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360 for Rainmeter [v4.3 | 16/May/2015]



Updates have ended for 360. Learn more ›

What is 360?
This is an all-in-one widget in a smartwatch-like interface. You've got your music display, a watch, a CPU widget and a network display. Plus it's very customizable, not only on what it should do but also on how it looks, so much that whatever combination you do on it would look good!

Need more details?
Click here to visit the website.

Found bugs? Need more help? Got ideas or thoughts about 360? Want to help expand this project?
See the support page here, comment below or send me a direct message/tweet at my twitter page! I'd like to hear you out!


  • 4.3 | 16 May 2015
    • New typeface for maximum readability in small sizes!
    • New 360 Spotify EXP widget, also known as Spotify with Visualizations (simple VU meter)
    • Changed default image on music widgets
  • 4.2 | 15 April 2015
    • New 360 Weather widget
    • Redesigned look on 360 Music and 360 Spotify
    • Removed background lines on 360 CPU
    • Added "battery remaining" progress bar on 360 CPU
    • Added options in Action Menu for easier color switching on progress bars on 360 Music and 360 Spotify
    • Added more options on Settings for the new 360 Weather widget
    • Removed few redundant lines of code
  • 4.1.4 | 6 April 2015
    • Added latest version of .raptor's Spotify plugin with UTF-8 support for special characters
    • Added "Open Resources" button on Settings for convenient changing of themes
  • 4.1.3 | 26 March 2015
    • Flattened watch crown appearance for customizability
    • Separated parts of 360 Watch Forward for customizability
    • Activated the separate accent color for 360 Spotify
    • Added customization options for watch crown and Spotify accent in Settings
    • Removed "Spotify Without Plugin" and "MPC" option for media players in Settings
    • Settings now refreshes to show currently set player upon clicking
    • Fixed opacity values when changing 360 Watch Forward colors in Settings
    • Fixed "Global Main" variable in Settings
    • Changed font weight in 360 Watch Forward to medium

Here's a pastebin link to view the whole changelog prior to the latest 3 updates :)


closer2thelung for reporting multiple issues in 360. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

.raptor from the Rainmeter Forums for his awesome Spotify plug-in available here

Exper1mental for reporting issues with the 360. Thank you!

Rabra for his suggestion to add RainRGB and display current color value of variables

... and probably Apple for the typeface.
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