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CASCADEx for Rainmeter [v1.3.2 | 17 March 2015]


Updates have ended for CASCADEx. Learn more ›

What is CASCADEx?
This all-in-one widget was inspired by the quick music switcher on BlackBerry 10.3. From there, it was expanded to add a basic clock, Google search, Yahoo! Weather, network speeds, and a color picker. More features are going to be added soon, and this can be easily be done through the built-in update checker. It's very customizable too, you can change its size and colors. You can even set the background to a semi-transparent color!

Need support?
Click here to read the documentation.


  • 1.3.2 | 17 March 2015
    • Fixed code where Adaptive Resizing wasn't activated
    • Fixed progress bar movement on Spotify widget
  • 1.3.1 | 12 March 2015
    • Added one decimal place for the percentage in the Spotify widget
    • Updated for the new Spotify updates
    • Added latest version of .raptor's Spotify plugin
  • 1.3 | 3 November 2014
    • New widgets: Network and Color Picker
    • Middle click actions on all widgets is for launching Menu only
    • Added 24-hour time support on Clock -- activate by right-clicking
    • Updated values in Settings
    • Changed icon size in Menu for spacing
  • 1.2 | 31 October 2014
    • New widget: Weather
    • Added Weather Settings in Settings panel
    • Auto update on widgets after changing values in Settings
    • Edited text field in Settings panel
    • Minor revisions to code in all widgets
    • Removed background in Menu and changed icon colors
    • Edited spacing in Menu
    • Added the latest Spotify plugin (according to author, there should be no problems)
    • Added layout as sample
  • 1.1 | 30 October 2014
    • New widget: Google search
    • Music icon on Menu launches music player if there is no song loaded
    • Proper placeholder for value input in Settings panel.
    • Context menu on right-click in Music to open music player 
    • Removed Spotify plugin, requesting approval from author for proper support
    • Right-click actions changed to middle-click  to avoid conflict with context menus
  • 1.0 | 27 October 2014
    • First release

.raptor from the Rainmeter Forums for his awesome Spotify plug-in available here.

:iconmordasius: Mordasius for his FeedReader II w/ sorting adaptation on Kaelri's reader script, for several inputs for enhancement

:icon2bndy5: 2bndy5 for the RGB Color Code Picker 1.1 on which the Color Picker is based on

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justinschoolfield's avatar
Hi, loving this so far, however I can't for the life of me get the Weather part to work.
Is there something wrong with it?
Redsaph's avatar
Hi, CASCADEx uses the Yahoo! Weather service. Due to their change in API access, the feed URLs are different.

Here is a guide in the Rainmeter forum on what to change the URLs.

Sadly due to the old age of CASCADEx, I have decided to stop support for it. Hope the link I gave would help :)
mzakiy86's avatar
Hi! How to setup background opacity. Example background opacity of Network.
Redsaph's avatar

The background opacity has to be set manually since RainRGB cannot help you with that.

You go to wherever folder CASCADEx is in (Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\CascadeX\@ Resources\) and open, which contains all the colors used in CASCADEx.

Under the Global section, there is a variable named G-Background. The value is set in R,G,B,Opacity format. What you should be editing is the last few numbers of that value, with 0 being opaque and 255 the max transparent value.

Hope this helps :)
mzakiy86's avatar
thanks that's realy helping me. Thank you very much.
Redsaph's avatar
You're welcome :)
Hey there, some letters in the music name or even author name are bugged and are like simbols, can u maybe add some more characters like the portuguese ones? Ty so much
Redsaph's avatar
Hi! You can install the updated Spotify plugin here with support for the special characters or wait for the next CASCADEx update!
Thank you so much! Even nicer the skin with this ^^
yoGhurrt1's avatar
Thanks for this skin! I have finally found well done skin for QHD screen that isn't blury.
Redsaph's avatar
Haha! Thank you for trying CASCADEx out :)

Your comment could really be used as a testimony xD
yoGhurrt1's avatar
No problem. I had to disable autoscaling for Rainmeter and manually change skin resolution but then it finally looked ok.
One thing, why on deviantart you can only have 1.3.0 version? Update.ini is keep saying there is 1.3.2 version and on a download prompt, brings you back to deviant art so, also to older source.
Redsaph's avatar
Hi! I re-uploaded the rmskin in DeviantART. Can you check if it's alright now?
yoGhurrt1's avatar
Try again. This time i see only 0x0 description under "download" like it was some image file. Maybe deviantart screwed sth.
Redsaph's avatar
Sorry, but it works fine on my end.
yoGhurrt1's avatar
Then it was probably deviantart fault because now when i download, everything was fine. I also can confirm that now it is right, 1.3.2 version.
Now i can start thinking about adding some network graph, ssid and total upload/download transfer to this skin.
Redsaph's avatar
Cool! I'd love to see what you come up with :)
ilstanoev's avatar
Very clean and beautiful theme! Any chance to make a weather widget?
Redsaph's avatar
I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion!
Mordasius's avatar
Looks interesting. How do we download this?
Redsaph's avatar
It's available now :happybounce: 
Redsaph's avatar
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