Rainmeter Case Study 1: No width constraints
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I'm thinking of making a few of these to think of some limitations I face when writing Rainmeter skins... If you have solutions, it'd be great to hear them.

The SkinWidth property for the [Rainmeter] section is heaven-sent for Rainmeter developers who have things that go beyond on what they expect. It just overflows and makes leaving the width of the other meters an acceptable option.

The W property for the different meters is nothing special. It sets the width of the meter. Leaving it unmentioned is equivalent to having no constraints to the meter's width. Therefore it can expand as wide as it could.

This is great for left aligned meters, especially those dealing with text. What about those right aligned meters? It's difficult.

With right aligned meters, its contents are usually positioned at the right-most edge of the skin's width. No matter if the W or SkinWidth is defined, contents are unable to overflow on its left margin. Unlike the ability to overflow for left aligned meters, right aligned meters only have their contents clipped.

Bringing this to how Cleartext has its alignment dynamically selected, it seems impossible to have an infinity width for the text when it's right aligned.

Rainmeter expands its width when text larger than what it expects, which is true for those left aligned.

Rainmeter does not expand width when text is right aligned. To get around this, you'll need to position everything to the left-most part of the skin, which is difficult when width is always different for every title.

Staying true to the width expansion in the first gif, we can clearly see that it adjusts its width to the widest element in the skin.
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AlexanderSctHobbyist General Artist
You could try to set the skin's width to that of the screen size, and have it so that the user can change the position of the skin's elements in the skin settings instead of Raimeter itself.
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RedsaphHobbyist Interface Designer
That's a pretty good idea I've never thought of!