA for so long, and off of social media and other places.  Seeing what was happening made me wonder several times, "Are they crazy, or am I?"  Turns out I'm not the nutty one, and the majority of people are not. 

So come 2017, I'll be back here, posting my work and my thoughts.  But I'm not going to be the "good German" and keep quiet--I'm going to be pretty damned upfront about what is going on, and if I hurt feelings, sorry, but 2016 was also the year when I ran out of f**ks to give.
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Oh and hey adding to the comment ,I'm sorry that I offended you about Hillary but that is want I heard.and like I said I'm neutral in politics so like I said no matter who's in power its all going to get worse for all of us because I believe 2017 will be even worse than last year.