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Cleartext for Rainmeter [old version]


New version is available here:

Cleartext for Rainmeter v2.x [May 2015 edition!]

This page has been depreciated to pave way to the newer page dedicated to all new Cleartext, re-written from the ground up! Please go there if you want to update your current version or to get it for the first time!

Please know that this project is not over in any way.

(Totally useless and old) Changelog

1.1 | 5 May 2014
    *Fixed issues on fonts
    *Compressed codes for lighter size
1.0.1 Maintenance Release 2 | 14 August 2013
    *Dashboard fix: colored box indicates player variable loaded, gray indicates inactive (Thanks for the recommendation ~Mordasius)
1.0.1 | 13 August 2013
    *Fixed width issue on title and artist
    *Maintenance Release 1: Text issues

Usage instructions
1. After installing Cleartext, hover on it and click settings near the top left corner of the skin.
2. Click on the desired media player to be connected by clicking on the options.

Clearbox for Rainmeter
Clearlist for Rainmeter
Clearflat for Rainmeter

Wallpapers from the Panoramas of New York 2 theme by Chad Weisser for Windows 8+.

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Hi there...does this work with vlc?

I tried to look for cleartext that works with vlc but none of the does so far. It doesn't show the text or anything

how to download?
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The latest version is here:

Cleartext for Rainmeter [v3.4.1R | 18/Jun/2017] by Redsaph
I have spent so long looking for the perfect player and this is it. No players contain every feature that actually WORK like this one does. It's simple, beautiful, and functional. Amazing job and I thank you very much.
How do i download it? I dont see the download button.
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Hi! The latest version is in here
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This is great, I've been able to customize mine A LOT!
Just one question though, can I change the speed of the text?
The actual speed is a bit too slow for my liking.
Keep up the great stuff man :)
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Thank you for using it :)

Yes, you can change the speed of the text. Right click on it and click on 'Edit Skin'. Under the [Rainmeter] section of the opened .ini file, there's a Update = 1000 value. The 1000 denotes 1000ms or 1s. You can change its value and everything on the skin will update faster (even the progress bar!) but the downside is that it may use more RAM or CPU.
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Thank you for the answer!
This helped quite a lot.
Keep up the great stuff man.
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I'm glad it worked :)
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Hey again. Quick question.
Spotify recently got updated, and the display no longer appears. (artist and song name)
Is there any way to fix this, or are you going to update it in some kind of way?
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Hello! I have the latest Rainmeter and this (old version of) Cleartext. Everything seems fine, except for the time and progress bar. I don't know about yours, but have you updated Rainmeter?

I'll try to release a newer Cleartext soon :)
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Using the same, but unfortunately, does not seem to work.
I have messed with the skin before (taking out the time and progress bar, as they were not working, as well as putting the "Play" button under "Next"), but that did not affect the Artist and/or Song Title.

It'll be great if you could do that.

Thanks for your time.
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Ah, I see.

To reiterate: you're using Spotify. I've re-downloaded the skin and checked it from a fresh point of view. Everything seems to be *not* working except for the Artist and Title. Maybe you have accidentally changed something? How about you re-install Cleartext?

I'm planning on updating Cleartext with support for .raptor's Spotify plugin which is now being used in CASCADEx and 360.
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I admire your minimalistic style! It's a rare find, surprisingly. Thank you sir!
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Thank you for the kind comments :)
How can I increase the track name width, so that I can see the full title of the track that is playing? Or increase the speed at which the text moves?

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That's good to hear.
Thanks so much!
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