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Cleartext for Rainmeter [v5.2 | 13/Feb/2019]

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Welcome to Cleartext.

This is a now playing widget inspired by clear information boards which only show important content. More options, such as skipping the track and pausing it can be found by hovering over it.

Adaptive Resizing ● Adaptive Hide ● Spotify support† ● GPMDP support ●WebNowPlaying support
Pure text mode ● Smooth scroll for Pure mode ● Easy font changing ● Smart text trimming ● Hide-away controls
Update indicators ● Right align text mode ● User-friendly Settings panel ● Switch color mode ● Text switching

Latest changes
  • 5.2 | 13 Feb 2019
    • Added support for Google Play Music Desktop Player
    • Updated URLs for update indicators and buttons

  • 5.1.1 | 28 Jul 2018
    • Fixed right alignment issues such as flashing, inability to use controls, and crashing

  • 5.1 | 26 Jul 2018
    • Removed Spotify plugin dependency
    • Added support for Spotify player via NowPlaying plugin
    • Removed Smart Switching temporarily. Manually choose the media player in the Settings panel for the meantime. The default player set is Windows Media Player.
    • Added text trimming to artist name and WebNowPlaying-fetched data

  • 5.0.2 | 17 Jun 2018
    • Added the latest version of the Spotify plugin
    • Updated media controls for Spotify players
    • Re-added progress bar from hairline
    • Added ability to change fonts separately for media controls and media metadata

  • 5.0.1 | 1 Apr 2018
    • Fixed inability to resize
    • Fixed bug where text will appear randomly in Cleartext Pure
    • Fixed faulty progress percentage for Spotify
    • Added the 2.1.3 version of the Spotify plugin

  • 5.0 | 2 Mar 2018
    • Added the latest version of the Spotify plugin.
    • Removed scrolling in regular Cleartext. Text now automatically expands.
    • Removed progress bar from hairline.
    • Controls now hide by default when regular Cleartext is refreshed.
    • Scrolling for right align is improved in Cleartext Pure.

tjhrulz for this super cool WebNowPlaying and GPMDP plugins here and here
FlixWolfz for his very active participation on the old Cleartext deviation page which prompted me to update and re-release it... Kinda like a re-master version of an awesome game!
ryan86me for his suggestion and code which made Adaptive Hide for Cleartext Spotify possible!
theAzack9 for his amazing FrostedGlass plugin which made the Settings panel more beautiful!
RainEnthusiast for letting me now that WebNowPlaying existed :O
LambArchie for implementing the controlsFont change which makes Cleartext more customizable.

Wallpaper by Colin Watts

Thank you to the people who donated:
Brendon M., Mike B., Saul H., Glenn P., Jeffrey E.

†Basic Spotify support is done through the revamped NowPlaying measure in Rainmeter 4.2. For full Spotify support, choose WebNowPlaying as the media player in the Cleartext Settings panel, install Spicetify and enable the modded WebNowPlaying Companion in the Spicetify menu.
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GeezDoomNew Deviant

Thank you for one the most beautiful out here. Well done. Appreciate your work. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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AbubakarHbNew Deviant

great theme

mymistrust's avatar

Thank you it looks great

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AEliunNew Deviant

Hi Redsaph. Love your skin. Use it with Spotify all the time. But cannot get playing time to show when hoovering. It stays on 00:00:00 and 0%. Everything else like settings, pause, play and stop work great. Any suggestions? Oeps, sorry, this problem is discussed below.

r0dr3x's avatar

Same problem here

xterra01's avatar
xterra01New Deviant

Great job! Congratulations!

di3ggo's avatar

Hello, really love Cleartext, thanks a lot for the wonderful work, just a quick question, is there any way to keep last song info on screen when i close Spotify?

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LowanWhedausHobbyist Writer

Hi. I stuck at a dumb process. I can't change the fonts even if I tried to write it down as in font file, or as in a text editor. ie: I both tried as ASD 000 Regular and also ASD-Regular but nothing changed. I appreciate any help.

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Vespo1dNew Deviant

how do i install this

MykeyArt's avatar

Click the download button under the image and then run the file. Make sure you have Rainmeter installed too ofc

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lmcapuNew Deviant

works with spotify??

iispabs's avatar
iispabsNew Deviant

Today I found Cleartext and it's exactly what I was looking for in a music player skin. Thank you so much for your work.

genemator's avatar

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, add support for Yandex Music!!!

FlyingC0bra's avatar
FlyingC0braNew Deviant

I second that, I use Yandex Music. Maybe you can say how to add support for yandex music?

jekotasek's avatar
jekotasekNew Deviant

Hi! Any plans in adding compatibility with Tidal?

AriDaBirb3879's avatar
AriDaBirb3879New Deviant

Can you add the ability to stop the controls from appearing when you hover over it?

AriDaBirb3879's avatar
AriDaBirb3879New Deviant

Wait i figured it out. If anyone wants to take those off, just delete these lines from the .ini file

MouseOverAction=[!ShowMeterGroup Hover][!ShowMeterGroup #stowAwayName#][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]


MouseLeaveAction=[!HideMeterGroup Hover][!HideMeterGroup #stowAwayName#][!UpdateMeter *][!Redraw]

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Hello! Can the next update include Groove Music as an optional player?

TonyHoe's avatar

I second that, I use Groove Music more

Kalborap's avatar
KalborapNew Deviant

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to add Groove music since Microsoft dont allow it.

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It's not working on my laptop. Help me

IzhMadness's avatar

can someone help me im stuck with fetching problems im using webnowplayer pls help :(

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