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Cleartext for Rainmeter [old version]



New version is available here:

Cleartext for Rainmeter v2.x [May 2015 edition!]

This page has been depreciated to pave way to the newer page dedicated to all new Cleartext, re-written from the ground up! Please go there if you want to update your current version or to get it for the first time!

Please know that this project is not over in any way.

(Totally useless and old) Changelog

1.1 | 5 May 2014
    *Fixed issues on fonts
    *Compressed codes for lighter size
1.0.1 Maintenance Release 2 | 14 August 2013
    *Dashboard fix: colored box indicates player variable loaded, gray indicates inactive (Thanks for the recommendation ~Mordasius)
1.0.1 | 13 August 2013
    *Fixed width issue on title and artist
    *Maintenance Release 1: Text issues

Usage instructions
1. After installing Cleartext, hover on it and click settings near the top left corner of the skin.
2. Click on the desired media player to be connected by clicking on the options.

Clearbox for Rainmeter
Clearlist for Rainmeter
Clearflat for Rainmeter

Wallpapers from the Panoramas of New York 2 theme by Chad Weisser for Windows 8+.

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Hi there...does this work with vlc?

I tried to look for cleartext that works with vlc but none of the does so far. It doesn't show the text or anything