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Cleartext for Rainmeter

By Redsaph
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Welcome to Cleartext.

This is a now playing widget inspired by clear information boards which only show important content. More options, such as skipping the track and pausing it can be found by hovering over it.

Adaptive Resizing ● Adaptive Hide ● Spotify support† ● GPMDP support ●WebNowPlaying support
Pure text mode ● Smooth scroll for Pure mode ● Easy font changing ● Smart text trimming ● Hide-away controls
Update indicators ● Right align text mode ● User-friendly Settings panel ● Switch color mode ● Text switching
© 2015 - 2020 Redsaph
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web now playing is not working always show fetching...

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hi i have rainmeter final release and it does not work

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You need the beta release from

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please give us more options.

Align Text: Center

Font Color: Color Switcher

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Hello, first of all big thanks to the creator of this. I appreciate it very much. Second of all, is it possible for player to show much audio is long/how much lasts and what time is currently of audio playing. I'm talking about timestamp above the settings. Thank you again for making this and in advance for answering this question! God bless you!

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is there a version for the main version not the beta

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can I somehow disable the top or bottom text? what it does is it just always repeats like,

"artist name

artist name - song name"

trimming it doesnt help either

I would appreciate it if somehow only the bottom text shows and the top text disabled.

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webnowplaying not working ??

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Is there a way that it can recognize music when I play from youtube?

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i hope the space for the song title can be expanded some more, or make the scrolling feature better. songs with very long title overlap. i hope it could be made smoother like visualizers.

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Is there any way to set a 3 line layout, with artist, album and track names?

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not sure the author is reading here, but if>

I am using 'Cleartext' with the 'WebNowPlaying' Plug-in for Chrome. I've had set the "Toggle Adaptive Hide"-Setting to 'enable' so that 'Cleartext' hides itself whenever I close the Browser-Tab (with the YT-Video I was listening to) and reappears when doing vice versa.

It works fine, but there is one thing troubling me> Whenever I start-up my machine, 'Cleartext' starts at the start-up too, then sits on my Desktop and says: "Fetching..." cause it wants to fetch a stream even my Browser isn't open. To make it go away I have to manually open the "Settings", click on "Toggle adaptive hide" to first: disable the function and after that to enable the function gain. Afte that 'Cleartext' goes into hiding again.

Question is> Is there a way to prevent 'Cleartext' from starting at the start-up? A Code that I can C&P into the correct .ini or .lua would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Why I cant download?

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Also, when music is playing in Spotify, the play button doesn't change to pause?

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Adaptive hide doesn't seem to work for me? When Spotify is paused/ stopped, it still displays the last played track.

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it works when you totally close spotify

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Is there any way to make it run at 60 fps? Or at least 30 fps.

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open up base.ini in the Resources folder and reduce the update value

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I was thinking the same :P

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Say I want another copy for my second monitor. How would I achieve this? I've duplicated and renamed the skins themselves, but the new settings dont work.

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have to manually refresh them one by one

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Beautiful. Thank you so much for all your effort. Keep up the great work.

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How do you put the text in an angle??

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