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360 Music for Rainmeter [v6.0 | 25/Oct/2017]

By Redsaph

Say hello to 360 Music.

A circular now playing widget with a large focus on album art. More options, such as skipping the track and pausing it can be found by hovering over it.

What makes this different from 360?
360 Music is a derivation from original 360. This is the stripped down, bare bones version that is focused on music only.  

Adaptive Resizing ● Adaptive Hide ● Spotify support ● WebNowPlaying support
Auto Color ● Update indicators ● Easy font changing ● User-friendly Settings panel
Customizable colors ● Circular progress bars

Latest changes
  • 6.0 | 25 Oct 2017
    • Added support for WebNowPlaying plugin
    • New Auto Color feature, enabled by default. Colors for outlines adjust to album art.
    • Updated plugin for Spotify included
    • Ported Settings features from Cleartext
    • Added update indicators
    • Changed update data sources
    • Removed FeedReader plugin
  • 5.0 | 10 Jun 2016
    • Unified 360 Music, merging both the old 360 Music and 360 Spotify versions in the old Cleartext
    • Implemented Adaptive Hide to make 360 Music hide when music is not playing or when Spotify is closed
    • Imported the Settings panel from Cleartext, and differentiated it with a different color scheme
    • Added a custom skin action "Open Settings panel" on right click with 360 Music

  • .raptor from the Rainmeter forums for his awesome Spotify plug-in available here.
  • tjhrulz for this super cool WebNowPlaying plugin here
  • ryan86me for his code which made Adaptive Hide for Spotify possible!
  • theAzack9 for his amazing FrostedGlass plugin which made the Settings panel more beautiful!
  • icesoldier from the Rainmeter forums for the ColorExtract plugin which makes Auto Color possible.
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sadly the album art doesnt show up :/

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Confirmed that this is still working on latest version of Rainmeter v4.3 and foobar v1.4.4! Like how this circular interface blend with VisCircular! Great job!!
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Doesn't work. Doesn't even appear on desktop :(

had the same issue, just open your music player of choice and it will pop up, probably has the setting that it hides when music isn't playing :)

Hey man , morning , you could send me a new update , for a webplayingnow plugin is not working thanks :)
My Media Control is not working anymore on 6.0
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Hi there. The latest Spotify update has broken the Spotify plugin. Please stay tuned here.
I tried adding an action where clicking on the album art brings up Spotify (All I did was add a LeftMouseDownAction) and now the progress bar doesn't keep pace with the song. Any ideas?
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The progress bar has been pretty clunky with the latest Spotify update and the plugin.
does it supported media monkey player?
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Yes it does. Choose MediaMonkey from the Settings panel.
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I've downloaded this skins 2 days ago, pretty great stuff!
however, I've been having an issue with the color of the UI not updating unless I manualy refresh the skin, is there any way to fix this?
support for googla play music desktop player please
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I'm sorry but I can't do that now as I have no way of testing Google Play Music services in my country.
doesnt show photos or songs titles with spotify
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There is a font error or missing problem ? i cant see play/pause/next button !
BluPaper's avatar
Edit: install addon fonts included to fix
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Hi there,

If I understood correctly, you reinstalled the add-on fonts?
It works with showing the album art and the song progress bar, but the play / pause, prev track and next track buttons don't work and it doesn't auto-hide when the music is paused (although it does auto-hide when Spotify is closed). I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Spotify Plugin. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Sorry for the late reply.

Can you check the new update?
This is awesome buddy! But can you do something about the changing colors automatically from the music cover photo ?
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Sorry for the late reply.

Can you check the new update?
Yo man I click on download and it says the page doesn't exist any help? Sorry I'm new
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