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Cleartext for Rainmeter

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Welcome to Cleartext.

This is a now playing widget inspired by clear information boards which only show important content. More options, such as skipping the track and pausing it can be found by hovering over it.

Adaptive Resizing ● Adaptive Hide ● Spotify support† ● GPMDP support ●WebNowPlaying support
Pure text mode ● Smooth scroll for Pure mode ● Easy font changing ● Smart text trimming ● Hide-away controls
Update indicators ● Right align text mode ● User-friendly Settings panel ● Switch color mode ● Text switching
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Say I want another copy for my second monitor. How would I achieve this? I've duplicated and renamed the skins themselves, but the new settings dont work.

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SarfarazghNew Deviant

Beautiful. Thank you so much for all your effort. Keep up the great work.

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Leomega26New Deviant

How do you put the text in an angle??

harsha5566's avatar

is there a way to set groove music as player

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Kat-LiqueurNew Deviant

Is there a way we could get access to the earlier versions of the skin? Just for people using the final release of Rainmeter at 4.3.1.

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jardelzachaNew Deviant

Nao sei como instalar no meu windows... nao tem botao download?

aylinvillacruz's avatar

doesn't work with MusicBee? :cries:Anyone can help? Thanks!

vaarelsauce's avatar

Is there a way to make the text scrolling more smoother, like running at 60 fps?

ImMundo's avatar

Hey I know that this will be complicated, but is there a way to fully rotate the pure skin (including the scroll)?

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ClueENGNew DeviantFeatured

it download a zip file how i donwload? plz help

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RedsaphHobbyist Interface Designer

Hi, download the .rmskin, that should be the one!

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HB242213New Deviant


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Já selecionou o player nas configurações?

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Hello, i noticed another bug. Yesterday installed the skin for the first time, but today when i started my PC an error message said that Rainmeter couldn't find player.ini. Then, i reinstalled the skin and now it has an error displaying music info (it also happened with the title, but i solved it switching between the "displayed song info" options)

KREvsART's avatar

guys how do i make the text shorter?

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GeezDoomNew Deviant

Thank you for one the most beautiful out here. Well done. Appreciate your work. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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AbubakarHbNew Deviant

great theme

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Thank you it looks great

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Hi Redsaph. Love your skin. Use it with Spotify all the time. But cannot get playing time to show when hoovering. It stays on 00:00:00 and 0%. Everything else like settings, pause, play and stop work great. Any suggestions? Oeps, sorry, this problem is discussed below.

r0dr3x's avatar

Same problem here

xterra01's avatar

Great job! Congratulations!

di3ggo's avatar

Hello, really love Cleartext, thanks a lot for the wonderful work, just a quick question, is there any way to keep last song info on screen when i close Spotify?

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LowanWhedausHobbyist Writer

Hi. I stuck at a dumb process. I can't change the fonts even if I tried to write it down as in font file, or as in a text editor. ie: I both tried as ASD 000 Regular and also ASD-Regular but nothing changed. I appreciate any help.

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how do i install this

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