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not sure you, the author is reading here, but if>

I am currently using this version of 'Cleartext'

Cleartext for Rainmeter

with the 'WebNowPlaying' Plug-in for Chrome. I've set the "Toggle Adaptive Hide"-Setting to 'enable' so that 'Cleartext' hides itself when there is nothing to play. But still:

1. Occasionally, when starting my PC, 'Cleartext' starts too, saying: "Fetching..." cause it wants to fetch a stream per WebNowPlaying-Pluging for Chrome (Vivaldi-Browser) even my Browser isn't open. To make it go away I have to manually (re)enable the "Toggle adaptive hide" to make it go away -even it is already enabled.

2. If the above isn't happening, then Cleartext will start "Fetching..." a Stream the moment I open the Browser. This, because a Background-Tab that includes a YT-Site -even it isn't the active Tab by then.

Question is> Is there a way to prevent 'Cleartext' from starting at the start-up and/or Browser-Start-Up?

Additional Question: Is there a way to also send Cleartext into hiding when pressing "Stop" (not Pause) on the YT-Page? I ask, because I'd like to have it disappearing when stopping the YT-Video and reappearing when resuming the Video - rather than to manually close the YT-Page to make it go away or to go into the Cleartext-Settings (like as I described above).

Is there a code of yours that does prevent this troublesome parts? If so, would you mind to post it, so that I can C&P it into the correct .ini or .lua (wherever it belongs to)? I would appreciated it.

Thank you in advance,