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CASCADEx for Rainmeter [v1.3.2 | 17 March 2015]



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What is CASCADEx?
This all-in-one widget was inspired by the quick music switcher on BlackBerry 10.3. From there, it was expanded to add a basic clock, Google search, Yahoo! Weather, network speeds, and a color picker. More features are going to be added soon, and this can be easily be done through the built-in update checker. It's very customizable too, you can change its size and colors. You can even set the background to a semi-transparent color!

Need support?
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  • 1.3.2 | 17 March 2015
    • Fixed code where Adaptive Resizing wasn't activated
    • Fixed progress bar movement on Spotify widget
  • 1.3.1 | 12 March 2015
    • Added one decimal place for the percentage in the Spotify widget
    • Updated for the new Spotify updates
    • Added latest version of .raptor's Spotify plugin
  • 1.3 | 3 November 2014
    • New widgets: Network and Color Picker
    • Middle click actions on all widgets is for launching Menu only
    • Added 24-hour time support on Clock -- activate by right-clicking
    • Updated values in Settings
    • Changed icon size in Menu for spacing
  • 1.2 | 31 October 2014
    • New widget: Weather
    • Added Weather Settings in Settings panel
    • Auto update on widgets after changing values in Settings
    • Edited text field in Settings panel
    • Minor revisions to code in all widgets
    • Removed background in Menu and changed icon colors
    • Edited spacing in Menu
    • Added the latest Spotify plugin (according to author, there should be no problems)
    • Added layout as sample
  • 1.1 | 30 October 2014
    • New widget: Google search
    • Music icon on Menu launches music player if there is no song loaded
    • Proper placeholder for value input in Settings panel.
    • Context menu on right-click in Music to open music player 
    • Removed Spotify plugin, requesting approval from author for proper support
    • Right-click actions changed to middle-click  to avoid conflict with context menus
  • 1.0 | 27 October 2014
    • First release

.raptor from the Rainmeter Forums for his awesome Spotify plug-in available here.

:iconmordasius: Mordasius for his FeedReader II w/ sorting adaptation on Kaelri's reader script, for several inputs for enhancement

:icon2bndy5: 2bndy5 for the RGB Color Code Picker 1.1 on which the Color Picker is based on

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justinschoolfield's avatar
Hi, loving this so far, however I can't for the life of me get the Weather part to work.
Is there something wrong with it?